Park yoochun and shin se kyung relationship

We eat lemon.: Drama Review: The Girl Who Sees Smells

park yoochun and shin se kyung relationship

From Park Yoochun as Detective Choi Moo Gak to Nam Goongmin as the Choi Eun-seol (Shin Se Kyung) is a high school student close to her mother and She sold me on the progressing relationship between her and Choi Moo Gak. We all know Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung are both power acts are dating , meaning that 5 out of 8 members are now in a relationship. JYJ Park Yoochun says he's still awkward with his new drama costar Shin Se Kyung says Park Yoochun when asked how his relationship is with Shin Se Kyung.

Choi Moo Gak Park Yoochunher older brother, comes to visit only to find her throat slit in bed. When the fishermen couple's death comes to light, they are added to a case Lieutenant Yeom Mi Yoon Jin-seo is heavily processing. When finding evidence of barcode carvings on the underside of the victim's wrists, she immediately realizes the works of the Barcode Serial Killer who seems to pick and choose victims of all ages and gender. Knowing that there is a child of the fishmen couple, she's on the prowl to find what is known as the sole witness that has survived these chain murders, but Oh Jae Pyo lead detective on the casefeels sorrow and pity for Choi Eun-seol who wakes up six months later and suffers from amnesia.

He adopts her as his daughter, giving her the name Oh Cho-rim and protects her with this new given life. After awakening, Eun-seol realizes that her left eye has turned green and she can see visible scents as colors or shapes while also finding other people's scent trails.

Without telling anyone of this odd ability, she wears a dark contact to keep her eye hidden. In the same time frame, the story also resonates around Choi Moo Gak who is traumatized from his sister's murder.

After two months of no sleep and constant pain of the thought, he faints and is rushed to the hospital. He is proclaimed to be clinically dead for 10 days before waking up with no senses. He is unable to taste, smell, feel pain and is far from the happy-go-lucky man he was. It is then that Moo Gak vows to become a detective and re-open the case of his sister's murder to find the killer and bring him to justice.

In all honesty, she's nothing special. Her acting was decent, nothing more or less. Oh Cho-rim is in general a happy-go-lucky character full of pep. But Se Kyung trying to portray this made it seem forced or fake. It just wasn't believable for me. She sold me on the progressing relationship between her and Choi Moo Gak. Yoochun and Se Kyung's chemistry on screen was definitely there placed within a cute setting. Park Yoochun on the other hand has done yet another interesting job with his on-going acting skills and landing lead roles in drama's.

From the beginning, his heart and mind is placed deep within this drama and he really fits Choi Moo Gak. Befalling trauma, losing someone close to his heart, and becoming stoic really had me falling for him over and over again. His need to become a detective from the first episode onward until he accomplishes this want is an intricate process. He is ridiculed within the precinct and humiliated yet hell bent on doing whatever it takes.

Moo Gak's greedy nature plays hand in hand for his coincidental meeting with Cho-rim as he uses her ability for his own benefit. The human side of him shows through guilt when he lets her down over and over again which was interesting to see.

park yoochun and shin se kyung relationship

He goes out of his way to feel emotions for the skits he's supposed to play concerning Cho-rim's work for the Frog Troupe which made him cute and adorable at times, but it seemed inappropriate as the plot really revolves around this ongoing serial murder case he's soon placed upon and the many deaths that are being brandished by the Barcode Serial Killer. That leaves us with Nam Goongmin playing a heinous murderer with a dark past that's never revealed.

All the audience is given is a meek sentence which seems to hit hard. The scene between Yeom Mi and Jae Hee's face-to-face conversation reveals more than it should after she vaguely mentions abuse he's faced after being adopted. Even as he played the role of a mastermind, I felt a lot of sympathy for his character. My in-depth analysis made it obvious of the man he truly was.

Soft-spoken, serene and handsome was just an outward expression though on the inside Jae Hee held a lot of pain and anger that was shown through this chain murders. Though he didn't cause his victims painful deaths, he did use them more as a comfort piece. By getting them to write personal biographies after kidnapping them, Jae Hee lived a life through their eyes and was at peace with written words.

Their experiences were something he never had. Nam Goongmin was a perfect fit for this character. He has charm and quite a handsome face, but also holds that demonic intent that's enough to creep you out.

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Him suffering from prosopagnosia inability to recognize faces was a plot twist. When Cho-rim begins to remember certain things, Jae Hee is thrown off guard and nearly goes insane trying to find her as she's the sole witness. This proves just how wonderful they are.

Once the giggles start, they don't fade away it seems.

park yoochun and shin se kyung relationship

And since I like to talk about the positives, let's talk about why the Murim couple works. For one thing, fate didn't play a heavy hand on their relationship. Sure these two meeting in the first place or having a connection in the past is considered fate. But it is in no way a factor into their relationship as lovers. They met as friends and developed feelings for each other by spending time together and getting to know one another, like normal people.

They also have a positive relationship from the start.

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I don't know about you, but I hate the haters to lovers trope. It's frustrating and sends a bad message. Mugak and Chorim have zero negativity in their relationship. They are supportive and loving, all the qualities of an actually good relationship. It's not the most complex relationship ever portrayed, but sometimes all we need is simplicity and cuteness, two people falling in love because of each other and have each other's back no matter what happens.

park yoochun and shin se kyung relationship

We don't need lying, manipulative, or hateful individuals. We need love, and these two have it plenty.

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I don't think none of this can work without the two actors just being the best that they could be. I usually like one half of a couple better than the other, but for these two, I love them just the same. Park Yoo-chun has been hitting it out of the ballpark with his last two performances, here and in Haemoo. He has a lot of charm as an individual, but now his acting experience just adds on to the love.

Shin Se-kyung was just perfect as the bright Chorim. I would love it if she continues doing romcoms more often, rather than going the melo route which she has been doing for years. The character herself was peppy without being fake, and I think Shin was a big factor in that.

park yoochun and shin se kyung relationship

I love it when a female character is bubbly without being a Candy, and Chorim with the help of Shin is that exact character. And while I love these two separately, they really are the best when they're together figuring out each other and their relationship, and in general being all cute. The writer sure knows how to write a loving couple. It's really the little things that matter, like Mugak going straight to Chorim's side whenever new nightmarish memories come back or Chorim's pure happiness when Mugak slowly begins to feel again.

Their chemistry is amazing and was there from episode one. I've never really felt strong chemistry with these two actors in the previous roles that they portrayed, but if they haven't had the spark in the past, I'm so glad they brought it out for this drama.

Another thing I love about the couple is the fact that the love is just between them. We have second leads alright, but they were there for the mystery case. When the OTP is cute and lovely together, there's only these two. No other potential lovers to dampen the mood. I think it's the biggest reason they worked, outside of being just lovely characters and a lovely couple.

Speaking of second leads, I did think they were on the interesting end of the scale. I liked that they have a good purpose in the drama and weren't wasted and thrown into the mix as wishy-washy first loves that weren't meant to be or jealous individuals whose only purpose is to destroy the main couple.

They gave a stupid mystery plot an added depth which was necessary because the cops, while funny, were utterly dim. Yoon Jin-seo, who played the awesome Yeom Mi, came out as the most badass character of the drama.