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Mycroft Holmes is Sherlock Holmes' brother and is traditionally older by seven years. Eurus was institutionalized at age five after her psychosis caused her to .. In contrast to his relationship with Sherlock, Mycroft's feelings to his youngest attachment to Mycroft and in comparison with Sherlock's attachment to John. How does the twenty-first Sherlock Holmes compare to the working in group under supervision”, whereas character development in the information age .. familial relationships, mostly with his brother Mycroft Holmes, but to. Liu confirmed that Sherlock's brother Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) will make of a relationship actually helps the dynamic between me, Sherlock and.

He was the main character in a series of mystery novels by the author Quinn Fawcett.

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He was also the main character in a series of mystery novels by the author David Dickinson. He is a recurring character in the Mary Russell mystery series by Laurie R. Kingwhich feature a retired Sherlock Holmes as a major character. Mycroft is portrayed as a senior figure in the British Secret Service, who occasionally calls on Russell and Holmes for assistance in specific cases.

A young Mycroft Holmes is the protagonist of a mystery-adventure "edited" by Michael P.

Mycroft Holmes

Hodel and Sean M. Wright, Enter the Lion: The action takes place inten years after the end of the American Civil Warat the time when Mycroft Holmes was a minor official in the Foreign Office. Mycroft is aided by his younger brother Sherlock, Victor Trevor who appears in Doyle's tale " The Adventure of the Gloria Scott "and an adventurer known as "Captain Jericho", a mysterious former slave. They band together in an effort to prevent an attempt by former Confederate officers to involve the British government in a scheme to overthrow the United States government.

The story also provides an explanation as to the antagonism between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. Sawyerportrays Mycroft Holmes' namesake involved in pulling Sherlock and Watson into the year to solve a scientific mystery. In the Enola Holmes series, Mycroft is the official legal guardian of their much younger sister, Enola, after the mysterious departure of their mother on her daughter's 14th birthday.

Rather than submit to his wish for her to be sent to boarding school to conform to contemporary feminine social mores, Enola instead runs away to secretly become a private detective in London while eluding her brothers. Through the series, Mycroft is steadfastly determined to capture her while Sherlock gradually grows to respect her considerable talents and begins to understand her reasons for her defiance.

However, it is Mycroft who suspects that Enola may well be determined to become an adult colleague in his brother's profession, a notion Sherlock finds difficult to accept.

The Holmes brothers, or why Mycroft is actually

Weisman 's Into the Shadows anthology of short stories set in the universe of the Shadowrun role-playing game, Mycroft is revealed to be legendary among deckers an in game term for futuristic hackers. He is a recurring character in the Amelia Watson series of novels and short stories by Michael Mallorywhich recast him as a close confidant of King Edward VII and the head of England's fledgling secret service bureau.

It is hinted that he and his brother are not on the best of terms as a mention of Sherlock sending his regards are met by Mycroft with laughter and regarded as a joke.

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Mycroft Holmes is the head of "The Committee" in the comic book miniseriesPredator: Mycroft has a minor role in the Infocom game Sherlock: The Case of the Rose Tattoo. Jack the Ripperthe younger Holmes receives assistance on a case from his brother. Mycroft was parodied in the Solar Pons series with a character named Bancroft Stoneham Pons, who was also seven years older than the leading protagonist.

Mycroft and Sherlock's Relationship

The phrase "Mycroft is shaking his head" became well known to listeners. Ian Gillies who was known as Mycroft died in and was replaced by a character known as "Jorkins". Mycroft was the inspiration for the name of a character in Robert A.

Mikea H. At one point in the story, Mike indicates Sherlock is indeed his brother. There are elements of my personality that I definitely recognize as coming from my father, or coming from my mother, but none that come from my older brother, dutiful though he was in my childhood.

They taught me about the world, cared for my needs, and shaped my values. My brother did not, most obviously because he was just a kid himself. Who is he a reflection of? Look at the Buckingham Palace scene, for example: That essentially broke up the family. Doyle was 27 at the time and already out of the home, practicing as a surgeon in Portsmouth, but he took in his younger brother, Innes nine years old at the time and raised him.

Doyle created Sherlock Holmes about four years after he took custody of Innes. It was one in which an older brother stepped in and served as the parent to the younger sibling he adored. Back to the series itself and the aforementioned Buckingham Palace scene: Let me dissect this for a moment, because I absolutely love the way Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch played it.

I used to work as a nanny, so I recognize that: And yes, Sherlock is a thirtysomething year old man, but as happens in almost every scene he has with Mycroft, he regresses to a petulant child. A thirtysomething year old man would be mortified to sit in Buckingham Palace clad only in a bedsheet, and jump at the opportunity to go put his clothes on. They are extensions of each other and therefore, if one is broken, then so is the other.