Monsters inc sulley and boo relationship

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monsters inc sulley and boo relationship

Boo is the tritagonist of Monsters, Inc. In the first film, Boo is a 2-year-old human Just as it looks like Mike and Sulley have lost Randall, Boo suddenly slips off. Monsters Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie, and I like to think I know a In the end, Sulley saves the day, and has grown incredibly fond of Boo. Monsters, Inc., the beloved Disney-Pixar film, takes the monsters When a little girl — who is later named Boo by Sulley — escapes from her.

Jokes aside with Mike being the comedic sidekick and our favorite one-eyed monster, Sulley and Boo really stand out to me both together and individually. At first, Sulley and Mike were against having Boo around them in their apartment suite and all they wanted to do was get her back to her room before anybody else found out about them keeping a human child in their grasp.

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While being together, and as the film continues, they begin to form a very sweet and sentimental friendship. Her vocabulary may be a bit limited, but her love and care for Sulley is truly infinite. Of course, Sulley first treated Boo as if she was a mere pet, which was disrespectful of him to do but then again, he was under his natural thoughts that human children were hazardous.

Monster Inc - In the Appartments with Boo, Mikey and Sully

However, his opinion on Boo changes as they spend more time with each other and bond properly. I really admire how despite Sulley cares about his legacy and honorary title of being the number one and best scarer in Monsters Inc.

monsters inc sulley and boo relationship

Now, I think that I really need and have to cover the ending scene of Monsters Inc. The near to the ending scene being the scene in where Sulley and Boo are forced to bid each other farewell, also known as being one of the most heartbreaking moments in a Pixar movie, at least to me which speaks a lot cause Pixar is known for making people hate but love them for making them feel so many emotions all at once.

My goodness does this scene hit me bad on such a personal level.

monsters inc sulley and boo relationship

You can just feel the amount of heartbreak both characters felt, as you may or may not be able to relate with what they had to go through of separating and saying goodbye. For her, Randall is the only true monster and as such, big hairy Sully is a real pal.

monsters inc sulley and boo relationship

They make their way to see him at an instructional practicing room where initiate monsters can learn to scare with simulation technology. Meanwhile, little Boo, still dressed as a monster, wanders onto the simulation set while Waternoose resets the device and pushes Sully to show off his goods.

monsters inc sulley and boo relationship

He faces the mock child in the simulation machine and lets rip a magnificent, spine-tingly roar that flat out blows away the onlookers … and terrifies little Boo, who was looking right at him when it happened. Now hiding in the shadows to avoid her friend, Boo wants nothing to do with him while Sully tries to console her back, but she only weeps with fear and scurries away. The thing with Sully and Boo is that their relationship is outside the boundaries of the world they live in, where monsters and humans remain divided by strict physical laws and prejudicial assumptions.

Monsters have been raised to fear children, which is the central irony of the plot, seeing as how they are forced to extract screams of fear from kids in order to survive.

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Kinda like sneaking up on a shark and poking it with a stick before running back inside the cage. They are rock stars for it.

He also develops a bond with the little girl, a protective one, recognizing her vulnerability and value. And a little touching. Children watching see the warmth and compassion in the big bear-like Sully and adults react to the innocence of Boo, our own caregiving impulses kicking in.