Mickey mantle and roger maris relationship memes

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mickey mantle and roger maris relationship memes

The scene in which Roger Maris cooks those awful-tasting eggs for his two Sure, Cerv and Mickey Mantle were patients at Lenox Hill Hospital on Oct. 1, most compelling and misrepresented relationships in baseball history. Have No Missed Payments In CaliforniaMortgage Quotes | Fetcharate. The "M&M Boys" were the duo of New York Yankees baseball players Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, 1 Beginnings; 2 season; 3 Aftermath; 4 Group achievements; 5 Relationship off the field; 6 Legacy; 7 statistics; 8 Popular. "Year after year he traded his best young players—Roger Maris, The first thing I discovered is that the meme that the Yankees sent in front of Mickey Mantle, the most fearsome slugger in the American League at the time.

Fifteen members of that magnificent '61 team were, too. The Stadium was filled to capacity and it made for compelling theater. Yet as he sat there in the first base dugout, the most compelling thing about Cerv had nothing to do with one year or one movie scene.

To America, Bob Cerv is a roommate. To the more knowledgeable, he's a guy who hit 38 home runs with Kansas City to beat out Ted Williams as the starting left fielder in the All-Star Game. Some know how tough he was. He once played an entire month with a broken jaw wired shut. A check of the record books shows he hit homers over a season career that ended in Houston in But to know his movie character or his numbers is still not to know the totality of a life. He became the first baseball All-American in University of Nebraska history.

He won eight letters and could have become an NBA player had he not injured his knee.


He went on to become a professor and coach at John F. Kennedy College in Wahoo, Neb. He helped raise 10 children and sent them to college. Cerv was a radar man on the destroyer USS Claxton. He participated in the Battle of Surigao Straits on Oct. We had three at the end. The rest were sunk.

People don't realize how many destroyers went down. We were the sacrificial lambs. An 8-byfoot hole opened.

Mickey Mantle: The 1961 Home Run Race with Roger Maris

Five were killed and nearly 20 injured. One was Cerv's good friend. Cerv said it sank within 40 minutes. The Claxton had to rescue men from the Reid.

We figured we'd be going back to the States.

mickey mantle and roger maris relationship memes

But they put us up on dry dock, fixed us up like magic and back we went. Johnson - was a very successful and very rich man from Chicago and inhe purchased as part of a real estate deal both Yankee Stadium and Blues Stadium in Kansas City where the Yankees' minor league team played. It seems funny now thinking about somebody owning Yankee Stadium.

The story goes that the Yankees heavily influenced Johnson becoming the new owner of the Athletics and Johnson was confirmed as such in November of The wheeling and dealing started almost immediately.

A story by The New Yorker outlines the relationships and also repeats the story line that Arnold's Kansas City Athletics became a virtual minor league team for the Yankees.

mickey mantle and roger maris relationship memes

But was it true? Did the Athletics with Johnson in command strip itself of its best players and best young players to benefit the Yankees? Finley would not deal with the Yankees and so that deal had to have been made before he had a chance to nix it.

Several of the players went back and forth including: This one line from the story linked above is the crux that interested me in the first place: And so what I did was to go through every Yankee and Athletic player from to to see which ones were involved in the trades, see what value they garnered their new teams and what ages they were when they were traded.

The value part of the equation is difficult because the A's would go on to trade many of them elsewhere after acquiring them from the Yankees. It seems, after looking at the results, that the A's made a lot of deals with the Tigers as well as the Yankees.

The first thing I discovered is that the meme that the Yankees sent their old players to the Athletics is not true. But they were the only ones. So five players out of the thirty the Athletics received from the Yankees being old is hardly the basis for a theme.

mickey mantle and roger maris relationship memes

In fact, the average age of the thirty players that went to the Athletics was The average age of the players the A's sent to the Yankees was Did all of these deals favor the Yankees and not the A's? That would not be true either. When the A's purchased Bob Cerv outright meaning no other players were involved, just cashCerv had his best years with the A's.

Another deal proved favorable to the A's when they received Harry Simpson for an ancient Virgil Trucks.

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And when the Yankees sent Enos Slaughter to the A's inhe had his last good season and produced a 3. The Yankees did not always receive the sweet deal.

mickey mantle and roger maris relationship memes

Seven of the 24 players the Yankees received from the A's never played a game for the Yankees. Every player the A's received played for the A's in the majors. Granted, not all of them played well. Assessing which team received the greater value is difficult for the above stated reasons, but from the best figuring I could do, the Kansas City Athletics received 30 wins above replacement from the players it received from the Yankees.

The Yankees received 51 wins above replacement in play from players they received from the A's. So, yes, the bottom line is that they Yankees received more total value from the deals. Most of the difference can be pointed to five players: But in reality, Maris was the only big boost the Yankees got in all those deals.

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Those are not super stars. That leaves us with Roger Maris. Let's look at the Roger Maris deal. According to places like Wikipedia and others that may or may not be dead accurate, Maris was an up and coming player on the Athletics and a fan favorite.

Maris was 24 at the time of the deal and had made his first All Star team in with the A's on what was a 3.

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That WAR total is very good, but not elite. Maris was the biggest chip for the Yankees in that deal and Norm Siebern was the big chip for the A's. And if you would have looked at where both were in their respective careers, you would have thought that this was a trade of equally talented players. Siebern had a 4. If sabermetrics were around at the time, Maris with his 4.