Melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

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melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

Melisandre, as portrayed by a fan illustration (left) and as Carice van Houten in aka Bloodraven, with whom she had an incestuous relationship. Melisandre ( Carice van Houten) in Stannis Baratheon's camp Credit: HBO . The big TV quiz: questions (and answers) on everything we watched in This quiz focus the relationships between many characters that we find in the Game of Stannis Baratheon and Catelyn Stark. Renly Baratheon and Melisandre. The incestuous relationship between Cersei and Jaime Lannister has defined much more of the .. 2 Hurt: Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon.

So when their relationship finally comes to an end, it is with great relief on the part of all viewers, and Sansa herself. However, the damage has already long been done. When he fell in love with Gilly, a long-abused daughter of Craster, it was clear that this was what he felt could be his moment of heroism.

Despite how little viewers actually were treated to of it, the marriage between Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully was portrayed entirely as a partnership of equals. Through their unhealthy union, three children were born — with a fourth potentially on the way — including the tyrannical King Joffrey and the utterly incompetent and overpowered King Tommen.

Their union has done nothing but lead to destruction, whether of their family or of their kingdom.

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Certain scenes in particular have also been doubly problematic, with implications of assault stirring up many a debate on the internet. Thankfully, season 7 ends with Jaime seeming to come to his senses as he abandons his sister and sets off to chart his own course. The furor online among fans of both the television series and the book series was seemingly never-ending when the offending episode aired.

There was truly no point to including the scene, or the plot entirely, in as graphic detail as it was written and portrayed.

Ramsay was already a truly psychotic, unpredictable, violent threat long before he assaulted and repeatedly abused Sansa. Subjecting her character to this incessant abuse did nothing for the series as a whole.

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Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen On the one hand, the relationship between Jon and Daenerys can bee seen as an inevitability of the series. Representatives of fire and ice finally meet in the middle and find themselves lost in passion with one another, just as their predecessors before them.

However, a plotted inevitability does not necessarily mean that the development feels in any way earned — or worth rooting for at all.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

While the series condemns the behavior of the Lannisters, it expects viewers to go all in on the pairing of Daenerys with her nephew, Aegon. Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon To be fair, absolutely nothing that has come from Melisandre's character that could be considered a good choice. Her character is maddening, malicious, and entirely one dimensional. For a series so nuanced as Game of Thrones has always been, it's entirely a mystery as to why they chose to portray the aged witch in so simplistic a way.

The fact that their relationship leads to the sacrifice of Stannis's daughter Shireen comes as no shock, given the level of Melisandre's madness.

It is also capable of taking down an immortal White Walker. The metal can be identified by its rippled pattern. His constant cheating of death comes with a price though. He explains that each time he comes back, he loses some of his memories and he is less himself. Memory Loss Uncontrollable Laughter Blindness After Arya takes a life that wasn't meant for her to kill, she is made blind as punishment.

The scene, that appears at the end of Season 5, is a twist on Arya's efforts in becoming a 'faceless' assassin. The appearance of Ser Pounce caused a stir on the internet, and many fans wanted to see Ser Pounce in future episodes.

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One of the writers claimed that it most likely won't happen saying, "I will say that cat was a nightmare to work with. The long length and braid of Drogo's hair suggests that he has never lost a battle and hence he is one of the greatest killers in Westeros.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

One Three Four Davos was a smuggler for most of his life and he was well-known for his ability to slip past sentries. One day the castle Storm's End was under siege and Stannis Baratheon, who was defending the castle, ran out of his food supplies. This was when Davos slipped past the enemy's lines and got into Storm's End with mainly onions.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

For this, Stannis rewarded Davos with lands and knighthood. Davos chose 'Seaworth' for his house's name.

melisandre and stannis baratheon relationship quiz

Unfortunately, Stannis also chopped off four of Davos' fingertips as punishment for his smuggling days. Widow's Wail Northguard Ice 'Ice' was the official sword of the Lord of Winterfell, and it was forged from Valyrian steel and was handed down throughout the ages.

After it was used to behead Ned Stark at the end of Season 1, it was melted down to create two new swords, the Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail. The explosion that follows destroys dozens of ships and effectively wins the bottle for King Joffrey.