Lucina and marth relationship

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lucina and marth relationship

As a result, Lucina's moveset is less polarized than Marth's and, in turn, possesses several benefits. Compared to Marth, Lucina's KO potential is noticeably more. Lucina uses the same techniques as Marth, a fighter with whom I'm After all, she has a close relationship with him in FE:A. In such cases. Lucina (Japanese: ルキナ) is a fictional character and one of the protagonists from Intelligent Lucina's mother is dependent on the player's choices in the game's relationship and marriage system, another revamped system for the game. Early parts in the game see her dressing up as Marth, the protagonist from a number of.

Wouldn't I want her to be more viable than she is now?

Lucina (Fire Emblem)

Making her a palette swap would have allowed for that potential, but instead, we got a no-tipper Marth. The range of her sword is less than Marth's too, so her FSmash doesn't reach as far as Marth's does. This is just a tiny detail I'm nitpicking at, but it's true. We could have had that in a palette swap. I'd rather not have Lucina in the game and have more focus on the other characters in the game than have poorly done character as a rebuttal.

lucina and marth relationship

It's a simple matter of sacrificing one for the improvement of the many, a principle that's been done before by countless people. If Sakurai hadn't spent any time on Lucina, he would've had more time to focus on the other characters. I'm not arguing to get rid of Lucina though.

lucina and marth relationship

So as to get back on track, let's move on to your next point. Lucina and Chrom aren't just the common lord archetypes. If I can recall correctly, the second seal wasn't introduced in any other Fire Emblems besides Awakening and Fates.

lucina and marth relationship

Chrom can use bows and Lucina can use magic. This statement is flawed. We are going to say she poses as Marth and her gameplay model is merely a head swap of her own. I'm going to say she poses as Tharja and the gameplay model is nearly a head swap of her own.


Second seals exist, and change how Fire Emblem is played. Now when you say typical sword user type, you got me with Chrom.

Only certain mothers may have offspring listed below.

lucina and marth relationship

To make a marriage happen, you must simply pair up characters on the battlefield repeatedly to improve their relationship status. Once the relationship status reaches "S" rank, the characters will marry, if able. Loading After marriage, you can recruit your pair's children in Paralogues on the world map. If you don't marry off your characters, many of Fire Emblem Awakening's Paralogues Side Quests will not be available to play. It should be noted that at any time two characters are married reach the "S" rank after chapter 13, their corresponding child's Paralogue chapter will instantly appear on the world map.

Therefore, with the exception of Chrom, it is not necessary to reach an "S" rank with the potential parents before the completion of chapter Both Chrom and the My Unit character have the ability to have two children, but a female My Unit can have two children only if paired with Chrom. Clear Classic Mode on Intensity 5.

lucina and marth relationship

After completing one of the two methods, Lucina then must be defeated on Coliseum. Attributes[ edit ] Lucina's Parallel Falchion lacks a specific sweetspot compared to Marth's Falchionas demonstrated by the trails emitted by their swords' blades. Lucina is a clone of Marth: As such, Lucina is tied with Marth as the lightest middleweight in the game, yet she boasts great overall mobility like he does: Lucina is also slightly shorter than Marth, which makes both her hurtbox and range marginally shorter than his.

The primary difference between Lucina and Marth is their swords: Lucina's Parallel Falchion has a consistent damage output throughout its blade, whereas Marth's Falchion is more powerful when hitting with its blade's tip, but is significantly weaker throughout the rest of its blade. By extension, the power of all Lucina's attacks is approximate to the weighted average of Marth's sweetspotted and sourspotted attacks, if not very slightly higher. These traits collectively grant Lucina a few advantages that help her set apart from Marth; in particular, her neutral game is overall safer because of the higher shieldstun on average her moves can inflict, which makes her moves safe on shield when spaced correctly.

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A prime example of this is her forward aerial, which is arguably her most useful spacing option, especially when utilizing the middle or tip of her Parallel Falchion. Another advantage that Lucina possesses is her consistent KO potential: Noteworthy examples include her up smash, down aerial and Dancing Bladewhich are all more powerful than Marth's equivalents in any given case.

Although Lucina does not have as many intricate sourspot combos or set-ups that Marth can utilize to set up his tippers, she gains more consistent damage off her own combos than Marth due to her lack of such sourspots.

Lucina also has her own KO set-ups different from those of Marth via the first hit of neutral attack, while sharing some of them with him, and those she shares being arguably easier to perform because of the Parallel Falchion's consistent hitboxes; the most prominent example is the KO combo consisting of her neutral attack's first hit into forward smash, which is overall more effective when compared to Marth's, thanks to her balanced hitstun and knockback.

There are also many strengths Lucina shares with Marth. Like him, many of her moves possess good rangefast start-up, and cover wide arcs, allowing her to pressure the opponent without leaving herself open to punishment. Lucina's special moveset also possesses immense utility, and in two cases, more than that of Marth.