Lexie and meredith relationship problems

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lexie and meredith relationship problems

George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) and Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) The only thing that held this relationship together was Cristina applauding. Lexie Grey was the daughter of Susan and Thatcher Grey and half-sister of Mark and Lexie's relationship started to get troubled when Sloan Riley, Mark's .. Lexie saw him as a big brother and would seek his advice, often at the most. Meredith Grey's childhood was a whirlwind of trauma that eventually lead to her The differences between Lexie's and Meredith's relationships with for alcohol -related issues and was having a ton of issues staying sober.

April and Matthew weren't the best couple when they were together the first time. It can also be argued they rushed into things with their reunion, considering how soon it was after he lost the mother of his child. Jackson wasn't an option, so, for April to have a happily ever after, Matthew seemed to be the only possibility.

There was something sweet about Arizona revealing to everyone they'd reunited. Something good came out of that pain. Mark and Julia Did Julia ever stand a chance? If Mark and Lexie hadn't lost their lives as a result of the plane crash, they probably would've reunited.

There wasn't anything special about their relationship. Julia was just there, as Mark's girlfriend, when they were together. She did try to see him in the hospital in Boise. Considering that she told him she loved him in the hospital in Seattle, there were real feelings on her side.


However, he told her he loved Lexie, who had lost her life in the woods due to her injuries. Really, even if Lexie hadn't been a factor, there was never the sense he and Julia would've lasted. Cristina and Burke When they were together, Cristina and Burke had some pretty great moments amidst the mess and the drama.

lexie and meredith relationship problems

C ould they have lasted onscreen together if he hadn't left her at the altar? They probably would have clashed and crashed and burned. Still, when they were together, they were entertaining to watch.

Who could forget her taking his hand when he faced the possibility of never operating again? Who could forget her asking him to not die on her?

These moments stand out, even years later. Even the way he left her was actually a positive — for her. After that, fans watched Cristina become an amazing doctor, and it's possible that wouldn't have happened if she'd married him. Arizona and Minnick No one liked Dr. Eliza Minnick … except for Arizona Robbins for a brief period of time.

lexie and meredith relationship problems

Minnick was brought on as a consultant at the hospital and basically took over Richard Webber's job. What made this relationship horrible was that Arizona and Richard were close.

Not only that, but no one at the hospital liked Minnick — and for good reason. It didn't feel like a lasting relationship because it never felt like Minnick would last at the hospital.

Once she was gone from the hospital, you knew that she would be out of Arizona's life, too. It says something that the best parts of this storyline were Minnick being fired and then ghosting Arizona. Izzie and Alex Izzie and Alex weren't perfect, by any means. They were together, then they weren't. However, they were good for each other, for the most part. It's hard to imagine another couple that would've been accepted as taking over Meredith and Derek's wedding, after all.

No, that wasn't just because of her cancer diagnosis. While they didn't — and couldn't — get a happily ever after, they did have some happy moments, despite the drama. They made it past ghost Denny, after all. Most importantly, his relationship with Izzie showed Alex is a good person who could be in a serious relationship. That's what matters for his character going forward. Without that relationship, Grey's Anatomy might not have the Alex it does going into season Callie and George Callie and George just never made sense—and they didn't bring out the best in each other.

A problem was George's friends didn't like Callie, and at that point on Grey's Anatomy, she was the new person. How Meredith, Cristina, Izzie, and Alex felt about her was what mattered. They didn't particularly care for her, so why would the audience? Then there was Callie sleeping with Mark right after their breakup, and George cheating with Izzie. The series allowed Callie to grow as a person and become someone fans liked away from George.

Her other relationships weren't always the best choices i. Pennybut none really as bad as George. For her, the problem was it didn't allow here to be introduced in the best light. There were too many hints that Megan could be alive. Once Megan was revealed to be alive and Meredith and Nathan ended, there needed to be an exit plan for him. He couldn't really hang around the hospital, not when the major relationships tying him to the place were wrapped up Meredith and Owen.

The best thing for him was to have him get a happy ending with Megan and her son — and he did. Mix in co-parenting issues with Mark and Callie taking so much of the drama for a plane crash that she wasn't in that Arizona felt like she couldn't heal from the trauma, and this is a recipe for disaster. It always seemed like they were fighting for their relationship, but nothing seemed to keep it healthy for long.

How the two of them acted during the custody battle for Sophia—Arizona took the high road, Callie went really low—shows that their morals really don't match up. It seems like they're over for good now and it's saving viewers a lot of stress.

With Penny, it kind of felt like Callie was dating her grandmother.

lexie and meredith relationship problems

This was an obvious plot device to create even more tension when Penny decided to show up at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after killing Derek. It wasn't totally her fault, but we'll blame her until the end of time. On top of the lack of passion, Penny wasn't honest with Callie from the beginning. She never told her new flame she was one of Derek's doctors or that she knew anything about the hospital at all.

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She furthered proved that by putting Callie in the middle of a bitter custody battle. We'd love for Callie to come back, but Penny can stay in New York.

It was great to fantasize about Cristina being with the sexy military doctor when Owen wasn't a staple at the hospital. Most of their issues had to do with poor timing. When he came on the staff full-time, it became clear that Owen had a lot of emotional issues to work through.

She woke up to him choking her during a PTSD nightmare, for goodness sakes. Obviously, it wasn't the right time for him to be in a serious relationship. When Owen got his PTSD issues in order, Cristina ended up with the disorder after a hospital shooting and married him in hopes that it would make her better. They also had very different views on children and where they saw themselves in the future. It would've been best if this relationship never happened for either of them.

We spent all of those episodes wondering how the mechanics were even possible. Everybody missed Denny and wished there was a scenario that would allow him to come back, but ghost sex is just not what we had in mind. It all ended up being a plot device to lead Izzie to her own cancer diagnosis. Ironically, just like Denny, she was dying.

Izzie beat it in the end, but left the hospital after some personnel issues. It was prompted by some on-set issues with actress Katherine Heigl. If she had ended up dying, we hope she wouldn't have returned to have creepy death sex with Alex. The worst part is that, although this was really weird, we had to lose Denny all over again.

This idea was better left on the drawing board and not in the show.