Lelouch and kallen relationship questions

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lelouch and kallen relationship questions

Jun 12, How anime sequel to Lelouch of the Rebellion fits with the original and is the relationship between the original series, the three recap films, and Sunrise released a promotional video that features well-known characters like Kallen, Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Dec 20, Lelouch has questions for Kallen. And lastly, no, I'm not interested in dating a total stranger, but we could give friends a try first if you're. May 27, From there it's decided to make Lelouch and Shirley casually dating . It's a good opportunity to ask the president if you have any questions.

In her eyes, Lelouch was nothing more than a Britannian lapdog who willingly pushed his pride aside and lowered his head in the face of Britannian tyranny. She felt ashamed with herself, believing that this man was different… she was mistaken. The growing infuriation on Kallen's face eventually got to Lelouch's conscience as he eased up on the teasing. There was no need to fuel her temper any further, if he wanted to walk out of this clubhouse with both his arms intact, he figured it would be best to avoid Kallen's emotional outbursts.

Reaching into his shoulder bag, Lelouch pulled out a small paper bag.

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She eyed him suspiciously as he waved a bread roll in front of her face. Nunnally baked it herself. I thought she was… well… you know. The girl mumbled a quick thank-you before taking a small bite. Lelouch did the same, tearing a piece with his teeth while observing the girl's expression attentively.

Kallen chewed in silence, and even though her eyes were closed she was quite aware that Lelouch was staring. She blushed uncomfortably as she lifted an eyelid. Give my compliments to Nunnally and Sayoko-san.

The two souls ate in silence. Lelouch, by now was more focused on the clock than anything else while Kallen surprisingly found herself focused on Lelouch. What happened just now?


Seconds ago he was behaving like a pompous jerk and suddenly he becomes all friendly-like. It seemed almost… rehearsed. Yet, just maybe, Kallen was hopeful that a different side of Lelouch existed beneath his cocky exterior. Or perhaps, she was just assuming things again. Weather Lelouch's intentions were genuine or not, it didn't change the way Kallen viewed him.

lelouch and kallen relationship questions

There was too much doubt in her mind. For all she knew, he could have just played her for a fool with the whole 'nice guy' routine. Despite the fact that she didn't seem to detect any trace of deception in his eyes. Then again, Kallen never really had a knack for reading certain individuals, especially when it came to the enigmatic. No, I'm not dating anyone. Yes, it's hot today; it's not just you and or me. Speaking of…" Kallen withdrew a pair of sunglasses from her skirt and placed them on her face.

And lastly, no, I'm not interested in dating a total stranger, but we could give friends a try first if you're interested in me beyond my looks. Her expression relaxed into a slight smile, and she turned to look at Lelouch.

Activating his geass, Lelouch took a chance that it would work through sunglasses. I need an excuse to get her alone inside. Searching his mind, an idea occurred. Everyone at Ashford Academy is required to join a club.

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I was wondering if you had one in mind, now that your health is returning. You're looking for more warm bodies to put between yourself and Milly Ashford, aren't you?

I'll collect you after class tomorrow. Our next meeting will be then. Knowing our illustrious president, you can expect a party lasting into the night. He could admit that to himself. Suzaku's 'trial' for the assassination of Clovis loomed ever closer. He had a plan, but he needed at least two assistants to pull it off properly. Preferably, he would use willing assistants, but catching Kallen alone had proved…difficult.

For some reason, there was always someone around her. Either that, or they were outside and she continued to wear those infuriating sunglasses which he knew perfectly well were not prescription, all protestations to the contrary ignored.

In all honesty, Lelouch suspected Kallen found the situation amusing, although for the life of him he couldn't figure out how that could possibly be the case. And so Lelouch had taken fate into his own hands. He'd done the unthinkable. He'd given Milly an idea.

A half an hour after being dressed up as a girl for a genderbent party himself, it was Kallen's turn to suffer.

lelouch and kallen relationship questions

Milly had tied her down to a chair to work her most terrible magic, and that was all the opportunity he needed. Lelouch looked Kallen dead in the eye and activated his geass. Her eyes widened as he said, "Answer my questions honestly and fully until you are untied from this chair.

Go celebrate without us, lock the door behind you, and don't return until tomorrow. This shouldn't have been so hard! He turned his attention back to Kallen, who remained under the thrall of her order.

lelouch and kallen relationship questions

I swear, if she wasn't the devicer from Shinjuku… Lelouch shook his head and began his questioning. This wasn't all for nothing. We stole it to prevent the immediate threat. One of our members used to be a chemist and hoped to develop a counteragent. Some of us hoped that exposing the gas internationally would get Britannia in actual trouble for breaking the international ban on possession of chemical weapons.

Before he moved onto the more weighty questions, Lelouch decided to satisfy his own curiosity. Why are you involved with a terrorist cell against Britannia? He was about to say something when Kallen finally answered.

As in the historical knights that fought without heraldry or liege? Wouldn't ronin be a more apt word here in Japan? Shaking his head, Lelouch put his own thoughts aside for the obvious solution to his questions.

And yet here she was. For his part, Lelouch slumped over onto a chair.

Kallen Kōzuki

Either Kallen is completely mad, or…there are other geass users interfering. There was a bright spot, however. I wanted to save you. I left one, certainly, to save you, and my mum, and Shirley, and Shirley's father, and—" "No, stop. That's fine," Lelouch interrupted. While he had no doubt that he was Kallen's primary motivation, at least she didn't sound too obsessed. Lelouch had expected Kallen to want to loop time until she got what she wanted. I could have prevented it if I'd not let you push me away.

I knew something was wrong, but I followed your unspoken orders to stay put and fight against you. Not saving you when I could would have broken me entirely. Stick to business, Lelouch. He abuses the command to boost his reaction time.

Did I say something? Nunnally is a fan of Elizabeth III. When she was younger, she read a highly innacurate story that depicted her as a tragic queen. It was I who invited you. Arrival of the Black Ships Lelouch: So the democratic revolutions continued and the aristocrats from all over Europe, especially France, advocated the release of slaves and the war that started in the southern states became the Civil War.

None, I get it. I hear a knock. What are you two doing? Britannia worked on stabilizing the country while also looking at foreign opportunities, especially in the Pacific. And finally in they crossed the Pacific and arrived in Japan. Oh… just continue, Lelouch.

So the denkisen refers to the Britannian ships with outer rings that were operated with electric motors. It must be a phonetic equivalent. Okay, if you gusy have something you want to say, just say it! And the denkisen actually refers to the expensive tea that was loaded on the boat.

Green tea has a lot of caffeine, so the four cups making people not fall asleep is referring to the fact that a commotion was made with just four ships. Is that true, Suzaku!?

You were enjoying your rolse as a professor, but I guess I ruined your day. Occupation of Japan Lelouch: So this is the last session. What are you talking about? This is just as I planned. Oh, is the year we first met.

At that time Japan took advantage of how the Chinese Federation and Britannia were on hostile terms and stayed neutral. They used the sakuradite card, manipulated the distribution, and created a three-way standoff between the Chinese Federation, the EU, and Britannia to enjoy economic prosperity.