Ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

Rainie Yang asks Ken Zhu for hug in front of audience - Shattered Dreams of Reality

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

Jerry Yan | ini si jerry yan yang main jadi dao ming shi . Beloved filmFilm Noir Carl Reiner QuotesMovie starsMartin o'malleyRachel WardMovie TvFilm posters Theatre posters .. Sweet Relationship Drama/Taiwanese drama/interesting really hate this drama, .. Devil beside you taiwanese drama mike he and rainie yang. Drunken To Love You, a Taiwanese drama with Rainie Yang & Joseph Chang. Sweet Relationship Drama/Taiwanese drama/interesting really hate this drama, . Funny Pictures Of The Day – 64 Pics Drama Queens, Funny Quotes, Funny Memes .. Cyndi Wang, Wong JingLun and Ken Chu of It was produced by Comic. Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang and Mike He in Devil beside you drama. .. Taiwanese drama starring Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu.

After all this is what sucked me into this world of Chinese drama in the first place. I've written about F4 but not Meteor Garden.

Remembering Meteor Garden

This was the show that gave F4 its career and its name. To those who really don't know what it is, it is a somewhat live adaptation of Hana Yori Dango which is a Japanese anime. Barbie Xu played as the protagonist Tsukushi Shan Tsai. Along with them were some long-term seniors. I pretty thought of it why it was the first Chinese drama to easily click in the Philippines.

Ge-Mei Excerpt 02

Well I began to analyze the situation in the Philippines with the protagonist Shan Tsai played Barbue Xu and her parents. Her parents don't have money yet they continue to keep having debts, they are too conscious of material things, they foolishly spend the money and living with the Cinderella mentality which has become an ugly stereotype among many Filipino families.

Big Brother Ken Zhu became angry for Rainie Yang

Shan Tsai would be comparable to the Filipino woman who strives on her own without much ambition who runs into a wealthy Filipino-Chinese guy that would be Dao Ming Si. Rainie Yang said you remind her of the North Pole. What can you say about that? All the rest is your crap buddy. Laughing while shaking his head.

Reuters article no 2: Taiwan, Janaury 14, Rainie Yang was whisked through the backdoor of the studio after the main entrance was blocked by press vans waiting for her arrival. Despite the detour, a few press people were able to sneak into the studio for a quick interview with the actress: Look, it was just joke.

eyesonme: ken zhu and rainie having a relationship????? yeahfool me!!!

Obviously, a very careless one. Slightly blushing, shaking her head.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

As a colleague in business, do you have a message for him? Camera zooms on Rainie's beautiful face.

But, I do have a tip for you on your birthday -- Do one thing that scares you the most. Thank you very much for your time. A small box with a card came with the flowers. When Rainie opened the box, she found a compass and a card saying: Taiwan Post, Entertainment Section, Jan 14, Security was especially tight at the Marriot Hotel this evening. The main ballroom is said to be booked for the night by a very special guest.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship memes

According to unnamed sources, actor Ken Zhu booked the ballroom at noon today for a quiet dinner for two. The arrangement is said to include a 4-piece orchestra to play soothing classics, a lone table set at the center of the ballroom, intimate setting, and a special 9-course meal prepared by the head chef.

According to our source, Ken Zhu arrived at the venue first.

He was in a casual evening suit -- very shuai.