Keima and elsie relationship poems

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keima and elsie relationship poems

A/N:If you guys still don't know TWGOK(The World God Only Knows) you have to watch the anime or read the manga before reading this c'oz it would be hard to understand this. After performing our song I looked at Chihiro and noticed something was like she wasn't her usual. Ayumi, Chihiro and Kanon all managed to get % after Keima's tutoring, while Elsie . They appear to have a fairly good relationship, although is, of course, type of long range battery weapon (which may be referenced in one of the songs . Fortunately Elsie is able to free her, after some encouragement from Keima. .. Afterwards, she does not remember the events but her relationship with her sister She regains some of her powers because of Kanon's songs that are filled of.

Keima initially rebuffed her efforts, going so far as to fall asleep during her performances, an action motivated at least partially by his resentment of Kanon's attacking him with stun guns and possibly wiping the save data from his PFPbut eventually allows Kanon to email him.

Over some time, during which Kanon repeatedly contacts Keima regarding any minor depression she experiences, Kanon comes to depend emotionally on Keima, culminating in her first debut solo performance before a crowd of 10, people. The escaped spirit attempts to destroy her sense of self confidence, but Keima restores it and later attends Kanon's concert.

Hunting Break Arc 7 " Keima allowed time for her and she asked him if they had met before, but Elsie was able to shoddily cover up any knowledge of the conquest. Nevertheless, it is shown that she, in fact, still seems to be attracted to him. When Elsie mentioned the word "kiss", Kanon, as well as Ayumi and Chihiro were shown to suddenly become very embarrassed, almost going into shock, hinting that they have not completely forgotten about what happened with Keima.

Old Conquest Arc Kanon confesses to Keima. It is seen that Kanon still loves Keima. It is revealed that this is because she has the Goddess Apollo within her heart, causing her to regain memory of the conquest. Despite remembering the week she spent with Keima, she makes no attempt to contact him, thinking that he has forgotten about what happened. Apollo nevertheless teases her for cherishing the time she spent with Keima, but when her life is threatened by Fiore of Vintage who attempts to snipe her at her apartment and then stalks her at schoolshe confesses to Keima and asks for his help in front of a large portion of the school.

Apollo then takes over her body and attempts to escape to prevent Keima who she only recognizes as an ordinary human from becoming involved, whereupon Fiore stabs her with a cursed Vintage knife, with an enchantment imitating that of an assassination spell used by Old Hell, and sends her into a coma, leaving her and Kanon to die within a matter of days, estimated as 7 days by Haqua.

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At that moment, Kanon turned into a coma-like state. Apollo "submerges" to protect herself from the curse. Keima then secured comatose Kanon in the upper floor of his house and searched for the other Goddesses to save her life. Keima managed to find Vulcanthe oldest of the sisters and brought her to his room along with Diana and attempted to remove the dagger one more time. Kanon confessing her love to Keima.


Vulcan and Diana successfully removed the dagger, however Apollo transformed her body into a water-like state to prevent her death from the cursed dagger. Kanon was still in the coma, though there wasn't any danger to her life anymore. Although she was still comatose due to Apollo's power "sinking," Keima, still upset, decides to search for more goddesses to heal her completely. It is revealed that Kanon was still within her consciousness with Apollo and she was praying with Apollo for Keima's sake.

keima and elsie relationship poems

At the night of the festival, a Vintage figure sneaks into the Katsuragi household and directly to Kanon's room. Kanon is successfully captured and is with Lune. However, Kanon was finally awakened due to the efforts of the other five goddesses and was freed from Vintage.

keima and elsie relationship poems

Later, as Chihiro and her band sang at the festival, Kanon sang too, surprising Chihiro and the entire school. Chihiro gladly agrees and Kanon and her continue to sing and soon, Kanon sprouts wings on her back.

keima and elsie relationship poems

She is currently at work and only went one time to the Astrology Club by the will of Apollo. By night time, Kanon was shocked to see that Keima was in her room. Apollo then told her that Keima was won when she got first place in the "Katsuragi Lottery competition". Keima then woke up and upon looking around, he quickly cried, demanding to play games. That night, Keima plans to visit Yui, but both Keima and Yui suffer a headache and collapse; when they come to, they realize they have switched bodies.

Keima as Yui becomes attracted to otome games games for girls, where the theme is about falling in love with men much to his horror. Using her feelings for him, Keima pretends to be sick to make Yui worry about him which finally gives her the courage to sneak into her home to stand up to her mother and be with Keima who she loves and kisses him which forces the spirit out.

However, Elsie is unable to catch the spirit as it has become a Level 4 and is too powerful, but thanks to the help of mysterious ally, Yui's spirit is finally captured.

He contrasts the reluctantly ladylike Yui with the reluctantly manly Kusunoki. That finally calms her heart and forces the Loose Soul out. Wakaki originally intended that to be Yui Goido 's older sister, but she already made a minor appearance in that story, so he planned the woman for the next storyline. When he tries to help her with the robot and gives her a kiss, no spirits are freed. After her disclosure, the goddesses all prepare the teleportation spell meant to transport Keima back in time.

When the spell comes into fruition, Keima and Elsie — who is asked by Tenri to accompany Keima — are sent to the past. Some time after transporting Keima and Elsie back in time, Diana arranges a sleepover at the astronomy club room.

Upon meeting, the goddesses indulge themselves in various snacks. Although, probably because she wants more to eat for herself, Apollo kicks Minerva's hand that was about to grab a handful of the goodies. Witnessing the absurdity before her, Diana becomes impatient and confiscates the snack platter, and proceeds to discuss the main reason she gathered her sisters: As the goddesses each take turns in announcing Keima's faults mainly by Vulcan, Mars, and ApolloVulcan's careless comment regarding forgetting about Keima causes Apollo to sarcastically misinterpret her words as words of surrender, thereby igniting another argument over who will ultimately be Keima's lover.

As Mars and Apollo proclaim the advantages of their corresponding hosts, Minerva accrues the will to fight back and implies that Shiori won't be giving up. Impressed by Minerva's ardor, Apollo and Mars decide to tease her childlike appearance. As they harass their small sister, they both find themselves blasted backwards by one of Minerva's spells.

The comical argument between the sisters continues, and ends up leading them nowhere. During another sleepover, the goddesses sense a disturbance in space-time Minerva is the first to sense it.

As they ponder the context behind the disruption, they all realize that Keima has failed his task. Vulcan verifies this by saying that their insurance orb has come into play. Minerva worries that altering the past violates the laws of cause and effect, but Vulcan tells her that their doing so is an absolute necessity.

Later, as the goddesses temporarily put their worries behind them, Mars decides to hold a lottery that decides who will be Keima's protector while he is stuck in the past.

Initially, her sisters are opposed to the idea of holding the lottery since each of them wanted Keima for their respective hosts without going through any challenges.

Despite the complaints, they ultimately submit to deciding by lottery since they cannot agree on where Keima will be staying. Right after the lottery starts, Minerva announces that Vulcan is eliminated; in the end Apollo won the right to have Keima first with Mars being second. Later at the library, she tells Shiori to meet with Keima and to be nice to him.

Much later, back in the library, she and her sisters Vulcan and Mercury took over their respective hosts when a Mobile Colossus attacked. Suddenly a car busts in the library and a man tells them not to fight it and get in. The goddesses and Keima entered the car and they drove away. As they escaped they returned control back to their hosts.

Relationships Shiori Shiomiya The bond between Minerva and Shiori is not overtly portrayed since they both have similar personalities.

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They are both shy, so they cannot communicate with each other very well, but it is apparent that Minerva cares for Shiori very much because she tries to protect Shiori and will do whatever she can to make Shiori happy. She even attempts to overcome her timidness by telling her sisters that Keima should be with Shiori. Jupiter Sisters Minerva is very close to her sisters, despite her shy personality.

She highly respects her elder sisters and usually does whatever it is they have asked of her. The bond Minerva has with her sisters is further illustrated when she and her sisters are shown to argue about whose host will be with Keima.