Johan santos and cathy remperas relationship

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johan santos and cathy remperas relationship

Cathy Remperas on Johan Santos: 'Stronger at deeper na 'yung relationship namin .. JOHAN SANTOS: Enduring The Impossible Heights of STARDOM. Nurse uniform puts Cathy Remperas in hot seat a proof of how she has kept long-standing relationships all through the years. . Vilma Santos. si hermes..i dont like hermes for you better to be hope that u will. Cathy Remperas was a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up. Cathy was an Cathy was linked between two male housemates, Johan Santos and Hermes Her most recent relationship was even with a man 16 years older than her.

Her housemates made a snowman for her, which she named Chuva Choo Choo. Taught the housemates the Wowowee game Hep Hep, Hooray. Cooked Adobo for the Finnish housemates. Served as the judge in the Head of Household competition, which involved the housemates singing Sininen Ja Valkoinen. Had a Christmas dinner with the housemates. Also, both Philippine and Finnish houses had weekly tasks involving housemates doing a minute cultural variety show portraying their countries' cultures to their visitors.

The Three Kings[ edit ] On Day 71 December 13,Big Brother designated Hermes, Johan, and Patrick as the three kingswhich were tasked to designate the ten stars containing gifts to the ten other housemates in the house. Aral ng Pagpapakumbaba Lesson In Humility Day 71 - the housemate had to live, sleep and eat in a kariton, a wooden pushcart for three days given to Paul Jake 2nd Gift: Aral sa Pagtitipid ng Damit Lesson on Frugality in Clothing Day 71 - the housemate had to wear a bahagthe native clothing of the Ifugaofor three days given to Tibo 3rd Gift: Date with a Celebrity Day 72 - the housemate had to act like a refined Filipino, in exchange for a date with a favorite celebrity given to Melisa 4th Gift: Aral ng Pagtitipid sa Pagkain Lesson on Frugality in Food Day 73 - the housemate will have to eat nothing but sweet potatoes for three days given to Rica 5th Gift: Washing Machine Day 73 - the housemate had to wash the other housemates' clothes while they are still wearing them, in exchange for a washing machine and dryer given to Carol 6th Gift: Digicam Day 74 - given to a housemate who likes to pose in front of the cameras inside the house.

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The recipient must teach a certain housemate Carol how to walk like a fashion model. Aral sa Pagtitipid ng Tubig Lesson on Frugality in Water Day 75 - the housemate has to keep herself from taking a bath in the bathroom or in the swimming pool given to Sam 8th Gift: Malaman ang Katotohanan To Know the Truth Day 76 - each of the three kings will give one nomination point to a common housemate and directly explain their reasons.

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Tricycle Day 86 - the housemate will become a house servant for four days, where he needs to do all the chores of the house and must obey everything the other housemates tell him to do. The housemate will also be the first to wake up and the last to sleep. These sacrifices will be in exchange for a tricycle. For every mistake the housemate makes, a part of the tricycle will be removed. Laptop Day 93 - the housemate would become a teacher to Dengue and two other "mischievous classmates" namely Clownie and Chacky which are actually dolls for three days.

On Day 78 December 20,it was revealed that Annina Ucatis from the ninth season of Big Brother Germany will be the visitor, which aims to spice up the housemates' Christmas. Due to weather problems, Annina's scheduled entry on Day 79 December 21, was postponed. She left Germany in the evening of Day Annina entered the house in the evening of Day 80, in a giant gift box, during Paul Jake's birthday.

On Day 84, before the eviction, Sascha, an ex-housemate from the same season as Annina's and also Annina's current boyfriend, entered the house to fetch Annina. Learn how to make puto-bumbong with Patrick Day 81 Task 3: Learn a Spanish dance from Kath. Make a skirt with Sam as mentor Day 82 The housemates must compete in a limbo competition in the swimming pool where Annina was partnered with Hermes.

She also acted as chaperone to the parent housemates' children in preparation for their second encounters. From Jason, the Christmas Carol was passed one-by-one to each housemate where Annina was the judge. In exchange, the kids of the parent housemates will get a gift from Big Brother.

Day 80 Resbak Attack twist[ edit ] On Day January 16,after Cathy's eviction, the show announced a new twist involving ex-housemates re-entering House B to compete with the remaining housemates.

Tom later voluntary exited and was replaced by Kenny. Fiel is appealing the public not to buy the stolen laptop. A thief stole it between 9: It contains all our pictures, our memories since s," Fiel said. Dame Rosario "Rose" Soy is one of the most well-loved figures in the society.

johan santos and cathy remperas relationship

That's why when her birthday comes every first of October, the celebration has become almost like a tradition upheld by her closest friends and family. We are lucky to have been celebrating with the woman who has been called the Queen of Bohol Tourism. Thanks to Dame Rose who started promoting Bohol to the world.

johan santos and cathy remperas relationship

Her Cion-Virge restaurant inside the Tagbilaran Airport witnessed how Dame Rose packaged Bohol to tourists when Bohol was not yet known as a tourist destination. The venue of the celebration has changed through the years. The food may vary year after year, but the fact is that the people who celebrate with Dame Rose remain the same, a proof of how she has kept long-standing relationships all through the years.

Bohol's who's who and bigwigs attended the party held at the Metro Centre Hotel. They were Father Fernando Suarez, the healing priest, Pres.

Johan Santos

Garcia's son-in-law of Atty. Campos representative of President Carlos P. June Blanco, Cion-Virge Restaurant employees and relatives and friends. Bohol's prominent host Ms. Ardy Batoy enlivened the night. Dame Rose turned 70, but she shows no signs of slowing down! And, how do you figure she'll spend her day? If you're thinking maybe by putting up her feet, blowing out a few symbolic candles and retiring to bed early, well, you don't know Dame Rose.

As long as her health holds up, she will continue to be an inspiration though her humanitarian works especially that she is the Rotary Queen for consecutive years and the reigning Mrs.

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With each passing decade, the birthdays get all the more special. They are the days for pondering over the sweet thoughts from the past and wondering what more life has in store! The 70th birthday present honors her age and tell her how lovely her presence has been for the past 70 years! Abdul Wallace was declared third runner-up in the Mister International Philippines which was held Oct. Michael Manansala, a 23 year old freelance model won the tilt.

johan santos and cathy remperas relationship

Abdul shared his experience to Bared the following morning when he logged on at Facebook. I had so much fun. I've experienced and learned na that's far as I will go na siguro," Abdul added.

Aside from Mommy Vicky, his sister Mellanie is proud of Abdul's achievement.