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(John McDonnell/The Washington Post) season with the team, questions arose about how such a marriage would work. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, left, and coach Jay Gruden before the game at Dallas on Jan. 3. Eat & Drink · Pet Pal Connection · Relationships & Advice · Travel & Play · Movie Listings . Oakland Raiders' coach Jon Gruden keeps a stiff upper lip during a media Jay is the Washington head coach, but have you heard of Jim? Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. ORLANDO — The Gruden brothers — Jay with Washington and Jon with Oakland — are a It will help us build trust and relationships. Are you.

I always did what they told me. Ate all my vegetables. Jon, on the other hand? They had to discipline him a lot more than me. My dad was a coach; we grew up around the game. She was the one who took them to all their games when they were young, consoled them after losses and officiated the typical sibling fights.

The most famous tussle came when Jon was a college student and Jay was still in high school. So one day, we got in a fight on the front lawn, and I can still remember cars driving by, stopping, yelling at us to stop fighting.

He hit me so many times, so hard, I could not walk. What brothers also do is help one another. Jon also sought advice from Jay when making the decision to leave the TV booth. The role of a coach is a tough one right now, with the collective bargaining agreement and the development of players. Do you really miss the pressure? I missed every part of it.

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He thought I was nuts, initially, but he was supportive. He had a job to do. I think it would be hard, if I was a commentator, to call him out for a possibly bad call. That might not be a bad thing: The Redskins went under Jay with Jon in the booth. They talk a little less on the phone and lose the ability to visit during the weeks Washington plays on Monday nights. But they still keep in touch -- talking on the phone for around 10 minutes two days after the Raiders' first victory of the season.

They still bounce ideas off one another.

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And Jay did get a chance during his bye week to watch the Raiders' win over Cleveland. I was rooting for him, that's all. I really want him to have success.

This business is hard, and I know what type of competitor he is. It used to be just Jon or just Jay for a while. I might go out and walk around the block. Kathy watches every play of every game.

When Jay called Jon Tuesday, he did so at 7: Nowadays if they have a common opponent, they can discuss that. But Jon will benefit more than Jay: They have two common opponents and the Redskins played each first.

We know how hard it is to coach in this league and how hard it is to win any game.

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We also love the game and competition. Only, he was concentrating on the teams playing on MNF. He also work with quarterbacks in the offseason, including former Redskin Kirk Cousins.

While Jon stayed current on NFL players, coaching offers an entirely different set of challenges.