Izaya and namie relationship poems

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izaya and namie relationship poems

Durarara!! / Izaya and Namie--two of the most interesting characters in all of anime (I also ship them. Like, A LOT.). This is a page for the relationship between Izaya and Namie. Relationship Initially, Namie and Izaya had very little contact outside of what was required for their. Oh izaya and namie:) (from Durarara) Izaya Orihara and Namie Yagiri . (I really adore the whole relationship between Shinra and Celty as it progresses thoughout the and Discover and share Ouran High School Host Club Quotes.

They weren't really in love with the families or boyfriends concerned, they simply put their faith in them. All Izaya did was shift their faith to him. If he wanted them to die, they would probably have gone ahead and died, even if they had doubts.

Izaya's fans conflict between the students in several Ikebukuro high schools, leading to a protracted period of unrest. Shizuo rises to local fame after he becomes the center of this conflict despite his wish to remain outside of it.

He is also a member of the Dollars. Although Mikado Ryuugamine is the leader of the gang, Izaya is the one who anonymously recruited most of their members when Mikado stopped doing it, sending out invitations saying the Dollars have no rules except that you have to say you are one of them.

Izaya is usually seen talking about the latest rumors of gangs, urban myths, and otherwise stirring up trouble in online chatrooms while at the same time pretending to be a girl. His screennames are "Kanra" and "Nakura", and most recently "Chrome. According to Shinra, Izaya and Shizuo hated each other with a passion almost from the point they met, which was during their high school years at Raira Academy.

They met via Shinra, and Shizuo felt a strong surge of resentment towards Izaya and aimed a punch at him. Izaya returned the favor with slashing his shirt with his knife and a murderous relationship began.

izaya and namie relationship poems

He finds Izaya and Shizuo's fights amusing. In volume 09 of the light novels, it goes a bit deeper into their relationship. When Izaya first met Shinra, he felt an extreme sense of jealousy at how detached Shinra is from the world. Shinra was able to view humans on a different plane as if he was above them which is what Izaya wanted but was at the time unable to accomplish.

After the incident in which Shinra got stabbed, Izaya still felt a bitter jealousy towards Shinra but he also still considered him a friend.

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In fact, to Izaya, Shinra is the only person he actually considers a friend by normal standards and not just another "human". However, Mikado does not know who 'Kanra' is in real life at first. Mikado met Izaya face to face on Mikado's second day in Ikebukuro. Izaya knows that Mikado is the leader of the Dollars, but promises not to sell the information to anyone, although he doesn't keep this promise and tells Kida Masaomi.

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In the manga Izaya tells Mikado that it wasn't a coincidence that he met him - he was looking for him. Later in the novels, Mikado begins to rely on Izaya's information and advice. This is similar to how Masaomi depended on Izaya to lead the Yellow Scarves which eventually led to his downfall; Vol. However, in the same novel, Aoba reveals that both he and Izaya have grossly underestimated Mikado. They grew up in the same house as Izaya, where all three siblings are said to have had "fairly normal parents.

When they were younger, he often had to take care of them because their parents were almost always working abroad.

izaya and namie relationship poems

Izaya states that aside from Shizuo, they are the only humans that he doesn't know how to deal with, which may explain why he's annoyed by them.

While Mairu and Kururi are inseparable, their feelings on the elder brother are not as clear-alternately stating that they still consider him family, but also saying they wouldn't mind killing him and throwing his dead body in the garbage to meet their idol: Namie thinks of Izaya as an idiot and has contemplated killing him on several occasions the only reason she hasn't yet being that Izaya signs her paycheck.

Likewise, Izaya considers Namie a horrible person and treats her more like a housewife or a maid than a secretary. Most of their conversations, even if they're discussing important subjects, usually involve them passive-aggressively insulting each other with Namie's insults focusing on Izaya's sociopathic tendencies and lack of any real friends while Izaya's insults usually center around Namie's unnatural love for her brother.

Since Namie initially became his secretary, Izaya seemed to take pleasure in having watched Namie fall so far from grace.

izaya and namie relationship poems

Shortly before she agreed to work for him, her family's company was bought by Nebula. Izaya dangles this fact over her head, attempting to get to her though it seldom works. Due to Namie essentially being on the run from Nebula, Izaya provides Namie with an apartment to live in, moving her around frequently to protect her. Although Izaya himself owns multiple safe-houses, Namie nonetheless seems to appreciate Izaya's protection even if she dislikes him.

The more she works with him, the more she finds out about his personal secrets. For example, Namie has discovered that Izaya is an incredibly lonely individual. This was shown when he found out that everyone else in the chat-room had been invited to Shinra's for hot pot and even Masaomi had Saki to eat with. Without realizing Namie had been reading the chat, Izaya asked her if she would allow him to treat her to some hot pot. Namie, realizing that he was only asking in order to comfort himself and his wounded pride, refused and poured salt in the wound by rubbing it in her employer's face that she had seen what he was up to and that he was only asking because he was lonely.

She asked him if he would 'mind not using her to satisfy his vanity'. In addition, Namie has discovered that Izaya greatly dislikes his sisters being let in on any of his business, Namie frequently tells them information that Izaya himself denies them.

A blog about Anime and Manga. Wednesday, August 24, Izaya and Namie, A Crazy Relationship So this is about my favorite two partners in crime, Izaya and Namie regarding their relationship, since their both very interesting villains, a King and a Queen. A Joker and an Ace. Izaya Orihara is rich, handsome, independent, strong, athletic, highly intelligent and is obsessed with all of humanity, he will do screw up as many lives as possible just to get the reaction that he wants from them.

In short he is strong, intelligent and crazy. Then Namie Namie Yagiri is intelligent, independent, beautiful and knows how to defend herself when it all comes down to it.

Izaya and Namie

Being the former head of the Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, Namie is not only capable of managing an entire company on her own, but protect, stalk and spoil her little brother at the same time, all while hiding illegal experiments on humans and on Celty's Head. Namie is perhaps the first villain of Durarara along with Izaya. Despite being an Izaya X Namie fan myself, their relationship might not be really what Izaya X Namie fans are hoping for. Although Izaya X Namie fans are of course always hoping for something like this.