Ironman and pepper potts relationship poems

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ironman and pepper potts relationship poems

Virginia "Pepper" Potts is the Chief Executive Officer of Stark Industries. Originally working as Tony Stark's personal assistant, she would take care of his Civil War ended, Stark and Potts resumed their relationship with Stark having The Marvel Cinematic Universe wiki has a collection of quotes related to Pepper Potts . “Don't you die on me, Tony Stark,” Pepper whispered fiercely, squeezing his hand . She tried to run; Pepper Potts did not dance on stage in short-shorts, and . Pepper Potts and Tony Stark from #Ironman3. tumblr mc7qpxUfqe1i62o1 More Iron Man Tony Stark, Iron Man Quotes, Marvel Avengers,. Open.

The man behind the pencil was Don Heck, who was also behind such characters as the Mandarin and Hawkeye. SincePepper and Tony have appeared alongside one another hundreds of times in the comics, cartoons, and films that followed.

Happy took an immediate liking to the young woman fetching coffee for his new boss, but he had little to no interest in him and was completely swooning over Tony.

For most of the initial issues, Tony was either oblivious of Pepper's affection towards him or he simply disregarded it to support Happy. Pepper Hogan, as she eventually became known, married Mr. Happy Hogan and stopped working for Tony. After becoming a s domestic, she and Happy adopted a couple of children who, for some reason, have disappeared in the Marvel Universe.

ironman and pepper potts relationship poems

We do know that Happy and Pepper adopted a young boy and a girl, but Marvel never bothered to give the children a name. They barely showed up in any issues and were eventually forgotten about.

There was even an issue where Iron Man rescued the children and learned they were Pepper and Happy's, but he clearly hadn't kept up with them after they left his employ because he had no idea who the kids were. For Pepper and Happy, the cost of being associated with Iron Man was their marriage.

You know how supervillains enjoy tearing up the people close to their nemesis in order to break them down? That's pretty much what went down for Happy and Pepper. The constant battling, kidnappings, and other superhero-related drama eventually took its toll and the two couldn't maintain their relationship.

They eventually divorced and while they got back together, they never could make it work. In the first movie, he clearly established a growing romantic relationship between Tony and Pepper on screen so it should come as no surprise to learn he wanted to continue to explore this in the second. This is not how Pepper Potts dreamed her life would go.

ironman and pepper potts relationship poems

It is doubtful that she ever thought that her life-path would put her in a situation where she would blast a man already on fire away, or risk being blasted herself.

Now, they are saving the day, and arguably things would be a lot worse if they did not contribute to stopping the bad guys from unleashing carnage. This concept is not lost on us, but give it a week at least! In Iron Manthey were almost made food by powerful robots, the likes of which they had never seen. After destroying said robots they stare at each other longingly, realizing that together their love binds them stronger than any mechanical suit can.

ironman and pepper potts relationship poems

Most of us would be shaking on the floor of a mental hospital from the psychological toll that those events would have had on us. This entry is just impressive. She cannot possibly do anything with this bear, other than break it down and destroy it. Pepper looks up at this bear confused, and probably a little flattered.

ironman and pepper potts relationship poems

We understand that they have worked together for a long time, and sure, they have a bit of a family bond between them. Is there a bond strong enough to commit corporate espionage over? There is some real jail time at stake here. The result is a crazy explosion that completely decimates the house. Pepper survives the attack, but barely. This is a great example of a red flag. Any man who puts you through this much danger, intentionally or by way of being a superhero, is the kind of man you should probably leave.

Sorry, Tony, but a man committed to the regular putting down of bad-guys had best work alone. Relationships thrive on the company of others. You need to have people in your corner, rooting for you. We have done the math. They would have approximately 1 hour per week to do have a date night, maybe tack on 30 minutes to that if Happy drives.

He is, after all, a master behind the wheel. Granted, this is a point of contention for Pepper and Tony during the events of Iron Man 2but come on. Nothing like some good old competition, am I right, Tony?

No right-minded person would let this slide.

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What IS unimaginable, is that he would put on his Iron Man suit, make an embarrassing speech while stumbling around, and fight one of his best friends. Talk about a bad night! I am positive we have all seen people breakup over much less, but Pepper stays with Tony, a mystery too ridiculous to solve. There is a battle.