Hope and crosby relationship trust

"There for each other" - Clooney, Crosby & Hope

hope and crosby relationship trust

Bing Crosby was an American icon -- a movie star admired by men and . was actually a trust set up by Bing Crosby in Dixie Crosby's name. Bing Crosby was an abusive father who beat his sons until he drew but placed the money in a blind trust none of them can touch until age But Bing Crosby's mellow image was shattered after his death – 30 years ago Crosby's sons by his first marriage to singer Dixie Lee – Gary, Phillip, he also left millions in a trust that they could not touch until they were

They got enormous laughs, which just went on and on. We couldn't use the jokes, but Bill asked us to save the laughs. A couple of weeks later he had a show that wasn't very funny, and he insisted that we put in the salvaged laughs. Thus the laugh-track was born. Crosby started the tape recorder revolution in America.

In his film Mr. Musiche is seen singing into an Ampex tape recorder that reproduced his voice better than anything else.

Also quick to adopt tape recording was his friend Bob Hope.

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He gave one of the first Ampex Model recorders to his friend, guitarist Les Paulwhich led to Paul's invention of multitrack recording. His organization, the Crosby Research Foundation, held tape recording patents and developed equipment and recording techniques such as the laugh track that are still in use today.

Television production was mostly live television in its early years, but Crosby wanted the same ability to record that he had achieved in radio. Mullin had not yet succeeded with videotape, so Crosby filmed the series of minute shows at the Hal Roach Studios, and the "telefilms" were syndicated to individual television stations. Crosby continued to finance the development of videotape. Bing Crosby Enterprises gave the world's first demonstration of videotape recording in Los Angeles on November 11, Developed by John T.

Mullin and Wayne R. Johnson sincethe device aired what were described as "blurred and indistinct" images, using a modified Ampex tape recorder and standard quarter-inch 6. After it began broadcasting, the station was sold within a year to Northern Pacific Radio and Television Corporation.

hope and crosby relationship trust

Inhe became a founding partner of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and a member of its board of directors. Howardwho owned a successful racing stable that included Seabiscuit. Howard became one of Crosby's closest friends; Crosby named his son Lindsay after him, and would purchase his room Hillsborough, California estate from Lindsay in A number of Argentine-bred horses were purchased and shipped to race in the United States.

Howard's Seabiscuit over Binglin's horse Ligaroti. The Binglin Stable partnership came to an end in as a result of a liquidation of assets by Crosby, who needed to raise enough funds to pay the hefty federal and state inheritance taxes on his deceased wife's estate. Sports[ edit ] Crosby had an interest in sports. In the s, his friend and former college classmate, Gonzaga head coach Mike Pecarovich appointed Crosby as an assistant football coach.

Although he was passionate about the team, he was too nervous to watch the deciding Game 7 of the World Serieschoosing to go to Paris with Kathryn and listen to its radio broadcast. Crosby had arranged for Ampexanother of his financial investments, to record the NBC telecast on kinescope.

The game was one of the most famous in baseball history, capped off by Bill Mazeroski 's walk-off home run. He apparently viewed the complete film just once, and then stored it in his wine cellar, where it remained undisturbed until it was discovered in December Crosby was also an avid golfer, and inhe and Bob Hope were voted the Bob Jones Awardthe highest honor given by the United States Golf Association in recognition of distinguished sportsmanship.

He is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. After the war, the event resumed play in on golf courses in Pebble Beach, where it has been played ever since. Crosby first took up golf at 12 as a caddy, dropped it, and started again in with some fellow cast members in Hollywood during the filming of The King of Jazz. Crosby was accomplished at the sport, with a two handicap. He competed in both the British and U. Amateur championships, was a five-time club champion at Lakeside Golf Club in Hollywood, and once made a hole-in-one on the 16th at Cypress Point.

Crosby was a keen fisherman especially in his younger days but it was a pastime that he enjoyed throughout his life. They did not have to share the screen with anyone. Their fame and name above the title was more than enough to ensure a film's popularity. Yet there is Crosby, playing the straight man, and there is Hope, getting bested by his best friend almost every time Hope did get the girl in "The Road to Rio" and "The Road to Utopia".

Add Some Dorothy Lamour Not only was she beautiful and sexy, she was the perfect foil for those con men on the make. Her tolerance of their antics was endearing and her all-American exotica made their cut-throat competition for her charms understandable.

hope and crosby relationship trust

The "Road" pictures were more than just tomfoolery. They also offered some very beautiful music. It was all done in great, good fun. Bob and Bing at that moment in time were pure stardust. They cast a glow that can never be repeated. How wonderful of them to share such good times with us.

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And Rosemary said, 'I never drink before a show. She had come in and advised about what doors needed to be taken down, and which ones needed to be widened, how things should be done.

Very much so," Hope publicist Grant said. So many people called and sent flowers. Everybody was doing that. It was a terrible time for me.

Hollywood Stories: Hope couldn't always trust Crosby

Bob and Dolores were very concerned though, oh yeah. It was a party, and Rosie was there and giving hugs and talking to everybody. It was a surprise to me that she died so soon after that.

It was fairly recently, a couple of years ago. She told Larry King that two years ago, at Bob's 98th Birthday party, she witnessed Rosemary's comeraderie with the family.

Of course, he always knew Dolores' voice. Dante remembers one such birthday party vividly. Every year they would do that.

The last time they did it, the cowboy singer, the millionaire, Gene Autry, he came in with his wife, Jackie. We all sat at the same table outside, on the patio. I said, 'You know, one of my very favorite songs that you recorded was 'The One Rose. Dolores had started her singing career in the s, well before she met Bob. Her show business career was put on hold after her marriage, however. With the exception of a few singing engagements on her husband's TV specials, Dolores maintained a fairly low profile publicly.

But in the early s she returned to the recording studio and released a handful of charming classic pop CDs on the Hope Enterprises label. Rosemary hoped to extend a similar invitation to her old friend Kathryn. But she was going to do the next tour of New York and she was going to take me, as a gift to Bing, I think. We went on with her at what was then the Uris Theater in New York and the Palladium for two years, in '76 and Then every time she went into New York she'd call me up and we'd do a song together, right up through her 70th birthday and a couple of years after that.

He just decided he wasn't going on and he flew home.

Crosby's children claim he abused them

After witnessing the public spectacle that had been made out of his first wife Dixie's funeral inBing had been determined to keep his own services under tight control. Only 20 friends and family members were invited to his services, which were held at 4 a.

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Still, according to a close Clooney family friend, a tabloid photographer had managed to snap a photo of Bing lying in his casket. When her time came at the end of June,Rosemary's arrangements allowed for crowds of hundreds to attend her funeral in Maysville, but she had long ago stipulated that her services would be closed-casket. She did not want a repeat of what had happened to her dear friend Bing.

Bob Hope's astounding vitality allowed him to continue performing well into his 90s, and occasionally appeared in public to accept major awards and honors as late as the early 00s, but it was clear that he was becoming increasingly frail as he approached his th birthday.

Among the handful of public appearances Bob made after age 94 was the wedding of Rosemary to Dante DiPaolo. He looked like Bob Hope quite a bit.

He came in and everybody was smiling at him and looking at him, and he thought, 'Why is everybody looking at me? He bowed to them and waved to them and all that. About ten minutes later Bob Hope came in, and everybody was just bewildered.

People came up to him and he talked to everybody and had a lot of fun. Many of his fans and friends said they could not imagine a world without Bob Hope.

hope and crosby relationship trust

In a telephone interview for this story in June ofKathryn said Dolores, at 94, was becoming increasingly private and that Bob was having problems with his vision and hearing. But that's her choice.

hope and crosby relationship trust

Bob still responds to her, and he can still hear her, when he can't hear many other people. There's not much wrong with him. His brain is just fine. But moving is difficult.

hope and crosby relationship trust

He can't hear most people and he can't see very much. So it's tough, but Dolores is there for him and she would tell him a story and he would respond, 'That's great. I can't imagine that Rosemary's not with us. During a appearance on Marian McPartland's "Piano Jazz" on National Public Radio, she complimented jazz pianist McPartland on a particular piano solo, adding that she wished her late sister Betty had been able to hear it herself.

Kathryn and Dolores, too, have very strong religious beliefs centered around the idea that our loved ones live on in a happier place and remain a constant presence in our lives. After Hope's death, calls were placed to the Crosby home outside San Francisco in an effort to get additional comment from Kathryn. Sullivan, the trustee for the Crosby estate and a friend of Bing's for the last 14 years of his life, said that Kathryn had already left for the Hope residence, where she would do what she could to comfort her old friend Dolores.

A caller asked Linda whom Bob might be happiest to see when he reached the pearly gates. It's also comforting to think that when Bob finally made his debut in that great nightclub stage in the sky, he had two of his favorite partners there to share the spotlight with him.