Hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship counseling

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hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship counseling

Minor or Background Relationship(s) · Ambiguous or Implied Relationship(s) Life Partners · Bad Advice · Undecided Relationship(s) · Relationship Advice Kurosaki Masaki · Hitsugaya Toushirou · Inoue Orihime · Matsumoto Rangiku. Title: Matchmaker For: Emily (mizem) Request: Hitsugaya/Matsumoto - for beta reading and prompting me to improve a couple of sections of this. . Hyourinmaru talk like the gruff, wise counselor that Hitsugaya had once assumed it must be. dick sucking legislation · hitsugaya and matsumoto naked lymara pussy · sex with couples video relationship advice for mature gay men. .

It took being recommended by the captain's of the Gotei Thirteen for me to become a captain. I personally think that he failed you thinking that as a taicho, you would have gotten in his way. I also believe making stuff up to tell people is detrimental. They then moved over to the three cushions that were on the floor and they sat down on either side of the cushions folding their legs underneath them. Unohana sat, her entire body remaining proper.

Toshiro also sat holding back his emotions for a good deal of the time, but every so often, he would glance around nervously. He thought about asking why he had been selected to watch the test this time, but thought better of it.

Finally though, Unohana turned her head to the small taicho. Eventually, Yamamoto came into the room and sat down on the middle cushion. He didn't speak or say anything, but instead remained silent, until his fukutaicho opened up the door again. Upon seeing who it was, Toshiro felt his eyes going up in surprise. His head darted over to the other captains, seeing if this was some joke.

However, the other two taicho remained stiff, unmoving from their positions. The person who came into the room suddenly spoke up. She hasn't had any time to bring her zampaktuo spirit into this world and to create dominance over it.

Also, she's going for a captain's rank? If she can't call me by my title, does she even understand what it means to be a captain. Yamamoto spoke up, watching the small female carefully. Hitsugaya Taicho will begin the questioning. At that, Toshiro let out a deep sigh.

I've been tasked with quite a few duties in the fifth division already and the captain duties shouldn't be much more. Doesn't she have any sense of duty? I mean, seriously, this isn't a game. Something about the situation didn't seem right.

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Eventually, it came time for Hinamori to show them her Bankai and they stepped out into the garden. Two teal eyes took in the view, watching her carefully. First, Hinamori called out the release of her zampaktuo and it went to Shikai form. Everything seemed normal at that point, as if Momo in fact didn't know Bankai, but then she said the word Bankai and Toshiro's eyes went wide as he saw the fiery site in front of him.

His mind at first went to the idea that she had somehow managed to learn Bankai, but something still bothered him. Do you know how to release your zampaktuo into Shikai state without saying its name? I know it is usual They moved into the room and the small female sat in front of them, waiting for an answer.

Yamamoto turned his head to the small captain. The head taicho then asked Unohana the same question, to which she replied that she was indeed ready. Yamamoto spoke up, telling the child captain to give his answer first. Toshiro spoke up, restraining his emotional reaction. I don't believe that you are anywhere near ready to be a taicho. When he spoke his mind, her face faltered, knowing full well it was now impossible to pass the captain's test. Her face also revealed a level of hurt from what the small taicho said and she hung her head to the ground.

The white haired youth felt his throat seize up, knowing full well that he had hurt Hinamori again, despite the fact he hadn't wanted to. You have shown restraint before when the head captain and I have been around, but this time around you let slip the childish nick name in front of us.

It was problematic before, but now it seems you have less respect for him simply because of hurt feelings over something that was out of both of your control. If you want to be captain, you need to have respect for others around you, even if you are not happy with them. You do not seem to understand what the significance of being a captain means. It isn't simply about being able to do the job or not. What matters to, is your personality and how you interact with other people, not to mention how mature you are able to act.

Your actions of late haven't shown a level of maturity. You have made certain choices that brings into question whether you really have the ability to be a lieutenant. A new captain is going to be taking over the fifth eventually. You need to be prepared to possibly work to keep your rank, if said captain hasn't already had a choice in mind. Yet, there was honestly nothing he could do about the situation.

Momo was the one who decided to take the captain's test, getting her hopes up about whole idea. He wanted to say something to her, even privately, but found himself stopping short when she spoke up again. Glancing down, after having let his jaw drop for a bit, he found himself hanging his head from the hurt. If you ever wish to become a captain of the Gotei Thirteen, you are going to have to show the other captains that you have some form of respect for Hitsugaya Taicho and that you have some understanding of his situation, instead of thinking of your own.

We said no, not because he doesn't wish you to be a taicho, but because we honestly believe you aren't ready. Yamamoto then spoke up, his voice dark. She stood up, the look in her eyes rather haunted and then headed out of the room, her aura showing that she was very disappointed with the results.

Toshiro's entire body felt tense and once Momo was gone, he spoke up, speaking his mind. He opened his mouth to speak one thing, snapped it shut and then opened it again, only to close it again. Unohana watched him carefully, then spoke up. The small taicho glanced at the floor.

hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship counseling

This is the first time I sat in on a test and I ended up messing up. You had an honest question, something that you were confused about. I doubt Yamamoto Taicho was insulted by you asking that question. We figured that you would pose us such a question. At that, Toshiro's head darted up.

Did you and the head captain plan on saying no to Hinamori before the test even began? There were some problems with her personality that cropped up due to the Aizen incident that honestly need to be addressed before she could even be considered for the position of captain.

There is no way they had been dealt with in that short of time. Some of these issues lie with you. You try to protect those you care about with your own strength alone. You also place guilt on yourself even though something wasn't your fault. He pushed his lips together tightly, then he spoke up about the issue that bothered him. I don't see why I was needed here, when you and the head captain had planned on not letting her pass in the first place. Wouldn't any other taicho have done just as well, if not better in this situation?

At that, Hitsugaya found himself feeling deflated much like Hinamori had. I will be upfront about the fact that we were testing to see how you would react. When we had to deal with the creator of the Mod Sols, you let the copies of Hinamori almost kill you. You do understand that this behavior was concerning. The head captain and I have the feeling that Hinamori Momo would not have told you about this new ability of hers. You would have found out from some one else, or even worse, she likely would have held off until she became a taicho.

He may have given her this power. However, this situation honestly has hit to close to home for you. There are adults who would have problems dealing with everything that is going on. He knelt down in front of her, then felt his tense body pulled into her arms, up into her lap.

She gently pushed the small white head of hair towards her chest then began to rub his back muscles to get the small taicho to relax his boy. I've seen what this has done to others and I know that keeping emotions in isn't healthy. I am giving you an order as the person who is charge of the health of all the gotei thirteen not to be alone on this. So, after a bit of time, she let him leave and head back to his division.

His steps felt as heavy as his heart did. He opened up the door to his division and glanced over to where Matsumoto was sitting. The female glanced up, a smile on her face.

He feels it is his duty too She glanced up, her face going from serious to a smile. I wouldn't make a good captain and I think everyone knows that. Rangiku went back to her work, not paying things much mind.

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Why do you ask? She then set down her brush and stood up, going to where her small taicho was. She then felt is forehead. What's gotten into you taicho? Unohana says I'm not to keep things bottled in anymore.

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I'd treat you to dinner out, but I really need to talk to you privately. I'll head to kitchen area when I'm finished with this to wait for you.

His body was tense and he found himself having problems to think straight. He found himself glaring at the rice, knowing full well it was the easiest thing to cook. Suddenly though, someone came up behind him.

At that, Toshiro's mouth twitched suddenly. Have you ever heard of someone learning Bankai without having learned to release their zampaktuo with out the command? She just got this ability handed to her. All I can say is, good luck on learning Bankai. I think you'll make a good captain. I'd say you've already passed judgement on him. Or Rangiku, for that matter? I suppose he thought that not telling anyone who I was protected me…" He ran his fingers through his hair. I haven't asked him, but I do know that Gin always seemed to know what I was interested in at the time.

Momo used to ask me every so often, maybe that's how he found out," Toshiro mused. He had an unhealthy interest in you when I was there. He was pretty obsessed. But I…" "You don't trust anyone, so you don't trust that he would do anything for you just because he's your father. Have you ever trusted anyone? You are — Toshiro? I'm not your child, you have no permission to touch me. I am a captain level Shinigami, I demand respect! First your family, now your name…" "What do you mean, your family?

I'm so happy for you! You have Ichimaru and Rangiku. Rangiku's always tried to take care of you. Ichimaru's had an obsession with you forever. Once he heard there was a child genius in the academy he tried to find out as much as anyone knew about you. It was a bit worrying for those of us who were already wary of him.

But I suppose I am happy that you did find a family, even if it is Ichimaru. Even your father agrees that Ichimaru is not the ideal father material," Toshiro directed at Karin. I simply don't see him in that light. Perhaps now…" Isshin scratched his head.

And he groped me. That — " "Don't get so worked up, Ichigo. What do you mean, he groped you? He knew very well that Toshiro had a tendency to exaggerate or misinterpret a situation and he hoped to high heaven that this was one of them, because otherwise there would be one dead captain at the end of the day.

It isn't such a big deal. You're still a captain. I went from being a normal guy to having Rukia sleeping in my closet. Now I know all you people.

hitsugaya and matsumoto relationship counseling

He thinks that cuddling with you is normal. He wants to make you happy, too. You two are really similar. Rangiku isn't nearly as similar to you as Ichimaru is," Karin said. The way you make him sound, he's just like you. Get to know him a bit, you never know what he's like other than a creep.

I need to be alone sometimes. You're probably going to do something stupid. Half an hour and then I'm leaving, got it? Rangiku's never made you try it? But not like candy, it's good sweet.

If he's really your father he'll try to make you happy. I just don't know what to do anymore. You're their kid, Rangiku and Ichimaru have to figure out how to deal with you, too. They'll take care of you, not the other way around. You're going to worry yourself sick, and then where will you be? Most, if not all, of the Soul Society hates him. No one trusts him. He's trying to make peace with you and Ran. You and your crazy family have said it enough.