Hisoka and gon relationship help

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hisoka and gon relationship help

Hisoka (ヒソカ), nicknamed the Magician, is an important character in Hunter × Hunter. He seems to be friends with Illumi, but their relationship is based on Hisoka getting sexually aroused before fighting Gon . After that, he leaves to help some members of the Phantom Troupe negotiate with the Exorcist, Abengane. A theory of mine is for Hisoka to have a sadist-like relationship with Gon. potential to be stronger them him he can't help but be interested. Illumi wanted to stop Killua from taking Alluka and help Gon. is not apt to describe their relationship that is always cordial and business like.

Vice versa, Mito tries her very best to never let Gon even know about the dangers and wonder of the outside world, resulting in him almost being killed because Mito didn't even explain him how to get along in the woods.

Kite is the first person to ever give him advise on how to be stronger even if it is just about how to notice you are in a wild anima's territory and treats him without kiddy gloves. And at this point Gon feels that he deeply needs to find his limits and stand against the challenges the world might offer. It is exactly what he lacked on Whale Island. He knows that Kite's final test is to find Ging, and since that is the hardest thing that comes to his mind, he rolls with it and makes it his own goal.

What Gon really needs is a challenge so he can grow. Gon's Must is connected to his Need.

Thematic Parallels Between Hisoka and Ging

Gon seems to be under the impression, as he stated multiple times, that the moment he backs away from a challenge, he will be unable to ever meet Ging. Gon thinks that his growing will end the moment he backs down. This is why he cannot give up to Hanzo and this is also why he will not accept winning Greed Island in a cheap way or avoiding Razor's ball.

hisoka and gon relationship help

It is some kind of obligation Gon feels in his devotion to be worthy to face his father. He sees the hunter exam and Greed Island as obstacles his father put into place for him, that is why he takes them so seriously and feels like he must rise up to them, even if he could evade them easily.

Gon does not want to be unfair to anyone.

My theory as to how Illumi will help Hisoka : HunterXHunter

That does not mean he is a goody two shoes. He seems to be fine with letting characters die left and right in the hunter's exam. He is also fine with Killuah and his family being killers, and he also does never make any judgement about Hisoka and his killer instincts. However, he gets angry at the spider for mourning about a fallen comrade because he sees this as hypocritical.

To Gon, it is a fair 'game' if Hisoka kills Kastro in a one on one fight or kills challengers in the hunter exam who knew what they were in for.

Gon sees other people somewhat like animals: There are animals that hunt, and he is fine with that. He might fight them, but he does not place moral judgement on them. However, Gon would not accept hurting a civillian or generally screwing people over when he finds it unjust. This is why he easily accepts the groundrules a person lays for themselves, but does not accept them breaking these rules which is one reason of him getting so insanely mad about Pitou, a complete monster, healing Komugi tenderly and asking for mercy.

Now, without further ado, let's get to Hisoka.


Hisoka is not a terribly complex character in these terms, he has no strong sense of duty or taboo and he is already able to aquire his wants. Hisoka wants to fight strong opponents. Hisoka needs to find his limit in an opponent with a strong personality and crush him.

There is not much to explain about his want. A lot of is actions are implied by it. Basically all of his interaction with Gon are implied by it, because he goes so far as to build up suitable opponents for him. His Need is a little harder to grasp. Hisoka is not the kind of guy who has a death wish. He is not like the people from old samurai movies who just want to find someone who can cut them down. He very clearly wants to win his fights at all costs, favourably with style It is also not that he really wants to fight the strongest opponents.

Hisoka was clearly more interested in Chrollo than into the chimera ants, even though there were countless of strong opponents right there. Hisoka also didnt try to fight Netero after trying to provoke him. I think this is because Hisoka would not derive pleasure from fighting someone who is either bland in his opinion or so insanely much stronger that he gets oneshotted because the pleasure comes from the struggle.

What Hisoka needs is very specific: He needs someone who is as strong as him or stronger and who has a very strong devotion or personality that Hisoka can completely destroy. Hisoka remarked several times that he would love to crush the fire in Gon's eyes. He used tricks he didn't need to use to devastate Kastro psychologically before killing him.

He remarked that it will be a big pleasure for him to leave a tactician like chrollo crying on the ground while thinking about what went wrong in his big plan.

hisoka and gon relationship help

Fighting a guy who seems at ease with himself like Netero is nothing Hisoka would enjoy, thus he backed off quickly, completely turned off. What Hisoka would enjoy is doing things like killing Alluka to wake Killuah's killer instinct, kill Killuah then to do the same with Illumi. That is how he rolls. What Hisoka constantly needs is to prove his superiority to foes whose devotion is so strong that they seem quite unstoppable, and it is Hisoka's greatest pleasure in life to stop them anyway.

In this way, he is quite a tragic character: He will never feel complete because he needs to constantly find ever stronger opponents who then either die, or, some day, kill him. I don't care if Alluka died in the process.

Just hit the misses for me. One wrong answer, Illumi would attack to kill him. And that makes Illumi so interesting than most.

hisoka and gon relationship help

Their mutual love for blood and violence, gravitated them naturally toward one another. Illumi is never boring… "Of course. You're not really expecting me to do it for free are you? Where in Hisoka, killing, violence and strong opponents are things he love the most, because it's fun. He absolutely wouldn't do anything he doesn't found amusing or fun. His eyes glinting with anticipation as he wait for Illumi to finally get the message.

Believe it or not, Illumi can be unbelievably thick sometimesjust like Killua. After a few seconds that feels like an hour to Hisoka because of boredom, Illumi finally realized what Hisoka is getting at. Illuni turned sharply and with his inhuman speed, lunged at Hisoka's neck with his sharp nails.

Illumi never use his sharp nails for fighting, maybe before. But Illumi rely on his needles. Killua's sharp nails are actually a learned technique from Illumi.

Hisoka felt elated because he's probably the only person alive who had seen that technique. The beautiful Illumi who love blood and carnage so much, yet detested a fighting style that lacked finesse and elegance. As they both fell on the floor as Hisoka dodged Illumi attack to avoid being fatally injured but not avoiding it completely in order to keep the fun going between the two of them.

This is their idea of play. The amusing game that they invented before. They never got bored or get sick of it. How Illumi couldn't bear the thought of losing the chance to play with this person that couldn't be easily killed. Who wouldn't cry and scream noisily. This person that always gave him what he wanted. For a moment, Hisoka could finally see something close to an expression from Illumi's emotionless face. Hisoka is quite proud that he's the only person alive who could boast to have seen an expression from Illumi's face.

Illumi would only show an expression in frenzy of killing or torturing somebody violently. Illumi got his neck, but Hisoka doesn't mind. Illumi's eyes are getting started to gain a speck of brilliance. Blood, Illumi is getting excited by blood. As Illumi straddled him and started tracing his cheeks, carving patterns with his sharp fingernails, Hisoka didn't mind the pain.

Illumi's expression almost hungry expression is worth it. Its not like Hisoka does not feel the pain. Its more like, he like the pain.

hisoka and gon relationship help

Pain sharpened his senses. Makes him more alert, more sensitive, more keen and more stimulated. A feeling akin to too much excitement, he can feel himself getting hard and so does Illumi.

Hisoka groaned and Illumi ripped his clothed apart with his sharp nails so violently even layers of Hisoka's skin came off with it. Marked with deep claw marks, Hisoka looked at Illumi hungrily. His tongue wetting his lips, slowly and deliberately, both of them are waiting. Hisoka touched Illumi's long and silky hair that Hisoka suspected that he grew out of jealousy to Alluka whom Killua adored more than him.

Quivering with excitement, Illumi suddenly grabbed his left shoulder out of excitement unable to control his strength, Hisoka heard something snapped. Hisoka winced inwardly, Illumi probably wouldn't kill him intentionally but it doesn't mean Illumi wouldn't ended up killing him accidentally. But this is what makes all of these very exciting, the pain, the risk and the unpredictable Illumi.

Hisoka knows that Illumi is already losing himself. Losing grip with his control, when Illumi love to control everybody so much. Anytime soon, Illumi will become more deadly and dangerous.

hisoka and gon relationship help

Blood are dripping on the floor from the various cut in Hisoka's body, but far from getting dizzy and writhing in pain, he's becoming more alert and more excited. Illumi's expression is so wild and beautiful it's priceless. He wanted to carve it on his memory as long as he lived. That savage glee, that maddening smile, that unearthly beauty and the incomparable maniacal aura.