Guts and griffith relationship quizzes

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guts and griffith relationship quizzes

I am kinda new to this community so hello. I am all caught up on all the content as well. Do you think Griffith loved Guts in a why and. So first off, we know Griffith and Guts were not friends. Anyone who thinks this was a bromance was paying no fucking attention. A very. I didn't see anyone mention how ambiguous and awkward Guts and Griffith's relationship is. Am I the only who thought there was some sexual.

So if Griffith do love Guts, why does he cared so deeply for Guts? Is it because he only view a friend as someone who is equals to himself as Guts did? Or was it when Casca later say that "a man can't live in isolation with nothing more than a dream!

why didnt Guts and Griffith just stay best friends? (Berserk spoilers!)

Griffith was lost when you have left his side"!. Perhaps Griffith found a true friend, or someone to help him pushed away the loneliness. When Guts leave Griffith, is leave Griffith in a terrible despair that fracture his mentality to make rational decision, such as his solace was gone, his heart was broken, such is why Griffith want revenge on Guts for breaking his heart.

Another interpretation on their relationship is that Griffith and Guts are in a master and slave relationship, Griffith was the master and Guts were the slave. In a way, is was a dominatrix relationship, where Griffith was the one who have Guts on a leash and own Guts souls and body. Some examples of this is Griffith did show many possessive toward "Gut" like his toys.

He even told Guts "you are mine" when he defeated Guts during their first meeting. In a way, I think is Griffith fetish for dominance over guts. When Guts left him, is was like a Slave rebellion against his master, which Griffith saw was unacceptable, he was like, "how could Guts do this do him, Guts was his"!!!!.

guts and griffith relationship quizzes

The mentality of possession Guts in his hand were part of his dreams of dominance as well. In it own way, the relationship between Guts and Griffith is very complex, is one of the most beautiful relationship I ever seen in an anime medium I ever see, I really enjoy their relationship as it develop throughout the story. As you can see, the world always have a shade of black and white, human beings in society are mostly taught to see the concept of good is the right thing, such as helping other or contributed to a community to make a better place in the world.

guts and griffith relationship quizzes

Human being are also taught to despise evil as well, the atrocity of evil. As you can see, there is two divided line between the two, good and evil. However, it one looks closer, there is a shade of grey as well. Not everything is black and white, there is shade of grey as well. The reason such as is hard to talk about the shade of grey, so human being would stick to one side of either black or white.

Yet let look at evil, evil would presume to be with the activities such as violence, rape, drug, etc. Now the word of "Evil" goes back to a very long times, the most popular verse was Satan or Lucifer from Christianity.

Now back to the topic at hand, Griffith, seeing his actions during the massacre of the Band of Hawk, the people's would label his actions as immoral and consider Griffith as complete monster. An evil person with no redeeming qualities, while I do believe that Griffith does throw out his moral compass when he reach that point.

I do believe, when I dig deeper into Griffith mind, I find some shade of Grey myself. My thought In my opinion, I would not label Griffith as a "Evil" character as many people would label him as, and I know I'm making a very controversial statements by saying this, and in no way I'm justifying his actions.

I'm just saying I'm not going to judge him as an evil person. I would classify Griffith as a tragic character who have fallen to deep in his own ambitions that lead him to the path of evil.

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He's arrogant and brutally realistic about human nature, but most importantly, he's the kind of person that Guts aspires to stand on equal ground with. While Griffith rises on the shoulders of the people attracted by his charisma and determination, and he certainly takes their loyalty for granted, he doesn't betray their trust before the Eclipse or force them into anything they didn't sign up for.

As mercenaries, they got the best deal by sticking with a leader who not only raises their chance at survival, but also enables a surrogate family to blossom within their ranks, taking them further than they could ever have dreamed.

He risks his life to save Guts from Zodd, and he doesn't charm Casca into following him for ruthless reasons.

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She joins him because of the feelings she projects onto him, as does everyone else. It's rather interesting that in a story where fate looms ever-present on the horizon, the maxim Griffith shares with the Hawks outside of the battlefield is "Do as you wish. Why is Guts any different? Griffith recognizes Guts' talents and wants to harness them to accomplish his goals, but that's not why he asks Guts to assassinate Julius instead of ordering him.

It's also not the reason that only Guts is privy to the unsightly cleanup after the poisoning attempt, and it's not why Griffith loses his composure so spectacularly after Guts' departure. Someone independent who can find his own reason to live and follow that part without guidance.

And if anyone tries to crush his dream, protect it heart and soul. Even if that person happened to be me. For me, a true friend is someone I consider my equal. Regretfully, the first of these moments is missing from the movie trilogy entirely, a rather baffling choice considering its crucial importance for Griffith's character arc and the conclusion of Golden Age.

This is the first time we see his desire to rationalize what cannot be rationalized, which is met with the reward of temporary success. It is a blood-smeared dream, after all. I don't regret or feel guilty about it. But to risk thousands of lives while never getting my hands dirty It's not a dream that can be so easily realized! He's dangerously good at compartmentalization, closing off his heart to feelings of guilt and shame that would only get in the way of climbing to the top of the food chain.

Unfortunately for him and everyone who believes in himhuman emotions don't work that way. It's already hard for him to rationalize people dying for his dream, but Griffith's emotional turmoil escalates when he resorts to prostitution in exchange for funds to shorten the war effort. Outwardly, he reduces the lord who buys his body to nothing more than a pebble in his path, not worthy of any emotional reaction.

But when he fails to literally wash the revulsion away, resorting to self-mutilation to transform the pain into something he can understand and repress, we clearly see the limits of his resilience. It's a painfully human moment, but it's even more disturbing to see him succeed at this repression. Casca is much more shocked by how quickly he regains control and becomes all reassuring smiles again than she is to learn what he did.

And so should we be. At the time of Guts and Griffith's second duel, the war is already won. Enemies at court have been subdued or disposed of, and Griffith has been raised to the peerage. It's all simple scheming and charming himself into the line of succession from here, with no further need for Guts' particular talents.

After years of idolization and success, Griffith has become used to the idea of himself as the infallible savior, detached from all those fragile humans he holds in the palm of his hand. But simply losing control over Guts isn't what causes him to lose his composure.

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The first instance of inner monologue we get from Griffith marks this moment as Golden Age's peripeteiaforeboding the significance that Guts' departure will have on Griffith before he is even defeated.

We've seen Griffith show a side to Guts that he doesn't share with anyone, thinking it would be too much for even the other Hawks to handle. With Guts, he can be honest, even going so far as to seek his approval on decisions. The best friendships form between self-sufficient people, and when Guts leaves to find a dream of his own and become truly self-sufficient, it turns out Griffith was the dependent one between them.

Griffith's no good without you! He doesn't know his own heart because he so thoroughly perfected the practice of compartmentalizing his emotions years ago and never looked back. Because he never considered the possibility that he would care about someone else more than his dream, this suppression of his own human nature initiates his fateful demise.

From the moment he picked on up as a child, he always had one on him, even in his sleep. He developed this need for his sword ever since the Gambino days where he lost trust in people for the first time. It was the first true comrade he ever had and without his blade by his side, he would be even more lost.

Not to mention that the Dragon Slayer is the most badass sword ever created. Look at that sexy beast. In the remaining arcs, that expand on Guts' adventures as the black swordsman, Guts goes through yet another change in character.

He transitions from a wild beast to a composed animal. He never truly let go of his savage side, that has planted a firm place in his brain, but he has moved on from being a person who rejects everything and everyone.

He's began to relearn the importance of being with others. This development is slow, as it appropriately appears in certain arcs at certain times, but it is indeed effective.

guts and griffith relationship quizzes

She was the one who not only connects with Guts, but also brought out the best of him. He used to be a ruthless jerk who thought that everyone else could just fuck off but ever since Schierke came into the picture, he started to change as a person. This time around, it turns him into an absolute menace. Of course, I am referring to the berserker armor. An armor that makes Guts' inner demon surface granting him super human strength, speed, stamina and being immune to pain.

Even though he was tempted to dawn the black dog's hood many times before, wearing this unholy armor made him aware of his inner savage that has been silently growing within the back of his consciousness after years of wars, battles and massacres. This is just yet another obstacle that Guts will have to surpass. I'm sure that he will be further developed on elf island which is coming up soon?

guts and griffith relationship quizzes

They've spent more time on a boat then the characters in One Piece. All in all, Guts is one of the greatest anti-heroes of all time. He's developed, complex, and is the biggest badass to have ever been created.