Francis boulle and louise thompson relationship test

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship test

And when Louise and Ryan return to Chelsea engaged, will Sam pull off their . friendships and relationships are put to the test - and not all will survive in the heat. Frankie Gaff, Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo, Louise Thompson, Francis Boulle, Olivia. Love is in the air: Francis Boulle kissed Sophia Sassoon on Made In Chelsea present, but he made sure he destroyed another relationship first. by Millie Mackintosh after she found out he cheated on Louise Thompson Flying car crashes during high speed ground test after 'accidentally' taking off at. Louise Thompson; Lucy Watson; Tara Keeney; Pheobe Lettice- like Jamie Laing's brief relationship with Louise Thompson, are the sorts you can Diamond entrepreneur and original cast member Francis Boulle, 29, came.

Meanwhile, loveable Binky was sharing some girly chats with her new pal Lucy Watson. Lucy had some news - she and Jamie may have hooked up in the hot tub in Vebier We're starting to think Francis Boulle has some sixth sense for picking up on when someone has cheated.

His Boulle sense must have been tingling as he skateboarded his way over to let Lucy and Binky know that Jamie has a girlfriend, Tara - and they were together when they were skiing, too. Lucy kindly informed him of Jamie's indiscretions. Luckily for Jamie, although Francis has a tendency towards looking out for the ladies, he kept the news from Tara and warned Jamie what Lucy had said.

Jamie Laing AND Louise Thompson leaving Made In Chelsea?

Not very convincing, Jamie. We spent a decent part of the episode wondering if Lucy would spill the beans to Jamie's young, innocent girlfriend - there was a collective sigh of relief when she kept it to herself.

We're not sure we could have handled that drama on top of the Spencer-Louise split. Elsewhere, the questions we've been asking about Ashley and Ollie Locke 's relationship are finally being addressed: Familiar faces making a welcome return to the Chelsea fold include Fred Ferrier and Oliver Proudlock while newcomers like songwriter Julius Cowdrey, model Emily Blackwell, party-loving sports agent Akin Solanke-Caulker, and Nick Summerfield are sure to stir things up.

Made in Chelsea

Over six weeks the mischievous Chelsea set make new friends, create fresh enemies, and face surprises from their past. With summer romance on the cards and friendships in jeopardy, one thing is for certain - nothing will be the same again.

Expect hooks ups, fall outs and awkward dates, set against classic Chelsea backdrops plus the Maldives and a whole host of countryside retreats.

As well as old favourites, we are introduced to Frankie Gaff, the object of Jamie's affections, feisty Olivia Bentley who is never short of an opinion, and handsome lothario Matthew Draper.

Video Gallery Series 10 The gang has left surfboards and wheatgrass shots behind and is back in good old Blighty, with Spencer ready to greet them! Along with tears and tantrums, this series brings a host of faces, new and old, with the long-awaited return of SW3 veterans Ollie Locke, Richard Dinan, Oliver Proudlock and Francis Boulle; plus a slew of new Sloaners stepping on the scene: Prepare for tears, laughter and drama as our Chelsea regulars hit the LA scene with a bang.

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship test

With new friends, hangouts and hobbies, it is set to be a summer never to be forgotten. With a heaving social scene, the Made in Chelsea girls and guys have met some new faces along the way. Kicking off in the sunny surroundings of Barbados, viewers get the chance to meet some of the newbies and are reunited with their favourite faces from the show.

Made in Chelsea | Monkey

With fun, drama and new relationships blooming, the SW3 favourites will continue to frequent their favourite stomping ground in style. NYC In search of the summer of a lifetime, our enviable elite head to The Big Apple, ready to take the greatest city in the world by storm.

Newly single, Binky distances herself from her previous relationship dramas, and tries to make a new start in a new city. Our stunning Sloanes are back for our most dramatic series yet, as Chelsea is ripped apart by rumours, revelations and relationship-breakdowns.

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship test

And as she battles to save her relationship, her friendships come under threat. Meanwhile, new girl Riley gets caught in the crossfire as Jamie and Lucy attempt to move on from each other with questionable success, and the return of Stephanie Pratt spells bad news for Spencer, but good news for another old Etonian… Video Series 6 Last series left us with cliff-hangers, brewing tensions and unanswered questions.

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship test

Now, your favourite group of socialites and heartbreakers are back — and this time the drama is more explosive than ever. Gallery Series 5 The well-bred and well-heeled of Chelsea are back on the scene and back on our screens in the fifth successful series of the BAFTA-winning show.

After the explosive revelations of the Christmas party at the end of last series, tensions are still running high. Video Gallery Series 4 Our favourite glamourous globe-trotting socialites are back in Chelsea and some new faces are on the scene.

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship test

In this series, Andy Jordan and Stevie Johnson are quick to get settled into the Chelsea party circuit. There are some new Girls about town as well: Video Gallery Series 3 The beautiful and affluent Chelsea players are back for a third series. Hearts continue to be broken, heels remain high and the only things sharper than their suits are their tongues.

Video Series 2 Is Caggie coming back?

francis boulle and louise thompson relationship test

Has Spencer moved on?