Does wolverine and rogue have a relationship

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does wolverine and rogue have a relationship

When the past does come back to haunt them, they have someone there At the root of Rogue and Gambit's complicated relationship, they are. Just because Rouge and Gambit had a GOOD relationship doesn't mean they had a You might be saying, "Isn't Wolverine WAY too old for Rogue?! absorbing touch as anyone else, (Even HIS "good luck" powers can only do so much. Together, she and Widow decide that the best thing to do is shoot the robot with a Spider-Man and Rogue have actually almost gotten together twice, first in the ' 90s' Speaking of getting in the way, the couple stumbles onto Wolverine, The Colossus/Rogue relationship was dropped quicker than that.

The severity of Cody's injuries differs depending on the adaptation, but the incident causes Rogue to run away from home. She is eventually adopted by Mystique, who helps her to understand her mutant abilities.

What happened to the Wolvie and Rogue's relationship??

He acts as a representative of a race based off the Brood and attempts to infect the X-Men with spores that will turn them into aliens. In the end, Cody is killed by Bella Donna before Rogue can tell him show she really feels.

At the end of the series, Rogue visits a spirit medium called Tante Mattie. At one point in the game, you have to help Rogue after she has been injured by a Sentinel. In this iteration of the character, Rogue does not have the powers of Ms.

does wolverine and rogue have a relationship

Marvel, maker her vulnerable to damage. After defeating Blockbuster in a boss battle, Deadpool has to catch Rogue as she falls unconscious from the ceiling. In order to heal Rogue, Deadpool kisses her so that she can absorb his healing factor.

does wolverine and rogue have a relationship

The problem is, the kiss goes on too long Once Rogue kisses Deadpool, his personality passes into her. For a brief period of time, you get to play as Deadpool within Rogue's body. She even wears Deadpool's mask and takes his weapons for her own.

Rogue and Wolverine

While Deadpool is unconscious from being drained by Rogue, you have to protect his body from enemies. This means playing as Rogue while she is being possessed by Deadpool. It attempted to distance itself from the original animated series. She was portrayed as a goth girl, who was bitter about the effect of her powers. Throughout the series, the show implied that a relationship was blossoming between Rogue and Cyclops.

This actually makes a lot of sense, as the two of them are alike in a lot of ways.

does wolverine and rogue have a relationship

Rogue and Cyclops were both forced away from their families at a young age. They also share a fear of their own powers and the damage they could potentially do. Neither of them had the best home lives, with a murderous villain raising Rogue and a band of thieves raising Gambit. For a lot of people, having a partner like that would be difficult, but since Rogue and Gambit both flirt this way, it works.

Both characters have had to struggle with abandonment and morality because of their difficult childhoods. Since no one wanted him, the Thieves Guild gang of New Orleans raised him as a criminal. Mystique and her partner Destiny raised Rogue from a fairly young age. Like Gambit, Rogue was raised thinking family and love were tied to power and immorality.

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For the most part, Rogue and Gambit have defeated the demons of their pasts, however, occasionally, their lives as young orphans doing evil things for evil people still affect them.

I think they rely on that aspect of their relationship a lot. Probably for the best, given all of Petey's other problems. Rogue and Gambit, having drawn the short straw, are searching the sewers for Golgotha, while simultaneously having a heavy, in-depth talk about their relationship and their feelings and all the doubts getting in the way of those things.


Speaking of getting in the way, the couple stumbles onto Wolverinehalf-drowned in a river of poopy water. Gambit, feeling pretty low and petty, suggests that maybe Rogue and Logan should be together.

So, naturally, they immediately make out-- like, immediately. Which, given the fact that they had no history, was kind of weird.