Degrassi cam and maya relationship

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degrassi cam and maya relationship

Their romantic relationship began during the fourteenth season of Degrassi, though their Maya soon met and began a relationship with Cam with whom she . The relationship between Campbell Saunders and Maya Matlin is known as Camaya (Campbell/Maya), Caya (Campbell/Maya) or Maybell (Maya/Campbell). Cam was by far the show's most tragic character, and his all-too-brief relationship with Maya was beyond sweet and perfect. His life and their.

She properly dealt with his death and began to gradually move on in her life. Waterfalls 2 Broke Up: Doll Parts 1 Reason: Maya felt unappreciated and undervalued.

Doll Parts 2 Break Up: Bitter Sweet Symphony 1 Reason: Zig made Campbell think that Maya's life would be better off without him, which triggered his break down.

degrassi cam and maya relationship

Following this, he broke up with her over text and committed suicide in Degrassi's green house. Trivia About Camaya 1. Both think four leaf clovers are lucky and wear them before something important Cam before a hockey game, Maya before a cello exam. They are both each other's first relationship as well as their first kiss, date and love. They both dislike hockey even though Campbell is a prodigy hockey player.

They are both considered prodigies Maya is considered a music prodigy, while Cam was a hockey prodigy. They both have older siblings. They both didn't want to be at Degrassi at some point. When the school year started, Maya wanted to go to a Performing Arts School and Campbell wanted to go back home because he was homesick and wasn't fitting in at Degrassi. As of Doll Parts 1Maya and Campbell have apparently kissed 7 times, but only a few of their kisses are shown on screen.

Maya Matlin

Both Cam and Maya have been bullied by the Ice Hounds. They were both friends with Tori Santamaria and Tristan Milligan. Cam's first line was spoken to Maya and her best friend Tristan: They were both in the same French class, even though Cam was a grade above Maya. Hell, he was still writing her letters and planning to visit her when he was with Mia, so she must have meant something to him.

But after the two had sex, Grace told her that she was actually super-straight and liked someone else — Zig.

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What a let down. As if that wasn't bad enough, Zoe's devastation led her to hook up with Zig herself, torching Zig's relationship with Maya and her own friendship with Grace. This ship went down in flames, but it was fun while it briefly lasted. And Zoe is clearly still carrying a torch for Grace as of Season 16 —— so Grace had best not be dead from that bus crash. Netflix The build up to this relationship and, particularly, to their first kiss was top notch.

Throughout Season 15, Jonah and Frankie unexpectedly got closer and closer.

degrassi cam and maya relationship

In Season 16, he was solidly by her side as she spiraled out of control after she was blacklisted for being racist. If Jonah dies in that season finale bus crash, I will riot. Netflix All of the best "Next Class" relationships have been put in danger thanks to that bus crash.

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Tiny and Shay have the greatest ship name yet "Shiny"and they've got so much in common. Despite the minor inconvenience of Tiny dating Lola first for far too longShiny seemed set to finally embark on the kind of first-love relationship that all the best "Degrassi" romances are made of — only for Tiny to possibly have been killed in the crash.

After initially not particularly liking one another, Drew and Clare became good friends. Then, after Adam's death, Clare's fight with Eli, and Drew and Bianca's breakup, that whirlwind of emotions culminated in one of "Degrassi's" best surprise kisses ever.

The subsequent one night stand, pregnancy, and miscarriage was a little much TBH, but the early stages of this romance were firing on all cylinders. Manny wasn't exactly a "Good Girl" — she made plenty of mistakes, but she grew to be one of the show's greatest characters by the time she left for good. Jay was far worse than Manny ever was, cheating on Alex with — well, everyone — and giving Emma gonorrhea, but being with Manny made Jay a better person, and by the time they left the show, they were one of the healthiest and most solid couples to wind up endgame.

The earliest years of their relationship were so, so cute, and watching newly-out Marco fall head-over-heels into puppy-dog first love with Dylan was the best. So then, of course, Marco catching Dylan cheating on him was heartbreaking.

Though they reunited down the line, it was never quite the same — after a bit of long distance, Marco ended things. Dylan also never quite treated Marco as well as Marco treated him.

degrassi cam and maya relationship

Their relationship was by no means healthy. These two went through a lot together, and Bianca grew so much as a person. Chemistry, after all, is the maker or breaker of ships. Unfortunately, the pairing derailed in Season 10, and the possible-rape in "Love Lockdown" while Holly J was in a relationship with Sav was very not OK. We'll never know if these two got back together after winding up at Yale together, but things were definitely never the same after their Season 10 breakup.

Their relationship was consistently supportive and healthy and super fashionableand it continues to make no sense to me that the two broke up for good when Fiona left for Italy. At the very least, Fiona should have briefly appeared to reunite with Imogen when Imogen left the show — especially since Imogen and Jack broke up in that episode anyway. Via GIPHY Though these two probably hold "Degrassi's" record for most break-ups, they were also consistently together for the longest amount of time.

Sure, they went through their share of dramatic nonsense lying about being pregnant, for onebut their love for one another was so palpable that they could never stay away from one another for long. He wrote a song for her, dammit!