Cato and clove relationship hunger games

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cato and clove relationship hunger games

So basically, this story is about the relationship of Cato and Clove. It might be He loved the Hunger Games and wanted to take part in it badly. Cato (Hunger Games character) · The Hunger Games ( book) films indicate any kind of romantic relationship between Cato and Clove. <3Clove and Cato and Katniss and Peeta<3 Cato Hunger Games, Glimmer I always looked as Cato and Clove's relationship the same way I looked at.

Victims During the 74th Hunger Games, Clove killed the male tribute from District 9, while he was grappling over an orange backpack with Katniss during the bloodbath. She targeted Katniss next, aiming a knife at her head, but Katniss blocked it with her pack and escaped.

Later, she kills a lizard for target practice in the film. In the 74th Hunger Games, Clove was the only Career tribute who came close to killing Katniss twice — at the Bloodbath and at the Feast, and certainly seemed to have a deep hatred for her, perhaps because Katniss received a higher score than her. Catching Fire In Catching FireKatniss and Peeta went to District 2 on their victory tour where they see Clove's grieving family, and tried to avoid eye contact.

Katniss stated that the appearance in District 2 was awful, and that both the tributes Cato and Clove could have made it home if it hadn't been for her and Peeta. Clove appeared in one of Katniss' nightmares before the 75th Hunger Games.

She stabbed Katniss in the cheek and then turned into a mutt and began to lick Katniss' wound, causing Katniss great pain. Clove reminded her that she can't run away from her fears and the Hunger Games themselves, thereafter turning into a mutt and chasing Katniss.

Possessions In the Games, Clove, being a Career Tributehad medicine, food, water, weapons and other supplies from the Cornucopia. The supplies were destroyed from the mines set by the District 3 male. When Katniss blew up the supplies, she was left with her knives and whatever she had left in her pack.

In the movie, after killing all the vulnerable tributes in the Bloodbath, they claimed all the supplies, and Clove retrieved a small array of knives on a black vest, which she wore until she died. She also had a large pocket full of big knives that held to her belt. The smallest knife pointing to her neck was the one she pulled out to try and kill Katniss while retrieving her pack at the Feast.

Weapons In the book it is described that Clove had a large selection of knives that were attached to the inside of her jacket which is also portrayed in the film. The weapons gave Clove a big advantage because of her skill with knives as shown in both the training center and during the Games; she could both throw them accurately and use them in close combat, as shown when she forced Katniss into submission in front of the Cornucopia.

She, along with the other Careers, had her choice of weapons to use-until Katniss blew them up. Relationships Cato In the book, during the feast, Cato showed that he was not completely ruthless, and that he did in fact care somewhat about Clove.

While Cato was running towards Clove after Thresh had dented her skull, Katniss stated that as Cato called Clove's name, his voice sounded very pained, and despite its futility, he begged Clove to stay with him as she died. He later avenged Clove's death by presumably killing Thresh.

It is hinted that he and Clove might have known each other before the games since they're from the same district and had a good relationship unknown if it was romantic or platonic, treating her as a friend or younger sibling. In can be inferred that, as Careers, they may or may not have been training partners in District 2 before the Games Haymitch states that Career tributes from District 2 and 1 - book also 4 - train for years prior to the games, which Cato and Clove very likely did.

In the film, Cato showed interest in Glimmer, and Clove and Cato seemed to have no relationship between each other beyond that of a friendly cooperating ally. Cato was not shown coming for Clove's aid in the feast when she screamed his name twice. However, this might have been because Katniss left shortly after Clove's death. As in the book, it is hinted that Clove and Cato might have known each other prior and were at the very least, friends.

Katniss Due to being a Career, Clove naturally had a extremely negative relationship with Katniss, as both considered each other enemies. Clove envied Katniss' high training score an 11 vs. In fact, Clove had purposely targeted and almost killed Katniss twice, while the other tributes, including the other Careers, couldn't at all.

At the feast, Clove seemed very joyful after finally subduing Katniss, and reveled sadistically at the prospect of torturing her to death. Personality Clove was strong, sadistic, arrogant, violent, dangerous, and powerful, characteristics of a typical Career. Clove was also slightly unhinged, which made her a feared opponent.

cato and clove relationship hunger games

She had a strong hatred for Katniss, particularly due to her score of 11 from the Gamemakers, which was higher than her own score of When she captured Katniss at the Feast, she boast about how her team killed Rue and joyfully states she was going to make her death a slow and painful one, exemplifying her psychotic and sadistic nature.

Clove was also intelligent, supporting Marvel in his idea to keep Peeta alive to get to Katniss, and was smart enough to go to the lake to heal her tracker jacker wounds, and was also instinctive enough to go back to the Cornucopia instead of chasing Katniss. While Clove was confident in her abilities to hold her own and take on other tributes, particularly Katniss, this facade collapses when faced with overwhelming force, which came in the form of Thresh.

Completely terrified of him, Clove was too cowardly to own up to her mockery of Rue when at his mercy and ultimately was only able to scream for Cato's help in her final moments. Physical appearance Clove, like most Careers, was strong, healthy, brawny and fit. In the book she is about pounds, as she is described as being at least pounds heavier than pound Katniss.

cato x clove -- love the way you lie

It is heavily implied that Clove is at least 18 and overall larger than Katniss. In the movie, Clove is smaller and younger than Katniss, being only and weighing just at pounds. Trivia Clove's name means to cleave, which means to split with a sharp instrument which makes sense since Clove is very skilled with knivesas seen the night before Glimmer's death when she throws three knives at a lizard. In the film it is shown that she weighs pounds.

Clove was the youngest and smallest of the careers, but might have been feared more than Glimmer or Marvel because of her deadly knife throwing skills. It is stated that Clove was made unhinged and slightly psychotic to supplement her high combat skills in the film. This is due to the fact that Isabelle Fuhrman, the actress who portrayed Clove, was smaller than the other actors who played the Career Tributes.

As the Career Tributes were supposed to be bigger than most of the other tributes to make them more feared, Clove expertise with knives and mental instability was played up to make her just as intimidating. In the film, Clove gets a training score of 10, only one point less than Katniss'. Her district partner, Cato also manages to get a training score of 10 during his private session. In the film, her betting odds of winning werethe same as Marvel, the District 7 boy and the District 8 girl.

This means the district 8 girl and Clove had the highest betting odds for a female, and second highest of the Careers. Clove came 2nd with the highest betting odds in the careers. She was beaten by Cato, despite this she was the highest female Career both times. According to Linda Flowers, the film's hair stylist, Clove's arena hairstyle was inspired by the "bad girls" in Japanese action movies, who had high ponytails with knives in them.

To make it look more original, they made it like little balls coming down her head. She is the only tribute to survive being fired upon by one of Katniss' arrows, in the book.

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In the movie, Clove is the only one to escape being fired upon by two of Katniss arrows. She is the only Career to survive an encounter with Katniss twice. She successfully escaped the tracker jackers dropped on her, and then later dodged the two arrows Katniss fired at her at the Feast, unlike her fellow tribute, Cato.

While Cato survived the tracker-jacker incident, he died in his second encounter with Katniss, as did Marvel. Glimmer along with the District 4 female, were the only Careers to die in their first encounter with Katniss.

Clove's dialogue was changed in the film, shortening her speech. Also the beginning of this scene changes, as Katniss does not wrestle with Clove in the books, instead she is cut by one of Clove's knives.

In the book, right before Thresh grabs her, Katniss spits in her face, but in the film, she just says, "And now, we're going to kill you Like Marvel, Clove is killed by the same person in the movie as in the book, but in a different way.

In the book, Clove's skull was dented by Thresh's rock. But, in the movie, her skull was split by being slammed head-first into the Cornucopia. It'll be the remaining Career Tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 4.

Two boys and three girls. The ones who lunched together. The alliance at first includes Marvel and Glimmer from District 1Cato and his district partner Clove from District 2, the District 4 female, and Peeta. Later in the Games, Peeta betrays the Careers and is subsequently kicked out of the pack, while the District 3 male becomes a new and likely reluctant member. First Night "Go on, then, Lover Boy. The Careers attempt to kill her, but when the Gamemakers withhold cannon fire, Peeta goes back to "finish the job.

The air's better up here. Why don't you come on up? Cato attempts to follow her into the tree, but he falls due to his heavy weight. Glimmer tries next but meets the same failure.

cato and clove relationship hunger games

At the urging of Peeta, the Careers decide to make camp below Katniss's tree, so she can't escape without them knowing. Cato attempts to shoot Katniss with a bow While stuck in the tree, Katniss cuts down a tracker jacker nest, which falls onto the sleeping Careers and chases them away from her tree.

While Glimmer and the District 4 female die from their stings before they can make it to safety, Cato and the others escape to a nearby lake, where they fend off the remaining insects. With the Careers distracted, Katniss manages to pry the bow and arrows from a dead Glimmer's corpse, but Peeta returns and urges her to run. As he does so, Cato cuts his way through the brush and realizes what Peeta has done. Enraged at Peeta's betrayal, Cato engages the other tribute in a fight, a fight which Peeta swiftly loses, escaping only with a severe leg wound, tracker jacker strings, and burns retained from the fire.

Supplies "When we find her, I kill her in my own way, and no one interferes.

The Careers' camp When the Careers catch sight of smoke from Rue's lit fire a decoy for the Careersthey go to kill her, taking the District 3 male along at Cato's insistence. In their absence, Foxface manages to steal supplies from the Cornucopia by stepping carefully around the mine indentations.

This makes Katniss realize that the District 3 male has reactivated the mines in the form of a booby trap. Carefully shooting open a bag of apples, which spill out onto the ground around the Cornucopia, Katniss manages to activate all the mines at once, effectively destroying the Careers' supplies. When Cato returns with his allies, he descends into a fit of rage and snaps the neck of the District 3 male, killing him instantly.

His allies eventually manage to calm him down, and the Careers stride back into the woods to hunt. What was he doing?

Trying to get Foxface or Peeta?

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Or had he been lying in wait for Thresh and just badly misjudged his location? It is unknown why only Clove went in for the backpack, but by the time she is dying at the hands of ThreshCato is too far away to save her. As Katniss flees the feast, she sees Cato kneel beside his ally and "beg her to stay with him," though Katniss knows it is too late for Clove to be saved.

cato and clove relationship hunger games

Clove dies in Cato's arms. By this time, Thresh has stolen both his own backpack and Cato's, which is most likely what motivates Cato to pursue Thresh instead of Katniss. Presumably, Cato follows Thresh and kills him.

cato and clove relationship hunger games

Katniss speculates that the District 2 backpack contained body armor to fend against her arrows. Death "Shoot me and he goes down with me. Katniss and Peeta think he is on his way to kill them, so Katniss shoots an arrow at his chest, but it bounces off, since he is wearing some sort of body armor that was thought to be in District 2's backpack.