Blane and daisy relationship

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blane and daisy relationship

Daisy Millar (Saint Hopes Student and M.I.9 Spy, Series ) was one of the three original agents in See: Blane and Daisy for Blane and Daisy's relationship. Anyone remember MI High? Well these two never got their love story completed, so I thought I could try and do it for them. Enjoy and please R&R. Even though they left the series, many people have believed Blane Whittaker and Daisy Millar were in love and never revealed. Here we can discuss that idea.

As I was saying, we're going to start this term with a science project!

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You can work in twos or threes, or individually but I expect these projects to be handed in on January the 23rd without fail. King glared pointedly at Scoop Doggy. Blane turned automatically to Daisy, whilst subconsciously scanning the room for any Chad Turner lookalikes.

He thought he saw one, whom he possibly recognised, but he couldn't be sure. And he was sitting next to the emo anyway. Carrie and Rose were eagerly discussing their project — on space and the solar system. I think we should do a project about the environment and climate change and stuff," she said, smiling.

Daisy Millar

Oscar liked her smile. I never remember thinking that before, he frowned, hoping it was just a fluke. What other ideas did he have about the project? And even though he would have to put up with Avril telling him about bottle banks and how his carbon footprint was kg too big or whatever it sounded like it could still be quite easy. Oscar, we could do it entirely on recycled paper!

And it would really help us to get the message about Their relationship was complicated. He knew he loved her and he knew that she loved him, but sometimes "Love isn't enough". That's what she had said to him one night. They had been arguing and she was saying the same thing as always. You daft Bimbo, I love more than anything! The moment the words had escaped her lips Blane knew that she regretted saying them. He grabbed his jacket and stormed out. Daisy ran after him.

blane and daisy relationship

He never looked back. It was a text from him. Go to bed Daisy, you've got a mission tomorrow. That was the last time he had walked out on Daisy, he went to collect his stuff the next day. He never saw her after that. Four years later and he still regretted it. Blane pulled himself back to the present and realized he was crying, long, loud, uncontrollable sobs. He ran his fingers across the picture in between his shaking fingers. He yearned to hold Daisy again, feel her soft lips against his own, but those thoughts would have to wait, as he felt a vibration in his pocket, he pulled out his communicator, the same yellow pencil one that he had had since he was thirteen.

The rubber was flashing. Hopes High at 5am tomorrow morning, for briefing" The line cut out. Blane didn't know what to do. He would have to face Daisy for the first time in four years.

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The last time he saw her, he was moving out of their flat and into his own. The last time he saw her she had tried to kiss him, but he pulled away. He wished he hadn't. If he could turn back time then he would have kissed her, he would have dropped his bag there and then and taken her in his arms and never let her go, but he let her go all too easily, he let her slip through his finger and now her missed her, he craved her.

He had spent four years of sad songs and cheesy romance novels to know that he needed her again, but he could never pluck up the courage to find her. Rumor had it that she had been moved to a different part of MI9 from where he worked, rumor also had it that she was in a serious relationship if you called being with a lying, cheating, bastard a serious relationship that just recently ended.

Blane hoped to offer some comfort to her, when he saw her that was. Blane looked at the clock on his bedside table: He should get home. Blane wanted to test her so he asked her if she fancied him and she almost said yes if weren't for Lenny who administered the antidote just in time and eventually ruining the cute moment and leading Daisy to say she would rather go out with Stewart.

Blane seems to be disappointed for having not been able to hear Daisy finish saying that she fancied him. When Blane fancied the spy plane thief Irena Reyfried - much to Daisy's annoyance, especially as she doesn't find out about her until quite late as she had her own mission to perform - who asked her if he could come and join her, Daisy quickly puts her in her place and she literally pulls Blane away from Irena and told her that he already got spy work with her and Rose, making her feelings towards him very clear, causing a ridiculously smiling Blane to be very embarrassed and happy at the same time, this proves that there is something going on the whole series.

Blane Blane feels the same way about her He took a crazy risk by trying the MT, a dangerous gadget that gives its wearer super human strength, just to show off in front of Daisy that he was better than Chad.

He also revealed to Chad as this one was leaving that he had to deal with 'loads of guys try it on with Daisy' which shows that this wasn't the first time he was jealous and had competition. Blane is always nervous and anxious when she's in trouble.

blane and daisy relationship

He's quite upset when he learns that Stuart shows interest in Daisy, but he tries to hide it. Also when Blane saved the world from being hit by an asteroid, in the enthusiamth,she tells Blane that she wants to hug him.