Anna karina and jean luc godard relationship tips

Anna Karina on Her Career & Working with Director Jean-Luc Godard

anna karina and jean luc godard relationship tips

Anna Karina (born 22 September ) is a Danish-born French film actress who is best known for her work with and relationship with Jean-Luc Godard in the s. French New Wave Film Guide || Anna Karina Fashion & Style Jean- Luc Godard first saw Karina in a soap ad for Palmolive, in which she appeared in a. Anna Karina & Jean-Luc Godard Anna Karina, Lausanne, Geneva, .. beth kirby | local milk | seasonal recipes + the art of slow living + social media tips .. The 5 Most Overlooked Relationship Killers (and How to Fix Them) Francois. The French New Wave icon talked about Band of Outsiders, her marriage to Jean -Luc Godard, and why her films continue to appeal to.

He seems, at times, to have had trouble conceiving of Karina as a woman with desires of her own. Shortly after the wedding, Karina miscarried. This was the first of two suicides she would attempt during their marriage. While Karina recovered, Godard searched for Perrin; his plan was to settle things over a game of dice.

Almost every movie in which she stars — even after the couple split for good — can be read as a rehashing of their relationship. Perhaps the most poignant example: Paul is adapting The Odyssey for a bloviating American producer.

Early in the film, Camille becomes convinced that Paul is allowing — even encouraging — the producer to flirt with her. This disgusts her — at the end of the film, Camille and the producer run away together. The middle third of the movie is consumed by an argument during which Bardot wears the wig Karina wore in Vivre sa vie. Some of the dialogue is taken directly from real arguments Karina had with Godard.

“Be Beautiful and Shut Up”: Anna Karina on Filmmaking with Jean-Luc Godard

Paul is distant and dismissive throughout: Contempt was filmed in Rome and Capri, so Godard and Karina were separated for much of the shoot, though he would often go back to Paris on weekends to see her.

Once, Karina visited the set in Rome and the couple went to a nightclub. Certainly as her director, Godard exerted a great deal of control over the characters she played and the plots to which they were subjected. He also sees, in their collaborations, signs of jealousy: That movie is amazing because you can see his love for you in every shot,in the way he films you. We were falling in love.

But, you know, I never saw the rushes. But maybe in the film, now, yeah. Okay, so after La Petit Soldat, you guys become a couple, right? You broke up with your boyfriend? So you were kind of isolated? I only have you.

anna karina and jean luc godard relationship tips

Because you had to give up your whole previous life? And then he said okay. So then you moved in with him? We lived there for a while and then Le Petit Soldat got banned, as you know, and it was like if I had done nothing. But then I got another offer from Michel Deville. Looks at his watch. We have almost no time left. You take your time. Wen you think about your break up with Godard, what would you say is the main reason? Oh, I just wanted to get somebody, you know, just a friend. I thought my life was gone forever, my love life.

So I married a kind of friend. Are you talking about Godard now or someone else? No, after Jean Luc. I was underage when I married Jean Luc, you know. So you were twenty when you made A Woman is a Woman? Anna Karina and Caveh Zahedi Photo: But my question is: It was obviously a very troubled, difficult relationship. What would you say is the main reason? He was too heavy or…. He was not too heavy laughs. It was too heavy, all the situations.

“Be Beautiful and Shut Up”: Anna Karina on Filmmaking with Jean-Luc Godard | Filmmaker Magazine

He was too… too one-way minded. Things had to be a certain way? He was rigid about things? No, he was sometimes going away and not coming back. And that would make you crazy? I mean, that would make me crazy. Yeah, I mean there was no phone.

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It was really a problem, and I was all alone then, you know, and it was really crazy. And where would he go? Oh, he went to see Faulkner in the States. Yes, or he went to see Ingmar Bergman in Sweden. He would go to Italy to see Roberto Rossellini. You know, go here and there.

anna karina and jean luc godard relationship tips

So he met Faulkner? And I would know about it how? Because he came back with some presents laughs and I would see if the packaging was in Italian or Swedish or whatever. So how long would you say you guys were happy together?

Anna Karina on love, cinema and being Jean-Luc Godard's muse: 'I didn’t want to be alive any more'

We were very happy while we were shooting, always. And then when you stopped shooting, it would get bad again? Yeah, you know, then he would leave. He would change his mind? I mean, you asked me to go down there for fun. Were you friends with Truffaut? Did you like him? He seemed like one of the nicer ones. I got hysterical after being 24 hours on the road, you know? We were going backwards and forwards and then backwards again to the South of France.

No, with my foot. Yeah, kicking it, the car and all that. And of course he just went to see his friends the next morning. Well, he sounds like a difficult person to be married to. So during the making of Le Petit Soldat, everything is good. You guys are falling in love.

You got pregnant, and you had a miscarriage, right? I got pregnant while we were doing the film.