Anna faris and chris pratt relationship

anna faris and chris pratt relationship

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke everyone's hearts when they announced their break up. Here's a look back at their love story. Chris Pratt talked candidly about his life and relationship with Anna Faris after their divorce. The two share a son, Jack. FANS were shocked to learn of the split between Hollywood stars Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

14 Pieces of Proof Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Have All the Relationship Advice We Need

They're not afraid of a little or a lot of PDA. Pratt and Faris can barely keep their hands off one another, which may actually be helping them as a couple. Goofy is their M. When they're not posting about their exploits on Instagramthey're making the red carpet their playground. Research shows that having fun with your S.

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They're all about being adorably supportive. When your husband has had a string of box office and TV hits, it may be easy to let the fans do the supporting while you hang back. But whether it's tweeting about his latest blockbuster or sitting in the audience for his inaugural Saturday Night Live gigFaris defines what it means to be a supportive wife. Why is that important? They keep the romance alive and well. What about being serenaded on national TV?

Chris Pratt used his gig as SNL host not only to promote his work, but also to show the world how much he adores his wife. Romance takes inventiveness and effort, but with that, it's integral to a marriage, as Faris and Pratt have proven. They don't give a shit about gender norms. If you're Chris Pratt, you buy yourself a ring a " mangagement ring ," if you will.

Chris Pratt Finally Opens Up About His Relationship with Anna Faris Post-Divorce

She got one and I was like, 'I want one! They embrace life's simple pleasures. Most people's idea of date night might be an expensive night out on the town. For these two, making French toast is as special as an evening as the Oscars.

anna faris and chris pratt relationship

They love each other through literal thick and thin. But while Faris may like his toned physique now, she doesn't mind if he puts on a few pounds.

Accepting someone no matter how they look? It's a solid relationship lesson we should all keep in mind. Appreciative is an understatement.

When the couple got engaged a year after meeting, Pratt said he had actually known he wanted to marry Faris the day they met.

anna faris and chris pratt relationship

Once the secret was out, Pratt had no problem jumping the gun and wore a wedding band as an engagement ring before eloping with Faris. She never blamed Prat either. Faris was adamant that Pratt had never made her feel insecure for what she believed to be her thin lips and small bosom.

anna faris and chris pratt relationship

In fact, she said that he had always made her feel like he loved her for who she was. However, in spite of Pratt's support, Faris struggled with her body image and wanted to be curvier for herself and for Pratt.

anna faris and chris pratt relationship

Faris got implants and had lip injections done to make her mouth look fuller. While she has never regretted her decisions to get implants, she admitted that she had gone overboard with the lip injections. After friends started pointed out how bad things were getting, she weaned herself off the injections.

14 Pieces of Proof Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Have All the Relationship Advice We Need

Add to that Pratt's history of playing big, dumb lugs onscreen and his former physique, and a lot of guys got the notion they could score with his wife right in front of him.

Pratt recalled his life pre-Marvel and revealed how awkward it was to watch Hollywood actors hit on his wife while he was standing nearby.


Pratt also called out a few anonymous executives, saying the way he is treated in Hollywood has changed post-fame. InPratt received backlash from social media followers for his attempts to find a home for Faris' old cat over Twitter.

Just five years later, Pratt and Faris were in trouble for their treatment of animals once again, this time for their neglectful treatment of Anna's rescue pup. Faris' chihuahua was found wandering around the streets of Los Angeles after the couple had rescued him from a local animal shelter.

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Faris said that the dog had already been given away at the time he was found neglected, but she had previously promised the animal shelter that they would be contacted should she ever decide to give the animal up, a promise she failed to follow through on. Because of their similar personalities and way of thinking, the pair were able to come up with an efficient, secret, way of speaking that only they could understand.