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Nasir holds the tips of Agron's fingers loosely in his own. . Agron has always been the one to take Nasir; their relationship has always been as. I love Nasir's wince in the moment Agron's body drives forward. Because their relationship only began in the first place because Nasir .. He is totally irrational about Nasir, anything to do with Nasir, in good and bad ways. Explore Amulya G's board "Spartacus - Agron/Nasir" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spartacus, TV Series and Pana hema taylor.

Without another word, without asking permission, Nasir sets to rebandaging Agron's hands. He uses water to wash off blood, needle and thread to restitch wounds, salve to calm pain, and fresh bandages to finish. He works in silence, and Agron watches him in similar manner. When he is done, Nasir remains on his knees. He stares at Agron's palms, rubbing gentle, soothing circles on his wrists, the backs and sides of his hands, and on his fingers.

Agron sighs, and the sound is enough to pull Nasir from reverie of giving quiet comfort. Share grief, and see one who loves you help bear its burden.

He looks down at his hands, and his eyes fall on their intertwined fingers. Nasir holds the tips of Agron's fingers loosely in his own. Agron tightens the grip as much as the pain in his hands will allow, and Nasir smiles softly as he grasps them back with equal strength. It's a gesture they invented the night the gods returned Agron to Nasir's arms; the night Nasir lovingly tended Agron's wounds, both physical and emotional.

It's a gesture that allows Agron to touch Nasir with little pain. Agron trusts that Nasir will hold him tight, but no tighter than he can handle. It's an intimate gesture, one borne of trust and love. And it is just what Agron needs to open up his heart to Nasir. Except when he opens mouth to speak, he only has strength to mutter one word before tears long held back overflow.

He lets go of Agron's hands and grasps his face instead, rubbing soothing circles along cheeks and lips. They settle on the back of his head, run through his hair gently. Agron's breath hitches in his chest, and he reaches up with his own hands, runs his fingertips clumsily over Nasir's face, and holds on as tight as he dares.

A quiet sob escapes Agron, and he kisses Nasir's forehead gently, a mirror of the gesture performed mere hours ago for a fallen brother. Nasir reaches around and pulls Agron to him, and as Agron rests his head on Nasir's shoulder, Nasir feels the burn of hot tears on his flesh.

Nasir stays his own grief and holds on tightly as Agron lets go. In time, sobs and trembling give way to calmer breathing, and when Agron pulls back and makes attempt to brush away tears, Nasir grabs his wrists gently and pulls his hands aside. Grasping Agron's face, Nasir kisses the tears away, and Agron wraps his arms around Nasir and holds him as close as he can with hands that will never again pick up sword.

When nothing but the memory of tears graces Agron's face, Nasir pulls away. Agron speaks of how he grew to respect the man. Of how close Spartacus held his friendship and council when he feared Crixus finally turned from him for good. Of how much closer Agron grew to Spartacus when he foolishly thought that Nasir had eyes for another man. Of how Spartacus offered patient ear and words of comfort in time of doubt.

Agron talks of how he misses Spartacus already. How he misses his leadership, his guidance and friendship, their mutual trust. Before the end, he and Spartacus stood the only remaining survivors of Batiatus' ludus. Now our bond lies forever severed by the Roman shits who have already taken so much from me. Not just use of hands, but countless brothers, all lost to their greed and ignorance. He was torn from this world too soon, and too harshly.

Nasir reaches up and cradles Agron's head in his hands. If you would have me. In fact, I would have you make promise as such. Only Agron pulls away this time, and the look in his eyes causes Nasir to frown. A fire burns in their depths, a fire of desire and need… and a look of pure fear such as Nasir has never seen. Men I called brother. Gods help me, I even miss the fucking Gaul. And now Spartacus has been taken. My heart aches with the loss of so many. I could not bear it.

He feels the tremble in Agron's hands, feels it mount until Agron's whole body trembles next to him. Agron presses on, blinded to pain by his desire to see promise made. For blood and death? Spartacus was right in this from the start, and I was but a fool, blinded by need for vengeance.

Blind to what was right in front of me. I believed for so long that the only life I could have, the only one I deserved, was that of gladiator, of warrior. Only now do I see how wrong I was. He pulls away only to find breath to continue his plea, speaking quickly, as though he fears Nasir will vanish in puff of smoke before he has chance to finish.

This is what Spartacus desired; what he died for. So that we could be free to live. This is the life Spartacus believed I could have; the life he believed we all deserve. The gods truly blessed me the day they found me to Batiatus' ludus; the day they found me to Spartacus. I am forever in Spartacus' debt for bringing you into my arms. You saved my life the day you fought your way into my ludus and stole my heart.

When he steals a gentle kiss, Agron deepens it, and Nasir is forced to swallow down a groan of pleasure when his bottom lip finds itself between Agron's teeth. Forcing himself to pull away, Nasir gasps, "It is a debt among many that we owe to Spartacus. Agron wraps his arms tighter around him, caresses his lower back gently with his fingertips.

When Agron finally pulls away, he's breathing heavily, and they both feel the weight of the other's desire pressed against them. To leave behind the only life I thought I could have, and begin a new one…with you. Spartacus has given us chance to live, and I intend to honor memory by living as much as I can, with you always at my side.

I would not be parted from you again. This is the promise he seeks: In truth, it is a promise Nasir has already made to himself. Yet it is one that Agron needs to hear, and so Nasir makes it without hesitation, or doubt, or question.

On my own life, and on Spartacus' memory. I will never leave you, Agron. The gods would more easily rip themselves from the heavens than tear me from your side. With a whisper of Nasir's name Agron crashes their lips together. Time seems to speed up and yet stand still all at once. Nasir finds himself kneeling between Agron's thighs, cock pressed against Agron's own.

With rocks hiding them from view of camp, they undress. Nasir removes Agron's armor first. When Agron makes attempt at Nasir's, cursing the gods at the trembling in his hands and the useless fumbling of his fingers, Nasir helps him. He guides Agron's hands, helps with the finer clasps and buckles. Agron glides his fingers over Nasir's body, and when tears of frustration spring to Agron's eyes because he finds himself too broken to touch Nasir as he would like, Nasir kisses them away once more with whispers of "you are not broken" and "it matters not" and "to have you in my arms is blessing enough.

Nasir touches Agron's face in the way he knows will drive him crazy, and with a groan Agron bites and pulls Nasir's fingers into his mouth, sucking on them greedily.

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The motion draws a hiss of pleasure from Nasir, desire and anticipation causing his body to quake. He pulls his fingers from Agron's mouth and moves his hand down to prepare himself. The feel of Agron's fingers on his wrist gives him pause. This is something they have never done together; that Agron has never done at all. It is a desire Nasir has long had, yet a desire he has never given voice to. Agron has always been the one to take Nasir; their relationship has always been as such, and Nasir has never felt need to question it.

Nasir wants nothing more than to grant request, but he is not so far gone to lust that reason does not hold some degree of sway, and with a groan of frustration he gives voice to concern. I would not hurt you. Within its depths, Nasir's hands fall on familiar form, and he grins wickedly as he pulls out a bottle of oil.

The thought gives Nasir a moment's pause as full weight of implication hits him. In truth it was faith in Spartacus that I had; that I've always had. I always thought…if any man would make it out of final battle alive…it would be him. But then Nasir's lips are on his once again, and feelings of pain and sadness are pushed aside in favor of desire. I will have none of it.

What I will have is chance to help you deal with grief. Chance to remind you there is one still breathing who holds your heart as more precious than anything. One who still loves you, and would see pain diminished, if only for a moment. If you yet desire it. For as long as I draw breath. He drizzles an amount on his fingers and places his hand gently on Agron's ass. Make promise that you will stop me if it becomes too much. He enters him slowly with one finger, working it in him gently.

Agron gasps at the pressure. It's uncomfortable, but not entirely unenjoyable. His eyes narrowed and he shot Agron a stern look that said 'do not start quarrel' Agron was annoyed, but he heeded the warning and took the cup from Castus then sat down next to Nasir. For a while he simply sat there drinking the wine and listening to the conversations going on around him. People spoke of their past lives in bondage and told tales of their years in slavery, but as the wine flowed more freely, so the laughter rolled off their tongues more spontaneously.

Next to him, Nasir threw his head back and laughed joyfully. It was a sound that gladdened Agron's heart and he realised how much he'd missed it. Nasir had always had two ways of expressing delight. One was a full-throated laugh that sometimes saw his body doubled over in mirth until he gasped for breath and tears rolled down his cheeks. The other was a delightful giggle that escaped from his throat every time something amused him, which was often.

Agron watched him out of the corner of his eye, drinking in the beauty of him; the brightness of his smile, the perfection of his nose in profile, the way strands of his hair escaped from their tie and framed his face in soft curls.

Agron looked at Nasir's hands as he lifted the wine up to his lips. He loved those hands. He had seen them covered in Roman blood, wielding both a sword and a spear with the skill of one born to do it. But he had also seen them in the sanctuary of their tent, moving with infinite tenderness all over his body. He longed to feel them on him again. When Nasir laughed a second time, Agron felt his heart start to beat faster. If his ears had missed Nasir's laughter, they had missed his sighs of pleasure even more.

There was no sound that Agron loved more than the purr of arousal he could draw from Nasir with a simple lick, or quick bite of his neck. Years of wearing a slave collar had made the Syrian's skin extremely sensitive and Agron knew just how to turn him on with a cleverly placed kiss. Remembering this, he raised his bandaged hand and stroked Nasir's neck with the back of his fingers. Nasir responded by tilting his head, inviting Agron to caress him again.

His eyes fluttered closed and a contented smile played on his lips. He sighed happily when Agron's fingers began to stray into his hair, and gave a small gasp of pleasure when he suddenly felt the rough scrape of Agron's beard on his neck. Smiling with the knowledge that Nasir was reacting, Agron ran the tip of his tongue up that wonderfully sensitive skin and carefully nipped Nasir's earlobe with the tip of his teeth.

He couldn't help grinning when he heard the hitch in Nasir's breath. When he pulled back, Nasir had a smile on his face that made him glow, even in the flickering light of the fire Agron could tell that the Syrian's cheeks were flushed, and he had a dreamy look of arousal in his eyes.

The voices and laugher around them faded away, the only thing Agron could see was the smile on his lover's face, the only thing he could hear was the quickening sound of Nasir's breath. He watched his eyes close as he leaned in and brought their mouths together in a kiss. Nasir melted into it, his soft lips opening and his tongue finding Agron's in a passionate dance. Agron felt Nasir's hand slide up the side of his face, fingers tenderly caressing his cheek.

His own hand was tangled in the Syrian's hair, holding the back of his head, pressing him harder into the kiss.

A hand tapping on Agron's shoulder pulled him from the moment and he broke away to find a woman standing in front of him holding a jug of wine. Agron lifted his cup and let her fill it, thanking her with a nod of his head before she stepped in front of Nasir and offered him the same. From the other side of the fire Agron felt eyes on him and turned his head to find Castus staring at him through the flames.

The look on his face was unreadable and Agron tried to ignore him, turning back to Nasir who was refusing a refill of wine with a shake of his head.

From where do you look out? He gulped a few mouthfuls of wine and handed the remainder to Nasir. Castus was already up and walking away to fetch his sword before he made his way up the rocky incline to the lookout position. Agron caught up with him on the path to his tent. The pirate said nothing, just acknowledged Agron with a nod of his head and walked off. Nasir waited a few minutes, drained the rest of the wine then headed back to their tent.

The inside was glowing with the golden light of the softly flickering oil lamps that Agron had lit. Extra bedding and pillows had been placed on their bed and Agron stood naked next to it, his arms extended in welcome when Nasir stepped into the tent. When he saw Agron waiting for him, unclothed and his arms outstretched, Nasir ran to him, folding himself into the gladiator's strong embrace.

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He found himself getting frustrated when his hands wouldn't move as fast as he wanted them to, but Nasir seemed to enjoy the slow process of being undressed. His arms were wrapped around Agron's body, his hands sliding up and down his back, from the scars that peppered his shoulder blades to the narrow dip of his hips and downwards to the muscular swell of his behind.

Agron murmured with pleasure when Nasir's hands grabbed the twin globes of his ass, his nails digging in and dragging as he pulled his hands back up. As the protective body armour came away from Nasir's shoulder he pulled his arm though the straps and watched Agron let it fall to the floor, then he pressed his body back against Agron, relishing the feel of their bare skin together.

His nails raked down Agron's shoulders, his fingers lingering on the German's nipples, feeling them harden under his touch. His mouth dropped kisses on Agron's chest, and his tongue licked wet trails across his skin.

He felt Agron's hands glide up and down the bare skin of his back, giving up their attempts to undo his kilt. Agron's mouth found his neck and Nasir panted with open-mouthed pleasure through an onslaught of kisses and bites while he worked to rid himself of the rest of the his clothes.

Finally naked, he kicked off his shoes and sank back into Agron's embrace for a full-mouthed, tongue-filled kiss. Nasir loved kissing; from the first loving touch of Agron's lips at the Temple near Vesuvius to their later passionately groping encounters, he loved nothing more than the feel of the handsome gladiator's mouth covering his and their tongues playing together. He had never been kissed before the day Agron had lovingly cupped his face in his hands and given him a soft, tender parting kiss before going to burn the arena at Capua.

When he returned unharmed, all Nasir wanted to do was repeat that special moment. As a body-slave he had never expected to experience pleasure from a sexual encounter.

He was there to do his master's bidding and all the shuddering pleasure of an orgasm was for his Dominus to enjoy. Nasir's only duty had been to make it happen. He had never experienced desire, nor enjoyed a climax while performing his duty.

He had no idea what it meant to feel attraction or arousal for a man he had intercourse with, nor had he ever known the blissful delight of being pleasured by a man who put Nasir's enjoyment and satisfaction above his own. That is, until that wonderful day when Agron had stolen his heart at the same time he'd stolen that first kiss. After that first tentative meeting of lips Nasir had started to feel things that he had never experienced before.

Agron's glances had made his stomach flutter, their kisses sent flames of arousal rocketing from his lips to his cock. He had been shocked that his body was capable of such a reaction but the feeling was wonderful and he didn't fight it.

Especially when Agron showed that he knew how to make it feel even better. When he returned from Capua, his attraction to Nasir was stronger than ever, but he never pushed and never demanded anything of the former slave. He let Nasir set the pace and the boundaries.

When they reached a point where Nasir became uncomfortable they stopped, if Nasir declined Agron's advances, the rebel gladiator accepted his decision with a gentle smile and a tender caress of his face. In the end, the most powerful aphrodisiac to Nasir was the knowledge that he had full control over his body for the first time in his life. He ate when he wanted to, slept when he wanted to and made his own decisions about who touched him and where their hands could wander.

It was a powerful feeling to be allowed to think, feel and decide for himself and it made him love Agron all the more. When he finally shared Agron's bed it was his own choice and it had taken his breath away when Agron insisted that he do nothing but lay back and enjoy himself. He had never dared to dream of the love and care that he felt under Agron's hands. He had no idea that his body was capable of such ecstasy, nor his heart of so much emotion.

When Agron's cock had finally entered him, the pain and discomfort Nasir felt had only lasted a moment before the most exquisite feeling of bliss had overwhelmed him. He shook and shuddered through their first shared climax, crying out in pleasure all the while being lovingly held in strong arms and kissed by an adoring and devoted mouth. When he came down from the impossible high and his breathing steadied to normal he had opened his eyes to find Agron's face hovering above his, with such love reflected in his eyes that Nasir had started to weep.

Agron had hugged him tightly, rolling them over so that he could cradle Nasir to his chest until the tears had subsided. After that emotionally charged first time Nasir had become insatiable, he couldn't get enough of Agron's kisses, or his cock. They couldn't stand guard without getting tangled in a passionate embrace. When they were sent out hunting they took advantage of the added privacy to sink into each other's arms, and when it was time to train and hone their sword skills, they watched each other with lustful eyes and lingering gazes filled with promises of the illicit caresses the coming night would bring.

All these thoughts and memories of the love he had shared with Agron had crowded Nasir's mind when he thought Agron was gone forever. He had spent so many nights aching for the warm embrace of his lover that now that he had Agron back in his arms, he wanted it to last forever.

He was so grateful to Castus for taking his watch for him. He knew it would anger Agron, but he was determined to find a way to thank the Cilician properly for giving him the entire night to revel in the delights of Agron's bed. The kisses they shared now were passionate and lustful, each of their tongues fighting for possession of the other's mouth. Nasir's moans vibrated in his throat, becoming more fervent and shameless when Agron sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and tugged on it with gently nipping teeth.

He loved it when Agron kissed him like that. And he loved it even more when Agron broke their kiss, as he did now and turned him around in his arms, pressing his chest to Nasir's back so that he could nip at his shoulders and sink his teeth into the side of Nasir's neck.

His unshaven stubble scratched deliciously as he covered Nasir's flesh with hungry kisses. Nasir's head tilted, his eyes rolling back with blissful pleasure. Nasir growled softly and moved his hand down too, closing it over Agron's and guiding him to stroke his erection.

The roughness of the bandages combined with the heated skin of their fingertips made him moan and start to rock his hips against Agron's pumping fist. Agron pulled his hand away from Nasir's shaft and ignored the hiss of displeasure the Syrian made.

Turning him back to face him, he cupped his face in his hands, tilting the dark-haired beauty's head up so that their eyes met.

I would fuck you," Agron said, his heart beating so loudly that he was sure Nasir could hear it too. The fire of lust in Nasir's eyes when he heard those words made Agron moan and push him down onto their bed.

I would have you do it," he said, placing a small vial of oil in Nasir's hand. He knew what Agron wanted and he was more than happy to oblige.

The gladiator settled himself comfortably on their bed and Nasir shifted around to give him a good view. Then dipped his fingers into the oil, spread his legs and reached down between them. He watched Agron closely, giving him a seductive look and licking his lips lasciviously. Agron's eyes were glued to Nasir's fingers as they playfully teased his own entrance for his lover's entertainment.

When he sensed Agron breathing faster and saw him begin to chew on his bottom lip, Nasir carefully pushed a finger into himself. Arching an eyebrow and running his tongue over his lips when Agron glanced up at his face, Nasir inserted a second finger and began moving them around.

He pushed them in and pulled them out slowly, enjoying the feeling of his fingers inside him almost as much as he enjoyed watching Agron's face. Then he slowly began to scissor his fingers, opening and stretching himself, spreading his legs wider so Agron missed nothing of the view.

He was so aroused he didn't think he could take much more of Nasir's shamelessly erotic display, but it had been a long time since Nasir had been taken and he wanted his lover properly prepared and stretched before he thrust his throbbing cock into him. Nasir pushed a third finger into himself and worked his hand faster. The look on Agron's face and the abundance of glistening droplets leaking from the tip of his cock told Nasir that the gladiator wouldn't be able to just sit and spectate for much longer.

It was usually Agron who prepared Nasir before they had sex, and he was always careful to stretch him more than was necessary.