2004 mazda 6 horsepower and torque relationship

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2004 mazda 6 horsepower and torque relationship

The latest pricing and specifications for the Mazda 6. Prices range from $ to $ Compare prices of all Mazda 6's sold on carsguide over the last 6. The latest pricing and specifications for the Mazda 6 Luxury Sports. Prices range from $ to $ Compare prices of all Mazda 6's sold on carsguide. Research the Mazda Mazda6 online at balamut.info You'll find local deals, specs, images, videos, consumer and expert reviews, features, trims, and articles .

The relationship of the lower body to the upper body looks perfect, yet the roof shape is designed for people, not for style. Its sporty styling makes the Mazda 6 look smaller than it is. But because the Mazda 6 replaces both the mid-size and the more expensive and luxurious Millenia, it's bigger in all directions than the old The 5-Door features an extended rear roof pillar sloping rearward into a raised deck lid.

As Mazda says, it looks fast even when sitting still. The Sport Wagon features aggressive styling, though it doesn't look as sporty as the new Mazda 3 wagon. Interior Features The Mazda 6 interior is designed to be comfortable for front and rear passengers in the 95th percentile of all body shapes. The front seats are comfortable through a wide range of adjustments. We found them suitable for hard driving, with good upper body support and enough lower back support with the optional lumbar adjuster for all-day comfort.

The rear seats are also quite comfortable. There's more than 96 cubic feet of useable space inside the Mazda 6 sedan, according to the EPA measuring system, and that translates to plenty of room for four, or five in a pinch. There are half-liter cupholders in the doors and in both front and rear center consoles, and lots of other open and covered storage.

The seat pockets and door pockets are huge. Our only complaint is that the interior door handles lacked heft. The interior design is complemented by carbon fiber, titanium and body-color finishes.

The sharp-looking gauges are illuminated in red light, but are conventional white-on-black during the day, with nice, large and pleasing graphics. Controls are equally well-labeled, legible during the day and illuminated in red at night. The trunk is a good size at more than The compact, lateral-link rear suspension system allows for a perfectly flat trunk floor.

The release levers are in the trunk, a plus for security and convenience, and the seats themselves are spring-loaded so they fold instantly with just one pull of the release. Driving Impressions Handling comparisons to other cars in its class put the Mazda 6 near the top of the heap. The Mazda 6 holds the road better when cornering than the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima, and it offers better transient response than other mid-size sedans in quick lane-change maneuvers.

2004 Mazda 6

The Camry feels genuinely lethargic by comparison and the Altima feels like a bigger car. And the Mazda's handling is sharper than the Honda's. Mazda tells us that no sport-tuned suspension or handling package is offered on the Mazda 6 because the standard suspension is already tuned for sporty handling.

In other words, it comes standard with a sports suspension. And we buy that, as indicated by our assessment above. The Mazda 6 rides on double wishbones up front, with a lateral-link layout in the rear and coil springs all around.

Grip is very, very good, tenacious you might say, right up to the point where the front end pushes, telling you to lighten up. This doesn't occur until you've reached competition-level speeds, however.

Other mid-size sedans lose grip far sooner than the Mazda 6. The amount of power-steering assist backs off the faster you go, to give good road feel, though still on the light side, at high speeds. Ride quality is plusher than we were expecting, but body roll is nicely controlled by the lateral-link rear suspension and the standard front and rear stabilizer bars.

In other words, the car doesn't lean much in corners. Road and wind noise does come through, however. This Mazda is not as quiet as the latest Honda Accord, and road noise is relatively pronounced on broken pavement.

Mazda 6 Price & Specs | CarsGuide

We noticed more road and wind noise in cars with the Sport Package, so we suspect that the package's aerodynamic enhancements may be the cause. Braking is better than in other cars in this class; the Mazda 6 stops in shorter distances. Optional with the inline-4 is a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic featuring a manual-mode and overdrive.

The V6 finds itself bolted to a sweet shifting 5-speed electronically controlled autobox, again featuring overdrive and manual-mode shifting. I believe Mazda has taken unfair criticism from some journalists concerning their manual-mode actuation.

This "mix-master" functioned brilliantly, always being the perfect dance partner regardless of what demands were foisted upon it by my capricious driving style. And incidentally, in my view Mazda has been taking an unfair wrap from certain auto journalists in relation to the configuration of their manual-mode actuation. Specifically, bumping the shift-lever rearward upshifts the transmission while a tap forward downshifts. Well apparently some people think Mazda got it backwards.

Generally auto manufacturers have configured the up and down shifting opposite to Mazda, and how so many manufacturers got it wrong I will never know. I simply find pulling back on the lever more intuitive to upshifting than downshifting. If you don't agree, think about shifting from first gear to second and back to first, or third gear to fourth and back to third.

See, it's a direct line unless you're used to the rare Italian car which featured the "H" position in the 2nd through 5th gears. It seems now even BMW is changing their manual-mode auto shifters over to this format Perhaps it's a right- versus left-side of the brain issue, I'm not sure.

2004 mazda 6 horsepower and torque relationship

Whatever it is, I am certain that with sufficient practice opposing journalists will eventually overcome their shifting disorders and applaud Mazda. A rack-and-pinion steering system has been designed by Mazda that senses engine-speed and varies the power assist accordingly.

Mazda engineers designed a rack-and-pinion system that senses engine-speed and varies the power assist accordingly. Due to this the Mazda6 is a pleasure to pilot.

Steering inputs are reacted to promptly and predictably with steering effort very linear thanks to the engine-speed sensing technology. Guiding the Mazda6 GT through curves and switchbacks is highly enjoyable. The car effortlessly holds a predetermined line and communicates with the driver throughout the arc. Subtle understeer inspires confidence in hard cornering, with the car being relatively free of undesirable body lean and plow. These are characteristics of a well-balanced and nicely tuned chassis, not an excessively rigid suspension.

In all, the suspension of the Mazda6 GT is almost perfect, no matter the road condition. It's a taut feeling machine that also knows how coddle its occupants.

2004 mazda 6 horsepower and torque relationship

Road irregularities and aberrations are dispatched readily, and with little fuss, plus it doesn't float, shake, shudder or shimmy in doing so.

And no, I'm not talking about hot dance floor moves from my distant youth. The suspension that encompasses these virtues is fully independent, meaning that each of the four wheels can jockey its own road surface independent of what the other three may be dealing with.

Up front it is fitted with a double-wishbone design, while the rear receives the support of an E-type multi-link arrangement with coil springs and special dampers to control unwanted suspension reverberation. Both ends of the Mazda6 also receive stabilizer bars to enhance control through corners, important for emergency maneuvers.

So now that I've made it clear that the 6 GT's forward and side-to-side performance can measure up to its competition, what happens when the director yells "cut? The Japanese automaker certainly intended it to and therefore equipped the car with 4-wheel antilock disc brakes aided by electronic brake force distribution. After peeling my visage from the windscreen, I can assure you that Mazda achieved its intention. Thanks to 4-wheel antilock disc brakes, the Mazda6 GT undertakes stopping duties quite admirably.

Squeeze the brake pedal and the sure-footed car will toss out an anchor capable of holding the QEII motionless in a typhoon. Braking force is easily modulated and antilock intervention is predictable resulting in panic stops without the need to panic. Mazda's new 6 treats its occupants to an upscale cabin, dominated by a silver, metallic-like center stack. Rob Rothwell, American Auto Press And when a panic stop simply isn't enough to avoid a collision, the Mazda6 takes extra care to protect its occupants.

Regardless of trim level, dual action front airbags linked to crash zone and driver's seat position sensors are standard equipment, along with seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters. Mazda has also equipped all Mazda6 models with whiplash-reducing front headrests.

Dual front side-impact airbags are standard on all but the base 4-cylinder Mazda6, as are dual front and rear curtain airbags. While a protectionist, Mazda's new 6 also treats its occupants to an upscale cabin. The enticing interior is dominated by a silver, metallic-like center stack and console featuring circular air-vents and controls.

Upon first impression that center stack and console looks great, however close inspection reveals a tendency for the silver finish to scratch easily. My test vehicle had already sustained some nasty abrasions across the console from something placed on top it.

Sometimes it would be better for automaker's to focus on durability rather than style when designing a family sedan. But the abrasion issue is a minor quibble, especially when weighed against the fantastic seats and overall cosmetic appeal of the Mazda6. Mazda really gave consideration to the body shape of the western male and ensured that the Mazda6 is long on head, leg and elbowroom.

Many Eastern imports tend to shortchange Westerners when it comes to such dimensions. The Mazda6 has done the opposite by accommodating my gangly legs, which could be outstretched when the seat was moved rearward.

To compensate for nearly sitting in the backseat, the steering wheel telescoped a lengthy distance to meet my arms, creating a commendable driving position that I have experienced in very few cars regardless of origin. Rob Rothwell, American Auto Press Overall the Mazda6 GT's interior is very well assembled and thought out, not to mention appealing - that is except for the red-on-red illuminated instrumentation. I found it difficult to readily spot the red needles of the various gauges, including the speedo, against the red lines and numerals that form the background for the gauges.

A little more color contrast would greatly benefit anyone over forty and in need of progressives - not that such is representative of yours truly. Mazda will be filling out the Mazda6 lineup this spring with a five-door hatchback and sport wagon model. Rob Rothwell, American Auto Press Style didn't take a back seat to cargo functionality though, with a relatively large For those with greater load carrying needs, Mazda will be filling out the Mazda6 lineup this spring with a five-door hatchback and sport wagon model.

The Japanese company deserves very loud applause for bringing a hatchback and wagon back into the midsize marketplace. It wasn't that long ago that Toyota discontinued its popular Camry wagon, believing that its wagon customers would slide into a 2WD RAV4 or Highlander.