Why did roosevelt and churchill meet at casablanca in january 1943

24th January Roosevelt calls for ‘Unconditional Surrender’

why did roosevelt and churchill meet at casablanca in january 1943

Casablanca Conference, (January 12–23, ), meeting during World War II in U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Both the announcement and the policy of unconditional surrender were. The Casablanca Conference was held in January , and saw Pres. Franklin Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill met during World Arriving in Morocco, both leaders were quickly whisked to the Anfa Hotel. Now that the United States and Britain had a toehold in North Africa thanks to the success of From January 14 to 24, , Roosevelt, Churchill, and Anglo- American military planners met in Casablanca to hash out their.

14th January Churchill and Roosevelt meet at Casablanca

After a brief stop and refueling, they began the most dangerous leg of the journey — miles over the Atlantic Ocean. Any mechanical failure over the open ocean would be a deadly disaster.

Strong head winds and turbulence forced the pilots to fly low, between 1, and 3, feet. After a grueling 19 hours they finally saw the African coast, and at 4: The President insisted on seeing the local area, and boarded a small motorboat. The Presidential party dined aboard the USS Memphis and the next morning boarded two C transport planes for the final 1, miles to Morocco. They finally landed in Casablanca at 5: Casablanca was well within the range of German bombers, so secrecy was a top priority.

Churchill and Roosevelt meet at Casablanca

Colonel Elliot Roosevelt met his father when he arrived, but even he had not been told why he was going to Morocco. The presidential party made its way to the Anfa Hotel where the conference would take place. The guest book reveals the names of some of the attendees: That evening the British and American leaders had dinner, and FDR and Churchill stayed up until 3am discussing strategy, drinking and smoking like long lost friends.

The Red Army was suffering tremendous casualties as they fought to defend Moscow, Stalingrad and Leningrad from a ferocious German assault.

why did roosevelt and churchill meet at casablanca in january 1943

Nearly four million German troops and thousands of tanks were deep within Russia and Stalin was insistent that the British and Americans launch a cross channel invasion to draw off some of the Nazi war machine that was devouring Russia.

The British and American military leaders had been at odds for more than a year about when they should invade France. Some of the Americans wanted to focus on the war in the Pacific against the Japanese. The German submarine attacks had made it very difficult to supply Britain and the Soviet Union with all of the supplies they needed.

  • Roosevelt calls for ‘Unconditional Surrender’
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Now that the war in Africa was moving toward a conclusion, it was essential that the Allies develop a clear plan for victory. The meetings went on for ten days, and tempers flared on more than one occasion.

Adding to the complexity was the role of the French, who had initially fought the Americans when they came ashore in Morocco. One British general noted that they hated each other more than they hated the Germans. This was the first time since the Civil War that an American president had been in a battle zone and FDR was determined to review the troops, despite the objections of the Secret Service.

why did roosevelt and churchill meet at casablanca in january 1943

The battle of Morocco had ended just two months earlier, and hundreds of thousands of American troops were now coming ashore and heading into battle in Tunisia. But none of them knew their Commander in Chief was in their midst.

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On January 18th President Roosevelt reviewed the 30th Infantry Battalion near Casablanca, and on the 21st he traveled up the coast to Rabat, where some of the fiercest fighting had taken place, to review the 3rd Infantry Division. The president visited the new military cemetery at Mehdia, and had lunch with Harry Hopkins, Gen. Patton and his troops. FDR ate standard army rations from a mess kit: It was an opulent affair, with the traditional exchange of state gifts. In this case a jewel encrusted tiara and a magnificent ceremonial sword.

Finally on January 24th the conference came to an end. About 40 British and American war correspondents were flown in from Algiers and Tunisia.

why did roosevelt and churchill meet at casablanca in january 1943

They were not told why they were going, and were stunned to find out that the President, the Prime Minister and their combined Chiefs of Staffs and military leaders had been in North Africa for more than a week. FDR demonstrated once again his genius in using the media to tell the story he wanted told.

FDR — with Winston Churchill at Casablanca, seated on lawn It was a beautiful day, the Moroccan skies a deep clear blue as the North African sun blazed brightly overhead. He then proposed that 30 per cent of the war effort should be directed to the Pacific and 70 per cent to the rest.

Allied Leaders at Casablanca: The Story Behind a Famous WWII Photo Shoot

We pointed out that this was hardly a scientific way of approaching war strategy! After considerable argument we got them to agree to our detailing the Combined Planners to examine and report on the minimum holding operations required in the Pacific and forces necessary for that action.

We broke up the meeting at about 5 pm, had tea, and then had a meeting with our joint Planners to instruct them on the line of action to take. I then went for a walk with John Kennedy to the beach to look for birds.

Returned to find invitation to dine with the President who had arrived that afternoon.

why did roosevelt and churchill meet at casablanca in january 1943

King became nicely lit up towards the end of the evening. As a result he got more and more pompous, and with a thick voice and many gesticulations explained to the President the best way to organize the Political French organization for control of North Africa!

why did roosevelt and churchill meet at casablanca in january 1943

This led to many arguments with PM who failed to appreciate fully the condition King was in! Most amusing to watch. The PM and President in that light and surroundings would have made a wonderful picture.

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