Usopp and yasopp meet the press

Usopp and Yasopp

usopp and yasopp meet the press

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Twenty years ago, Yasopp had the same tight curls and black hair as Usopp, and in Yasopp first met Shanks in Syrup Village two years after Gol D. Roger's. Yasopp left when Usopp was a kid and Usopp's mother died while he was still young. Will Usopp as a member of the Strawhat Pirates meet his.

okay your going to need this:

Literally every other guard in the entire prison would be curb stomped. Can I call this a Plot Hole yet? And you don't think that Impel Down would be able to get a call for help off, or that Marine HQ wouldn't do something about an assault? Remember that the reason they had to deal with Luffy's jailbreak on their own was because Marine HQ was bracing for an assault from Whitebeard.

If Whitebeard shows up at Impel Down, that frees up Marine HQ's forces, and those forces include the Admirals, at least one of which Kizaru could make it to Impel Down in very short order. The Impel Down Guards might not be enough to stop Whitebeard and company, but Impel Down is a big place, and they could slow them down enough to allow the Admirals to arrive, and a fight between them and the Whitebeard Pirates in Impel Down would not bode well for the structure.

It's just too risky for Whitebeard to try to attack Impel Down. It would still take them quite a while to arrive. And I'm not sure if Kizaru can just fly there despite being light, since when he had to go to Shabondy he was seen traveling by ship.

Even if he could, he alone can't take on the Whitebeard Pirates. I mean, sure, the Navy would respond in full force but you have to keep in mind that they prepared for the attack withsoldiers and practically every elite they had as well as a whole range of P Xes.

There's no way they could have moved everybody all the way to Impel Down so quickly. Aside from giving Whitebeard the advantage in time, it probably would have worked out in his favor since his force was vastly outnumbered to begin with.

But even if they'd sink all of Impel Down as soon as he shows up there, it still doesn't really explain why he didn't try to attack the escort ship. That would have been easy. In response to the news, 23 Marine ships were instantly destroyed, before the Moby Dick started to move. If Whitebeard headed for Impel Down, he would've likely easily annihilated the marine fleet awaiting the transfer of Portgas D.

There's also the point that despite not knowing exactly where Ace is held, given time, it's possible that any of the commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates, let alone Whitebeard would locate Ace and escape with him. So, what was the problem? Well, as I stated earlier, Luffy and Hancock went off to Impel Down with six days left until the date of Ace's execution. This journey took nearly five days from Amazon Lily, which is in the Calm Belt. Considering it took that long to get to Impel Down from Amazon Lily in a Marine ship, which is a relatively close distance, imagine how long it would take for Whitebeard and his crew to get from the New World, likely the farther parts of the New World to Impel Down.

The journey would be pointless became Ace would've been transferred to Marineford already, with the execution already underway.

Not to mention, the key to the success of Luffy's, and later Blackbeard's break-in of Impel Down was they took a Marine ship, thus catching the element of surprise.

Even with the power of the Whitebeard Pirates means nothing with the Gates of Justice aren't opened for incoming pirates to Impel Down, effectively trapping them in the Tarai Current. Although, Sengoku seemed to think that this factor was somewhat irrelevant when he ordered the Marines to be on high alert around the Impel Down post. Possibly for good reason as Whiebeard is a quake-man.

Maybe if they attack Impel Down, not only would they be expecting them, but it may be enough time for the most powerful Marine forces to battle them there. I mean, even the distance between Marineford and Impel Down took nearly two hours on a Marine ship.

The entire incident with Luffy breaking in and releasing prisoners took place in a total of 29 hours, due to, of course, the might of the Impel Down staff, in particular Magellan. As strong as the Whitebeard Pirates are, I seriously doubt they can even so much as break-in Impel Down without a Marine ship, let alone go inside Impel Down and locate Ace, and break him out within two hours, perhaps less, until the higher-tier Marines, especially the Admirals arrive there, maybe on better Marine warships; and something of a war already takes place there, as opposed to Marineford.

While I said that they could find Ace with time earlier, time is exactly what they don't have. The journey takes too long, and would be pointless. They would get immediately noticed by the Marines they destroyed all the Marine ships they could've hijacked, rememberand possibly stuck in the Tarai Current.

They wouln't be be able to find Ace and escape less than two hours, even if they manage to defeat all of the Impel Down staff, without a mini-war taking place there as the powerful Marine soldiers would soon arrive on the scene.

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Even Luffy's mission in Impel Down was a partial failure. That's why the war took place in Marineford instead. Consider this from the WB pirate perspective Magellan's Venom Demon represented a lethal threat to all of the key members of the WB pirates except Marco presumably and Whitebeard assuming he could keep his distance and not accidentally destroy the place.

Faced with the Whitebeards, Magellan wouldn't hold back.

usopp and yasopp meet the press

He'd wait for them to get just deep enough, then Venom Demon his way through their forces until two or three Admirals showed up. Magellan is normally restricted to Impel Down, but is easily a world class combatant, equivalent, if not equal, to the Admirals.

Why invite that disaster on yourself? At Marineford, Ace was basically on display. A lot easier to rescue than tucked away in a dungeon. Plus, if Ace comes into contact with water while the WBs are breaking the walls of Impel Down — especially with those shackles on — he's boned. And then there's the factor of all the ridiculously powerful pirates locked up in the same level as Ace that hate WB's guts.

And then there is the possiblity that the marines simply decide to blow impel down up when the WB pirates enter and cannot be stopped. Do you seriously think they never thought of rigging that place with explosives?

Not that it would be neccesary if marco, jozu, ace, whitebeard, vista etc. No matter how careful, sooner or later somebody is going to break something, and everyone inside dies, devil fruit or not.

usopp and yasopp meet the press

Something that needs to be considered is the public aspect as well. When Ace is at Marineford, he's out in the open and exposed to the world. News crews are filming and broadcasting the whole event.

If Whitebeard tries to storm Impel Down, one of the guards can just slit Ace's throat under the pretext of preventing an escape.

It's not like they could hold back the World's Strongest Man and Ace is a criminal on death row anyway so who cares if it wasn't done properly? But at Marineford, Ace is surrounded by the Marine's elites, their cream of the crop.

Seigi no usotsuki? Kyaputen Usoppu

If they kill Ace ahead of schedule in that situation, they are admitting to the world their greatest forces aren't enough to stop Whitebeard. In essence, they would be declaring a pirate to be stronger than the World Government.

So, with the idea that they have to play by the rules, if you will, at Marineford, Whitebeard attacks there rather than risk Ace just getting offed by someone when he goes to save him. What he didn't expect was Sengoku forcibly deactivating the cameras at Marineford and stepping up the execution time.

Remember Sengoku declaring that the Marines will tell the world only that they won after the fact? And how furious he was when Buggy kept another camera running? He didn't want the public to know anything about what happened during the war because the Marines are, in a sense, cheating. You attack Impel Down. Not only do you have to contend with all the staff from the prison, but by the time you get to the bottom, it's very likely a huge marine force has arrived from headquarters and you've got to fight all the way back up to get to the single exit.

You probably can't free prisoners like Luffy did, since many of them probably have grudges against Whitebeard, and trying to escape through the single exit while against the full force of the navy is like shooting fish in a barrel for them.

I think another problem of going to Impel Down are the pirates. WB pirates are powerful people, and powerful people make lots of enemies. Getting down to Ace means having to not only fight all the marines and guards, but also every freaking pirate that has a grudge against WB. At level six that is practically more frightening than the entire marine forces. An entire army of people who are roughly lower Warlord level.

Luffy didn't even qualify to go down to the sixth level with his power, and he "beat" Moria. The monsters on level six would be reason enough not to attack Impel Down. Nami's backstory drives me crazy.

So, okay, everyone has to pay a Arlong a ransom. And Nami can buy the whole island for , So, judging from the attack on Arlong Park, there are about adults in Nami's village.

Doesn't seem like a very good deal for Arlong, does it? Putting aside the obvious question of how a stranded village can afford these taxes because we have no idea about the value of money in the One Piece world— Fan Wank suggests that it's similar to the Yen, but that just raises more questions than it answersit took Nami eight years to gather what her village can routinely pay in only ten months.

In those eight years, this one, tiny little village paid , B to Arlong! Kinda makes Luffy's little bounty seem like a joke. And don't say, "Oh, Arlong was never planning on going along with it," etc. The one thing Nami knows best is money. Word of God states that she's one of the smartest people in the East Blue. She wouldn't be able to tell that this is a ridiculous deal? I don't buy it. What about Bellemere's death?

Oh, everyone in the village loves Bellemere, they love Nami, they love Nojiko, it's so good to see those kids grow up, blah blah blah. Even before Arlong's invasion, it seemed to be common knowledge that Bellemere's family was having a hard time staying afloat, but there's no charity—just endless dinners made entirely out of tangerines.

Everyone in the village gave all the money they had and distributed it equally, it just happened they were ,B short. If they could pay for her, they would've. Wait, so, you're saying that the entire life savings of every person in the village is equivalent to the amount that they had to pay every month thereafter? And, anyway, you're wrong!

That "equal distribution" thing you mention never happens. Genzo even asks Bellemere if she has the money, and she says that she only has ,B. He did NOT say, "Hey, we pooled all our money together, and it just so happens that we don't have enough for you and your kids—what've you got? That scene wasn't showing that they all gathered their cash to pay for everyone in the village.

And even if your theory WAS true, Bellemere still pointlessly admits she has kids, without even knowing that they're around to see her empty gesture they were hiding and they don't cry out until after it's clear that Bellemere is about to be shot.

Nami's backstory is full of stuff like that—nonsensical actions that utterly fail to disguise paper-thin faux-tragedies. One possibility is that Bellemere wasn't the only person who couldn't pay, but had the potential advantage of being outside the village, and thus any spare money had to cover the ones who were in town.

Genzo most likely hoped the fishmen wouldn't notice her house, but this was thwarted when the fishmen spotted the smoke.

As for Nojiko and Nami, there were only three choices for them; 1 Send them out to sea which failed because the boats had been sunk2 Leave them on the island and let them possibly get killed for not paying or 3 Pay for them at the expense of Bellemere's own fee. Bellemere clearly can't accept 2but it's unclear whether she knew about 1 or that it wasn't an option. Kuroobi counts the money, and gets roughly 25 million Berries on the first collection, which would indicate at least people lived in the village.

It's hard to imagine how the villagers would pay that amount of money each month, much less eight years, especially considering that it's flowing out of the village economy.

Nami's hometown, never mind the entire island, isn't exactly a gold-mine town, just from the looks of it. The residents would certainly have enough of an economy to take care of their basic daily needs and transact regular business and all that, but all that got shot to hell once Arlong and his gang arrived. And Arlong KNEW from the outset that it would be hard as nails for the villagers to come up with the monthly stipulated amount.

Which causes one to wonder if there were any extended families, i. Arlong DID say the money was rent for them to keep their lives, after all The deal wasn't for money really. It was so Nami would have a reason to willingly serve Arlong and in that regard it succeded marvelously right up until Nami's former crew members showed up. There's also a certain level of diminishing returns Arlong would have to deal with because there is only so much money people can make in a month.

Unless Nami paid the difference over time which she likely would not do without hope anyways the population would either be rapidly dropping or he did not get the , a year and simply let some people get away with not paying their full taxes because something is better than nothing, and honestly the villagers would be a lot less cooropertive without the deal anyways which would mean a faster diminishing returns. The thing with Bellemere's death is that Arlong is really big on people needing money to be important.

He declares that those without money will die when he takes over the village. It's not much of a stretch to assume he wouldn't allow "parasites" to live, so the villagers might not have been able to cover for Bellemere even if they wanted to.

When Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp arrive, there were houses literally turned upside down, and entire neighborhoods had large trenches dug through the middle of the street where homes used to be. This implies that Arlong and co.

This is a minor one that I don't even think we can answer yet based on the manga, but what would happen to a Devil's Fruit if it were submerged in water? I ask because I saw the "fish eating the Hito Hito no Mi" and wondered how the fruit would even reach a fish. Nothing relevant to the fruit's power happens when it is adrift. In fact I recall that the Yami Yami no Mi Blackbeard's fruit was found while a crewmate - both then on Whitebeard's boat - fished it out of the ocean.

Seawater prevents fruit users for using their powers, and drains their strengh. Why doesn't Smoker use smoke more lethally? Just push it into someone and they will suffocate. One breath of smoke that thick could leave permanent lung damage and easily take someone out. Probably for the same reason why the other Logia users like Crocodile and Ace don't; because it would make them grossly overpowered and boring to boot.

He probably could do something like Gedatsu's swamp attack, but why would he? Smoker's not the type to kill someone who he could restrain, and the only people he can't restrain are logia and haki users, who probably wouldn't be vulnerable to a suffocation attack anyway. And for Logias, he's got his seastone jitte, and his crew has seastone nets, so he's got ways to restrain them as well. And even most haki users are probably not the equal of the likes Hancock and her Warlord of the Sea-class fighting power and King's haki, so he could probably restrain them as well.

Besides, he's had all of what, 4? With the appearance of Caesar Clown who did precisely thatwe have an answer: Smoker can only control smoke, not oxygen. Smoke suffocates because in reality smoke almost always accompany a reduce in oxygen, but Smoker's DF ability is to generate smoke without reducing the oxygen in the air, thus it is likely that Smoker cannot suffocate people this way.

Cause of death from smoke inhalation is not lack of oxygen well it would be but by the time it becomes a factor you are already dead but poisoning from combustion gases like carbon monoxide combined with thermal damage to respiratory system caused by those gases being hot.

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He should still be able to fill his enemy's lungs with smoke, not letting room for oxygen. He's tough, but he's not a murderer. He'd likely only resort to lethal force as an absolute last ditch effort to protect an innocent, otherwise he'll do his best to bring them in alive to face justice. Actually, he was perfectly happy to let the Buggy Pirates and the Strawhats butcher each other and then send his men in to arrest the survivors; that's a level of Unscrupulous Hero you usually wouldn't see even from the likes of Judge Dredd or Dirty Harry unless they were genuinely outgunned, which Smoker definitely wasn't in Chapter he basically captures the entire Buggy crew by himself.

Boa's behavior bugs me right now. At first, her love for Luffy was extremely cute and endearing and a good direction for her character, IMO. Right now, she's practically advertising to a bunch of people that she's protecting Luffy. Just tell all those marine members that you're fighting against them. This would be the same Boa Hancock who is introduced turning Vice-Admiral Momonga's entire crew to stone and stealing all their treasure for attempting to summon her to Marineford, right?

Because in all honesty, Boa has never been loyal to the Marines and in fact has good cause to not be loyal to them. Plus, no matter what the final outcome of the battle is, the marines will be stretched so thin that they won't have anywhere near the manpower needed to take Amazon Lily. Okay, I feel better now. Don't worry, she will always be forgiven. Because she is beautiful. Beauty jokes aside, the real reason Boa wasn't arrested for what she did was because the World Government had way too many things on their hands to really be concerned with what one Warlord was doing.

As notorious as the Warlords normally are, they are not Whitebeard or Marcoso at that point, for once, The World Government just didn't care. Any DF user that eats another DF will die because the two fruits will react against one another and destroy the DF user. The question is probably if the Yomi Yomi no Mi would bring the DF user back and if he would still have his old powers after that. The answer is probably "no", but I guess only Oda knows.

Or not even him, if he haven't thought on that. The user's body would probably be destroyed, leaving the soul no place to return. Brook died from being poisoned, so his body was still intact albeit a skeleton. If he had been dismembered or incinerated, he most likely wouldn't have been able to move his body, and if he'd fallen into the ocean, he would have drowned as soon as he returned Rather related to this: What happens if 2 people find some Whatever Whatever no Mi and decided to split it between them Whoever eats first gets the power alone.

And a single bite of the fruit is enough. But what if they both eat it at the exact same time? Then whoever managed to disgest it ever so slightly faster would have it. Blackbeard killed Thatch and defected from the Whitebeard Pirates several months before the events of OP, prompting Ace to go after him.

So how did Ace get Luffy's wanted poster to proudly show Whitebeard since Luffy got his first bounty about a month to be generous before he went to Drum? The Blackbeard pirates had by then already sacked Drum, which meant that by that time Blackbeard had already left the Whitebeard pirates and Ace had gone after him and had already visited Drum a few weeks before Luffy and his crew arrived.

usopp and yasopp meet the press

Travel time between islands seems to be vague. The time they spend sailing between any of the islands could easily be months. And do we have a definite time for when Blackbeard sacked Drum Kingdom? It seemed to be fairly recently before Luffy arrived there, considering that King Whats-his-name was still hiding outside his kingdom. And there's no indication that Blackbeard defected in the months before One Piece started. He could have easily done that sometime between the Arlong arc and the point where they arrived at Reverse Mountain to enter the Grand Line.

It's probably since I haven't re-read the older chapters recently but when did Ace show Whitebeard Luffy's wanted poster? I don't remember that Ace was searching for Blackbeard. Let's say he was last spotted in the New World, Ace is searching around. Whitebeard hears that Ace is near the island, goes to visit. Ace shares the bounty, gets word Teach attacked Drum Island, heads off there.

Why is the World Government stupid enough to go to war with Whitebeard? An all out war of that scale will have massive casualties for both sides and with three out of Four Emperors remaining, the Marines can't possibly take another fight if they manage to defeat Whitebeard. Because Ace is the son of the former pirate king, Gol.

Roger, and thus the apparent heir to the pirate king. Thus, he can be seen as a symbol of the future of the pirate era which was established by the dying words of Gol. Roger, and which the Wolrd Government is desperately trying to destroy. However, if they simply quickly execute Ace, than Whitebeard will come in and go into an all out war in order to destroy the World government.

However, by announcing it, they basically make a public announcement about it, so in as to draw in Whitebeard. Thus, instead of Whitebeard going to war and trying to destroy the Marines, it is instead a rescue mission to save Ace.

At this point, when Whitebeard shows up, he has to hold back a bit in order to not kill Ace as well, as rescue missions are generally alot more difficult than simply destroy missions. Thus, this is probably the best chance the Marines have of killing two birds with one stone. If they succeed, they will have essentially destroyed a great deal of the pirate era's current strength whitebeardand future potential strength Ace. Whitebeard could have destroyed Marineford with a massive tidal wave, just like he tried at the start of the battle.

But they also announced it so they'd know when he would come. Can't just havemen standing around there day and night waiting for an attack. Also, by handing over Ace, Blackbeard essentially forced their hand. If Blackbeard handed him over publicly enough which he probably didthey would be forced to choose between executing Ace thus starting a war with Whitebeard or letting Ace go which would have caused a massive blow to the world government's reputation — and we know how much the WG cares about their reputation.

The plan they went with gave them a shot at the best possible outcome for that scenario, from their perspective. Also, they wanted to get rid of Whitebeard anyway, and that would be easier on their terms i.

The fallout from the war is proof of that. The WG believed that killing Gold Rogers living son would be a big enough blow to cripple the age of pirates. Bringing down Whitebeard would be the last nail in the coffin and end the pirate's age. But then Whitebeard got his Thanatos on, his turf practically exploded when he died, and Blackbeard played everyone for chumps.

Usopp says in the Thriller Bark Arc that no two Devil's Fruits that grant the same power, yet Blackbeard said he knew that the Yami Yami no Mi was the Devil's Fruit he'd been searching for because he saw it's illustration and description in a book full of Devil's Fruit illustrations and descriptions.

How is that possible? That was actually brought up in an SBS. Oda said to read that as "A Devil Fruit's power cannot be possessed by two people at the same time. They have to have been used before; Sanji mentions reading a book about them and their effects, which was how he knew about the Suke Suke no Mi Absalom's Devil Fruit. This was confirmed in a recent chapter, in which Smiley died and its Devil Fruit regenerated in a nearby apple.

Exactly what is Sanji going to train himself towards? It bugs me because Sanji is repeatedly put in the same league as Luffy and Zoro, yet he doesn't seem to really have a benchmark for his strength.

Of course he does. Which is why he is slightly weaker than him, since Zoro is training for Mihawk and Sanji is training to keep up with Zoro. Because to get to that sea, Sanji needs to travel through the most dangerous sea in the world, which is inhabited by the most powerful people in the world.

He still doesn't have a benchmark like Luffy and Zoro. How else is he going catch the monster giant fish? The fish with which a fishing rod probably won't be able to do much good. He might not have a specific, active fighter to use as a benchmark, but his goal isn't simple strength. Neither he, nor Luffy have mere strength as a goal: Sanji's a chef, and Luffy wants to be the Pirate King not necessacarily the strongest man on earth.

He's still the second-strongest member of the absurdly powerful Straw Hat crew and is able to go toe to to with both of the ones above him. You honestly believe that Sanji isn't training himself for something?

Remember, Sanji is a chef - an ass-kicking badass normal pirate chef - but a chef none the less. And what do all chefs do? They cook of course! He has a reason for wanting to find the Great Blue and catch all those fish: So anytime he's cooking away in the kitchens, he's essentially continuing to improve his skills as a chef. And with a captain that as a Bottomless Pit of an appetite like Luffy, he's never short on practice. Sure, it doesn't emphasise on physical strength, but why does he need to aspire for something that requires muscle when he has an actual talent at something productive?

It fits well into his character as being someone who "loves to cook" and avoids getting his hands dirty I only mean literately; he has no problem in doing the dirty work himself metaphorical in any sense.

How did Luffy have Shanks's hat already when he was dumped off by Garp? You mean in the latest chapter? So Luffy and Ace originally met when Luffy was 7 and Ace was How on earth did Dragon's identity stay hidden so long? Garp very casually revealed it in front of his entire brigade and Luffy's friends, and then only absently realized that he probably shouldn't have revealed that fact in front of so many people! Seriously, does Dragon employ Amnesia Dust or is he just incredibly lucky?

You know how Luffy never even mentioned he had a brother until he showed up? I feel like that's the way Garp handled talking about his family with his subordinates. Garp and Luffy have really similar personalities.

I think Dragon is more responsible than that though. Iva seemed relatively close to the guy after all, and even questioned him about where he came from, and he still didn't mention having kids.

Everybody knows who Dragon is. They don't know that Luffy is Dragon's son. One of Garp's mooks mentioned that this was the first time he heard Dragon's full name, Monkey D. And Garp's men are equally shocked that Dragon is the son of their superior. In fact, even Dragon's men don't seem to know his true identity as Dragon passes over Luffy's bounty poster and his subordinate begins to give him Luffy's profile, evidently unaware that Dragon already knew him.

Or more like, knew OF him. As not even Luffy knew his father's identity, it's rather obvious that they haven't met, at least not when Luffy was old enough to remember. It's quite a bit like Usopp and Yasopp, except Banchina didn't hide Yasopp's identity. So didn't they once say that anyone in Marine HQ is about the equivalent of someone three ranks higher anywhere else? Wouldn't this mean that Coby and Helmeppo, both coming from HQ, are in reality around lieutenant rank? The titles that they were given in the manga were "Sergeant Major" and "Sergeant" which is below Lieutenant rank but above the average Mook.

I am aware of this. But since they are from the HQ, this is their ranks by HQ standards, which is three ranks lower than they would have everywhere else. They said that strenght, skills etc. If you go south from Roguetown, through the calm belt which at least the Marine has the ability to easily dowouldn't you get straight to Raftel? You have to go the long way.

Marines have some degree of advantage because of upgrades to their ships. Boa Hancock likewise has a ship driven by Yuda, creatures even the Sea Kings are scared of. There must be something that prevents you from getting to Raftel, then. Chapter goes into it a bit more there are four poneglyph that together reveal the location of Raftel. Don't the maps show a ring of land along the "prime meridian" equivalent? The hemisphere we've seen has Reverse Mountain blocking the sea route from Rogue Town.

That and they can't find islands like that in One Piece. Remember on Jaya Island they had to get a 'bird' that always faces south since regular compasses don't work in the grand line, and without the log pose guiding you from one island to the next, you'll end up completely lost.

Of course there are Eternal poses that always point to specific islands, but those are normally made by the World Government after they've discovered an island.

Guess which one isn't on the list. Also, we don't really know anything about Raftel. We don't know how big the ocean is, or how far apart islands are.

usopp and yasopp meet the press

And, about the Marine ships, though they can travel through the Calm Belt, that's a big secret remember the phony newspaper article that showed Helmeppo and Coby crying as they supposedly went down Reverse Mountain? Rogers had offered to tell Whitebeard "the way" to Raftel, implying there's some trick you have to know to get there.

First, finding a small island in the calm sea without knowing its exact location is already no easy task. In OP world, you may use people with flying or scrying abilities, but still. Second - and more important - there seem to exist some nasty "metric tricks" on the Grand Line think about it: Given that the Strawhats' journey has taken them to islands that move Thiller Bark, Zouislands in the sky, and islands that are deep underwater, it's a very real possibility that Raftel isn't simply a regular unmoving island on the surface of the sea.

Why are so many characters in One Piece gigantic? These guys have been eating their greens. Largely I think it's just Oda's sense of design, but if you want to look for an in-canon excuse, the best I could give you is that they've somehow got giant genes somewhere in thir historyy since there are, y'know, actual GIANTS in the series.

Because there's no romance in One Piecethat means sex doesn't exist in this universe! Oh, I'm pretty sure it does; otherwise, what are Sanji and Brook always getting so excited about when the girlies are half naked. XP Sex and romance are two different things.

Sex is the act of sexual reproduction. Romance is a lot more complicated than that. Wait, then what did Shakky mean when she said Raleigh was 'looking for women'?

Word of God says there's no romance for the Straw Hat Pirates. I thought he was cynical Luffy lampshades this in the Jaya arc by wondering why everyone on that island is so big. It may just be the norm for Grand Line inhabinants.

Laboon was once a normal sized baby whale before he became the biggest whale ever, Franky, Brook, and even Chopper's human form and pretty tall, Amazon Lily isn't helping at ALL, Little Garden even LESS, giants are in huge abundance, heck, even Robin is one of the taller females in the series, and she wasn't even born in the Grand Line. And let's not even get started on Luffy. Training could also explain it. These guys are all tough characters to fight, so it stands to reason that they've trained for years to become some of the most dangerous pirates around.

Of course training for so long would get you pumped in size, however as this is manga, the size must be exaggerated just to show how really strong these guys are just by looking at them. Even in real life, body builders tend to be large and built, just not to the extremes as what the manga any manga in fact shows.

Body builders aren't 3 times as tall as the average person. No matter how much you lift, there's only so mch that you can change about your skeletal structure. There is nothing to obstruct the Marines from seeing Usopp who has the mask off.

The distance between Usopp and where Luffy and Lucci is, is the same or maybe a little more distance between Usopp and the Marines. So if a downed Luffy can see and hear Usopp, surely the Marines can too.

The interesting thing is on pg. The Marines have several factors to how they decide if a pirate is dangerous, not just strength. One of those is the ability to inspire others. And there they see Usopp was able to inspire Luffy to gather his remaining strength to finish a fight against someone the Marines know is strong.

Again he had no mask on at the time. If no one got a picture, then they could have created a composite drawing like they did with Sanji. His title is Photography Captain. Since the Grand Line has the greatest amount of pirates, stands to reason that they would have several members of the photography division to handle the work load.

So we see there that Attach is not the only person capable of taking photos.