The flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone greek names

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the flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone greek names

The Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas vintage book 90s nostalgia terrible ironic hipster horrible hilarious . The Flintstones: Meet Rockula and Frankenstone VHS. The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone is a animated Halloween television special featuring characters from The Flintstones franchise. Wilma's maiden name is the subject of a continuity error. The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone is a animated Halloween . [1] Her paternal grandparents were Greek immigrants from Salonika who anglicized their surname.

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As Fred raises the statuette to strike, both Rockula and Frankenstone fall through the trapdoor, and the Flintstones and Rubbles escape and return to Bedrock. Wilma invites Betty and Barney to stay for dinner and leaves the three of them in the living room while she goes into the kitchen to cook. Unbeknownst to them, Rockula has flown in the form of a bat all the way from Rocksylvania to Bedrock. Flying through the kitchen window, he begs Wilma to marry him, promising her a life of luxury if she agrees.

Winking at Fred, Barney and Betty watching surreptitiously from the doorwayWilma agrees to consider marrying Rockula, then immediately begins nagging him about chores, upkeep of the house, and his bad habits. Aghast, Rockula apparently forgetting that most chores would be left to the servants changes back into a bat and flies off, claiming to need another years of rest.

Barney laughs and lauds Wilma for defeating Rockula by telling him "the real truth about married life". Rockula and Frankenstone[ edit ] Count Rockula: Having been asleep for five hundred years, Rockula is awoken by Frankenstone and sets out to clear his castle of the guests and take Wilma, whom he thinks is his bride, for himself, even if it means killing Fred.

Count Rockula also appears in the episodes "Blood Brothers" and "Fred and Barney Meet the Frankenstones" of The New Fred and Barney Show, again voiced by Stephenson, albeit in a completely different continuity because Rockula then has a bride, slightly different garments, and a pet werewolf despite having a fear for them in this movie.

Count Rockula's unfinished creation, awoken prematurely when lightning strikes the machinery in Rockula's lab. His only mission in life is to carry out Rockula's orders, primarily to keep werewolves away from Rockula, although his low IQ often leads him to find difficulty in accomplishing even the simplest of tasks in one particular scene, Frankenstone is ordered to search some barrels for Fred, and fails to notice Fred crouching right beside him.

Wilma Flintstone

Though he is friends with Fred and Barney and often joins them for events such as parties, he is often not impressed with Fred's antics at the quarry, and has fired him on many occasions, only to give him his job back at the end of the episode.

A running gag is his ever-changing first name, which has been presented as Sylvester, Nate, Oscar and George. The company is still in business two million years later and is being run by his descendant George Slate the Eighty-Thousandth.

Arnold is the Flintstones' paper boy, whom Fred absolutely despises, because he often, unintentionally, throws the newspaper at Fred's face. A running gag has Fred being outsmarted by Arnold. His parents are mentioned, but almost never seen. His mother has never been seen on screen, but her name is Doris and she is a friend of Wilma's and Betty's as evidenced in the episode "The Little Stranger", which originally aired on November 2, His name, however, is unknown.

Joe Rockhead is a mutual friend of Fred and Barney. Usually, when Fred and Barney have some kind of falling out, Fred mentions doing something such as going to a baseball game with Joe.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone

Joe was, at some point, chief of the Bedrock Volunteer Fire Department as shown on the episode "Arthur Quarry's Dance Class", which originally aired on January 13, His appearance varied throughout the run of the series, but his appearance in the episode "The Picnic", which originally aired on December 15,was the one most commonly used.

Pearl Slaghoople is Wilma's hard-to-please mother, who is constantly disapproving of Fred and his behavior.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone - The Resurrection Clip

Their disastrous first meeting was recounted in the episode "Bachelor Daze", which originally aired on March 5, They briefly reconciled in the episode "Mother-in-Law's Visit", which originally aired on February 1, That is, until, she found out that she became Fred's "nice fat pigeon" when he suckered her out of money he need to buy a baby crib for Pebbles.

He is actually from the future, and is quite dismayed when he realizes he has been sent back to "the Stone Age".

the flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone greek names

Gazoo appeared in the final season only. He constantly holds Fred's future inheritance over his head. Voice actors Edit Fred Flintstone physically resembles both the voice actor who played him, Alan Reedand Jackie Gleasonwhose series The Honeymooners was said to be an inspiration for The Flintstones.

Blanc was able to return to the series much sooner than expected, by virtue of a temporary recording studio for the entire cast set up at Blanc's bedside.

the flintstones meet rockula and frankenstone greek names

It should be noted, however, Blanc's portrayal of Barney had changed considerably after the accident. In the earliest episodes, Blanc had used a much higher pitch to the point of portraying Barney as a smart-aleck.

After his recovery from the accident, Blanc used a deeper voice, quite similar to the voice of the Abominable Snowman he performed in other cartoons, and was shown as somewhat dopier than before. Additional similarities with The Honeymooners included the fact that Reed based Fred's voice upon Gleason's interpretation of Ralph Kramdenwhile Blanc, after a season of using a nasal, high-pitched voice for Barney, eventually adopted a style of voice similar to that used by Art Carney in his portrayal of Ed Norton.