Supernatural dean and sam meet chuck

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supernatural dean and sam meet chuck

May 4, "Supernatural" Season 11 Episode 20 recap: Chuck reveals that he is God. Dean and Sam marvel as all the dead and infected regain. God, initially known to Sam and Dean as Chuck Shurley, is a powerful for Sam and Dean, who later learn from Metatron that God had, before meeting them. May 10, After years of unanswered prayers, Supernatural's Dean and Sam are finally in the presence of God — and all it took was yelling at the sky.

He gave the Mark to his most trusted son and lieutenant, Luciferto guard. He did not want to kill her as she needed to exist alongside him, thus why he locked her away instead, as Light and Dark must exist together to maintain the fabric of reality.

supernatural dean and sam meet chuck

He then selected Metatron to take down his word in various tablets. According to Metatron, God personally assigned Gadreel to protect his cherished creations in the "garden".

supernatural dean and sam meet chuck

He then asked all the angels to bow down to humans and present more compassion toward them than to him. Lucifer, however, disobeyed his order and rebelled. God ordered Michael to cast Lucifer into Hell, creating a cage to hold him and making it impossible for the archangel to escape, save for the 66 Sealsrings of the Horsemenor a powerful spell that would allow him to possess a vessel.

God then had Gadreel locked away in the Heaven's dungeon for his failure, and left Heaven out of sheer disappointment in his creations. Wanting a front row seat to things, God masqueraded himself as a Prophet and hid his true power from every one and took up the identity of the author of the not-so-popular book series " Supernatural ".

Season 4 Chuck writing the Winchester Gospel. They then find out from Sera Siege that Chuck is writing his next book and go to see him - when they introduce themselves as Sam and Dean. Chuck immediately shuts the door on them, thinking they were just fans who needed a "life".

The Winchesters demanded to learn how Chuck knows about their lives, eventually convincing him who they were when they tell him their last names, something he had never told anyone. Chuck then begins to apologize for what they've been through, believing himself to be a god who forced those things to happen to them; Dean and Sam eventually convince him otherwise, but are still unsure on how Chuck is tuned in to their lives. Chuck reveals that he had actually never stopped writing and just wrote himself into the story, and after getting a vision of Sam and Lilith, together, he calls the Winchesters and gives them the script of his latest unpublished book, which describes what he has seen of the upcoming Apocalypse.

Later, Sam calls Chuck to the motel to see if he knows about the demon blood, which Chuck confirms, telling Sam that the story looks like everything will rest on Sam's shoulders. After Dean's failed attempts to stop Chuck's story, he confronts Chuck about it, and ends up threatening him.

Castiel appears, stopping him, and tells Dean that Chuck is a prophet of the Lord - Chuck admits to dreaming about it, but hadn't thought it was real. Later, Dean goes to Castiel for help about Sam but he can't help though reveals to Dean that all prophets have archangels tied to them, giving Dean the idea of bringing Chuck to their motel room to stop Lilith and Sam.

Chuck refuses to get involved even using the fact that archangel will protect him from Dean but the latter again threatens him. When they arrive at the motel, Chuck's archangel, Raphaeldescends to protect him, forcing Lilith to flee.

After Sam and Dean leave, Chuck has a vision which he rushes to tell the boys but is stopped by Zachariah. Chuck finished his manuscript page of " - Lucifer Rising", and is seen ordering some girls for the night on the phone.

supernatural dean and sam meet chuck

He hangs up when he sees Castiel and Dean popping into his houseand is shocked, as he hadn't foreseen what was happening. Dean looks over the story for Sam's location and discovers he's at St. Mary's Convent; Chuck tells them this is not what's supposed to happen and is told they're making it up as they go.

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Raphael then arrives, forcing Castiel to send Dean alone to stop Sam; as Castiel waits for the archangel to appear, Chuck sees his expression and puts his hand on Castiel's shoulder but removes it once Castiel glares at him. When Dean and Sam go to Chuck's house to find CastielChuck attacks Sam with a plunger; he is amazed to see that Sam is alright, as in his last vision, Sam went "full on Vader" and his eyes turned black like a demon. Dean then asks Chuck where Castiel is, and the prophet tells them that the archangel destroyed him.

While Dean and Sam are talking, Chuck interrupts them saying that he can hear the angels talk, and Zachariah and two other angels then teleport inside Chuck's home. Zachariah attempts to get Dean to come with them after explaining that they need to strike now before Lucifer finds his vessel, but Dean refuses and banishes the three angels using a blood seal.

Chuck reacts bitterly at what has befallen him. He tells her that everything in his books is real and that he needs her to give Dean and Sam a message since he is being watched. When Becky finds the brothers, she tells them that Chuck's message is that he had a vision that Michael 's sword is on Earth and that the angels lost it.

Sam asks if Chuck knew where it was, but Becky says it's in a castle on top of a hill made up of 42 dogs, which made no sense to them.

supernatural dean and sam meet chuck

Dean later figured out that Chuck was referring to a business card his father had for Castle Storage in upstate New York on 42 Rover Hill. When Zachariah has them in a trap, God resurrects Castiel to help them. Castiel hinted at God's involvement in his return and the Winchester's rescue from Lucifer both of which surprised Zachariah and caused him to retreat.

Joshua scares Zachariah into complying by using the threat of God's wrath when he returns to Heaven. We have a trinity here - Chuck, Kripke and God.

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Sam and Dean find out from the angel Joshua that God is on Earth. In the finale there is further foreshadowing of Chuck's true identity: When Dean calls Chuck, Chuck answers the phone "Mistress Magda," and we briefly see a newspaper ad for a blonde women in a bikini named "Miss Magda" on Chuck's desk before he puts his glass on it.

This may be a reference to Mary Magdalene who Jesus healed of demons. She then become a follower of his, and an early Christian leader. Another thing about Chuck's true identity is his visions. Chuck, after narrating the events that take place, finally appears dressed in white musing on the difficulty of getting endings right. This leads many to speculate that he is the supreme being.

Fans arguing against Chuck's divinity point primarily to the fact that Dean's amuletwhich Castiel says will "burn hot" in God's presence does not react when Dean and Chuck meet face to face in 4. He held off Raphael at Chuck's house while Dean went after Sam in 4.

Chuck Shurley

However, God is able to hide himself even from Angels as evidenced in 5. He explains that other members of the cast, as well as Eric Kripke himself had asked him how it felt to play God.

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