Simeon and anna meet jesus cartoon easter

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simeon and anna meet jesus cartoon easter

Simeon and Anna waited almost their whole lives to meet the promised rescuer. When they met Jesus, they rejoiced that God kept his promise!. Luke [21] On the eighth day, when it was time to circumcise him, he was named Jesus, the name the angel had given him before he had been. The Story Keepers is an animated Christian video series created by Andrew Melrose and Brian And so awaiting the day when their parents will return, Anna , Cyrus, Justin, and saved by a centurion with whom he has been sharing the story of Jesus' resurrection. Helena bar Simeon is Ben's sweet and soft-spoken wife.

Your class might enjoy our learning skit based on this same Bible passage. Simeon and Anna see the Savior Begin with prayer What are some things you wait for? Is there anything you are still waiting for? Are you asking God to do something and are waiting for Him to answer? Are you praying for someone you know to become a Christian and are waiting for that to happen?

Are you praying for God to heal someone you love and you are waiting for God to answer? Sometimes His answer is yes, no or wait.

simeon and anna meet jesus cartoon easter

The answer wait sometimes takes a few days, months or years but God will answer in His own timing. Many, many years before Jesus came to earth as a baby, God had given Moses laws for His people to obey. One of those laws was that any family who had a firstborn son had to take that son and have him dedicated at the temple.

To dedicate someone means to offer him to God. The parents of the firstborn son had to take an offering with them as they dedicated their son to God in the temple. The offering needed to be a lamb. Mary and Joseph loved and obeyed God so they knew that this baby, the Son of God was now 40 days old and it was time for Him to be dedicated to the Lord. Mary and Joseph began their travel from Bethlehem to Jerusalem. Meanwhile, in Jerusalem there is a man named Simeon.

Simeon was a man who loved God. He lived a life that pleased God. It says in Luke that the Holy Spirit was upon Simeon. Before Jesus died on the cross and rose again, the Holy Spirit came upon people. Today the moment a person believes in the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside that person.

This must have been an exciting promise to Simeon. At last God promised to send the Messiah. Was Jesus just another human being? Although he was truly human, he was also God with us. As someone who was truly human, he could share all our sorrows. Yet because he was truly God, he could save us from all our sins. I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all people.

Can we share it as the shepherds did? What promise did God make to Simeon? Did He keep it? What do we know about Anna? She was an old prophetess, a person who proclaims a message from God. What promises of God can you think of?

God promised to Noah that there would be no more floods; God promised to bless Abraham and make him the father of a great nation; God promised to always care for His people; God promised He would save His people; God promised Simeon and Anna they would see the promised Messiah before they died I wonder how Simeon and Anna knew to go to the Temple at the right time and knew Jesus was the baby they were looking for?

What do you think Mary thought? Send your Spirit upon us, so that we too may see your salvation. Thank you for your promises to us, especially your promise of salvation at Easter through your son born at Christmas. Help us to keep sight of this promised salvation throughout this hectic season. Books for sharing before and after class: Some are better than others. Look for ones with particularly attractive pictures or different ways of telling the story not just those written in King James English.

simeon and anna meet jesus cartoon easter

This story is not quite Biblically accurate, but it is great fun to imagine the innkeeper's reaction as a parade of visitors knock on his door, looking for the baby.

Families are separated, children left homeless, as thousands are sold into slavery or thrown to the lions. Escaping the panic of the fire, and dodging the advancing soldiers, a group of children find shelter in the gentle care of Ben and Helena; a local baker, and his wife.

Here the children discover an amazing secret network of daring men and women, who risk their lives to help one another, and to tell the stories of the great storyteller, the one called Jesus. And so awaiting the day when their parents will return, Anna, Cyrus, Justin, and Marcus, embark on an adventure of a lifetime, together with Ben, Helena, and their friends, in the Christian underground.

To keep the stories of Jesus alive. This is their story. They are the Storykeepers! He grew up in Galileewhere as a boy he watched as Jesus use his lunch in the feeding of the 5, He and his wife Helena foster four children who were separated from their parents in the infamous fire of July 18, 64 AD. At first, Ben's church remains a well-kept secret, and he even achieves the status of Caesar's official baker, [2] which comes in handy on more than one occasion.

When he is discovered to be a Christian leader, he is arrested and sentenced to death by crucifixion. He is saved by a centurion with whom he has been sharing the story of Jesus' resurrection. Upon escaping Rome for Shem Hadar, Ben is captured along with a former centurion named Tacticus and forcibly marched across the desert without water. He is eventually rescued by his family, and settles in Shem Hadar, where he continues pastoring his church.

Helena bar Simeon is Ben's sweet and soft-spoken wife.

simeon and anna meet jesus cartoon easter

She is a leader in Ben's underground church, and a mother figure to the children she and Ben have taken in. She is just as skilled as Ben in baking and telling stories, and it is she who usually leads the church in Ben's absence.

simeon and anna meet jesus cartoon easter

She has apparently never been to Israel herself, but her parents once passed through Nazareth. They are rescued when Ben, Tacticus, and the servants of the local miller tunnel into the bakery from the catacombs.

When Ben is captured by Nero's soldiers, it is Helena who plans and leads the rescue operation, and arranges the church's escape from Rome.

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She and the kids are captured in the process, but they escape with the help of Capella, one of Nero's centurions. When Ben and Tacticus are captured again by Nihilus in the desert on the way to Shem Hadar, Helena helps track and rescue them. More characters[ edit ] Zakkai, called Zak for short, is a year-old who has been living with Ben and Helena. His late father was a leader among the Jewish zealots, and Zak has, in his own way, taken up that fight.

His uncle Mordecai, also a zealot leader, once traveled to Rome to see him. It was a symbol of Zak's own coming-of-age.

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Zak is hot-headed, and often gets himself into trouble with the Roman soldiers. His zealous attitude once got him captured by Tacticus, who questioned him about his faith.

In spite of Tacticus' help in escaping Nero at one point, Zak is reluctant to trust the centurion. Eventually though he comes to accept Tacticus as a member of the gang. When a miller betrays Ben and nearly gets Helena and the children killed, Zak confronts the miller, sword in hand. Zak is naturally suspicious, refusing to trust even an old trail guide with whom Ben and his family travel on two occasions. He's also very sarcastic, making fun of the guide for talking to his horse.

Bible Lesson: Simeon and Anna see the Savior

Zak's faith is rewarded when Milo's horse Regis saves his life. He lived with his family in Rome until the persecution that followed the outbreak of the fire on July Justin did not always get along with his brother Marcus. He became jealous when their father made Marcus a wooden chariot. Justin dared Marcus to hitch the chariot to the family goat and ride down the hill.

Simeon and Anna Lesson Plans and Ideas (for all workshops) |

This resulted in Marcus getting dumped out of the chariot, and Justin getting lectured for his irresponsibility. Even after Ben and Helena took the boys in, Justin still took care of his brother, displaying a lot more patience and maturity than he had before the fire. Ben sees a future church leader in Justin, and at one point offers him an opportunity to tell the story at a church meeting. He overcomes this fear later, though, when he tells some Christian prisoners the story of Jesus' trial before Pilate.

When the ship is suddenly called out to sea, Justin volunteers to take the place of an elderly slave at the oars. And when the ship is damaged in a battle and starts taking on water, Justin risks his life to free the slaves before they drown.

He later finds out that his father escaped his ship and went to search for his mother on a farm. Justin and Marcus are later both reunited with their parents in Shem Hadar as a reward for their faith. Marcus ben Judah is the 4-year-old brother of Justin and the youngest son of Joshua ben Judah. He has a typical child's view of the world, which is barely affected by his separation from his parents.

He looks up to his older brother, and treats Ben and Helena like a second set of parents.