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Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline / That's where I'm gonna wait, for you. This is the reward you silly bunnies get for getting me half way to a reviews! Izaya gave a cocky grin and leaped up, meeting Shizuo's. Meet Me Halfway Lyrics: Ooh, I can't go any further than this / Ooh, I want you so badly, it's my biggest wish / Cool, I spend my time just thinking / Thinking.

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He usually stayed away from alcohol since it tasted rather bad and didn't really have any health benefits on the contrary, it harmed the body and Izaya was having none of that. Izaya's diet was rather balanced…well, it had been before. It seemed he had knocked it out of balance by scarfing down his breakfast that morning. He'd have to become careful about what he ate and drank again.

Despite his health concerns, the fact that Shizuo was truly enjoying the drink had captured his interest. Did it really taste that good?

Good enough to have calmed down the previously raging blond? The raven found himself leaning forward, trying to catch the scent of the potent beverage. Shizuo snorted, "Like hell. You'll probably pass out after one swig. Shizu-chan is worried that he'll pass out before me. That's okay, Shizu-chan, I'll spare you the competition and let you drink alone. It's expected that Shizu-chan be nervous…going against the perfect human being must be intimidating.

Despite being a Todai and a Cambridge graduate and a business tycoon on top of that Shizuo was rather easily manipulated at the moment thanks to his slightly drunken haze. See how long you last. Izaya gave a cocky grin and leaped up, meeting Shizuo's outstretched hand and accepting the glass.

He considered the frosty glass for a bit, grinning darkly as he had a rather dangerous thought. Regardless of knowing he was going to kick himself later for doing this, Izaya tipped the glass back, making a disgusted face as he chugged down the icy golden liquid. It felt like fire going down and Izaya had no doubt with would feel just as bad coming up. The drink was revolting to say the least, but it had an immediate effect on the raven.

Already, Izaya could feel the drunken buzz settling on his nerves and flowing through his veins. It was exhilarating as well as slightly terrifying. He pulled the glass away from his face and coughed violently, his cheeks flushed and his eyes glazed over. He smirked at Shizuo and squared his shoulders superiorly.

This was just what he needed…a fucking drunk-ass University student giggling and hiccupping on his couch. Izaya, on the other hand, was having great fun. He found this whole situation hysterical.

He knew he would get stupidly drunk after again, stupidly chugging down the disgustingly strong alcoholic beverage, but at the moment he found he didn't give a rat's ass. Blissfully drunk, that's what he was. For the first time since his fight with that guy, he was carefree! He was so carefree that he was just going to drop all walls! He wasn't going to hold back at all!

He was going to shed all his insecurities! Shizuo stared, mortified, as Izaya slipped out of his jacket, then his pants; the warm black clothing pooling around the raven's feet, the belt of his trousers clinking slightly.

The Uni student prowled forward, making for the older blond sitting petrified on the couch. Shizuo's blood pounded in his ears and a thousand warning bells went off at once in his head. He held his hands out and away from his body, as if trying to protect himself.

The shock of Izaya gulping the drink and stripping had shot sobriety into Shizuo's veins and now he was too horrified to every think of why he had agreed to this stupid fucking thing in the first place, let alone how he was going to get the raven to redress.

Oh, good god, what the hell had he been thinking?! Izaya pouted, "I'm becoming care-hic! Izaya giggled girlishly Oh god, 'giggled girlishly'?!

What the hell was going on, sweet lord?! He plopped down on the blonde's lap and bit his lower lip seductively, watching Shizuo from under his long lashes. His cheeks were flushed from drinking, his eyes swimming in intoxication.

His lips were moist and slightly parted, as pink as his cheeks. The sight was enough to make Shizuo draw back and swallow nervously. Shizuo sucked in a breath, stars exploding across his vision as his brain tried to process just what the fuck was even going on. The blond clamped his hands around Izaya's waist, forcing the raven to stop his movements. Izaya gave an annoyed whine, "Shizu-chaaa-hic! Despite sounding and looking angry, he was rather flustered not to mention painfully hard by Izaya's actions.

It seemed the crimson-eyed man was a shameless drunk. As Shizuo dragged Izaya up the stairs the raven sang drunken and obscene songs, half of which were about Shizuo sticking a certain appendage up Izaya's ass and the other half about Izaya's feelings about that certain appendage. By the time they reached Izaya's room, Shizuo's ears burned with both embarrassment and with discomfort at hearing the…intricate descriptions Izaya so helpfully provided. The blond opened the door with his foot and slipped in, closing said door with a flick of his foot.

He lay the still-singing Izaya down on the bed, his frame hovering over the smaller man's for a second. In an instant, with movements that seemed much too fast for such a dead-drunk, Izaya wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck. He leaned up towards the blond, his face centimeters away. Shizuo didn't dare move a muscle, his eyes as wide as moons and his body tense. Izaya gently brushed his lips against Shizuo's, the velvety soft touch making the blonde's breath hitch.

Their breaths mingled, the touch of their soft, silky lips making both their hearts speed up. This is further evidenced by the fact that in almost all of their fights, it's Izaya who throws the first punch.

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Even when Shizuo is the one to attack first, it's usually because he believes that Izaya had provoked him in some way. Izaya hates Shizuo about as much as Shizuo hates him, although he is a lot better at controlling it out in the open. It's made clear that he doesn't even consider Shizuo human by his standards, considering him closer to that of an animal than anything else.

As such, he gets extremely annoyed when Shizuo actually shows some sign of intelligence or maturity. It also seems that, between the two of them, Izaya appears to be the most fixated on their rivalry. This is shown in that Izaya frequently goes out of his way to antagonize Shizuo in some way whether it be a simple prank or framing him for murder.

Towards the end of volume 12, Izaya reveals a bit more about why he seems so fixated on Shizuo. The first reason is that since he sees Shizuo as nothing more than a monster, Izaya feels extreme jealousy at Shizuo's ability to unwittingly attract others to him.

This jealousy is further increased since Shizuo seems to try to isolate himself most of the time yet still manages to make new friends while Izaya remains shunned despite his attempts to connect with others in the only way he knows how.

Izaya also holds the belief that only humans possess the ability to slay monsters. Following this line of thinking, Izaya believes that if he manages to defeat, or even kill Shizuo, he thinks it might make him feel more human. In Izaya's novel, a few years have passed since their last fight.

Izaya fears Shizuo, but accepts his loss towards him and decides not to come back to Ikebukuro, even though his conflict might be the same or worse than before. In the introduced chapters of the novel, Shizuo is interviewed about Izaya, though Shizuo just asks the interviewer to tell Izaya never to return to Ikebukuro. They run a radio show called Dear Girl Stories together.

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