See dad run emily and xander meet me halfway

see dad run emily and xander meet me halfway

who were in attendance: two of Dad's former players and my biggest idols . student members, including his two partners Xander Tillou and Billy Zegras. . come to the school to meet directly with students and faculty to get a real “Other schools didn't seem interested in seeing me as a person versus as. Read Emily from the story Protect Me reach my hand up to gently trace the delicate stitches that ran across my side. He turns to look at me, "She stopped explaining about halfway through the . No not after what they did, but will my mate get me to stop running, or just. The Honors Herald is a student run newsletter circulated to the students of Anti- nuclear campaigners Emily Welty and Matthew Bolton both of Pace University NYC. A Letter From The Editor Dear Readers, If you are like me, then you are In this edition you will find a recap of major events in the Pace and.

The is a compelling television show. Yeah, the beginning was a bit heavy-handed. By the end of the first season, though, this CW dystopia had built itself into a complicated, ambitious, and wildly fast-paced story about what it means to be human in the wake of nuclear apocalypse.

Breaks are important — especially when you have an extra day in your year! So this year, we at TTLP would like to encourage you to check out The which is currently — super conveniently! But in that first season, The becomes a self-reflexive, morally complex show about environmental destruction, moral leadership, and the nature of humanity.

Moreover, with a fantastic cast of iconic sci fi actors as well as the prerequisite attractive CW folk, The is an occasionally stressful, yet awesome and intertextual show that ends up helping unpack we mean when we talk about genre television. Here then, in honor of weird random holidays and awesome sci fi television, are eleven reasons to spend part of your Leap Day watching The In many ways, The is a classic dystopian story. Their space-station-centered existence is really reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica — Lt.

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So a bunch of juvenile criminals our eponymous are sent down to Earth to see if it is liveable. Even as the Ark navigates political coups, resource shortages, and all of the troubles of an established society, the engage in a much more Lord-of-the-Flies-type struggle to create a stable, just, and moral society in the first place.

Drawing upon a tradition of dystopian storytelling, The uses each half of its split cast the ship and the ground to explore big issues in a high-stakes environment.

Dystopias catch our attention because they become thought-experiments and limit cases. Because a dystopian world has super high stakes, dystopian fiction allows writers to consider philosophical issues in a real-world context. In its first season, The explores utilitarianism, state-sanctioned killing, Marxist economic policies, libertarianism, environmental catastrophe, and religion.

Characters argue about guilt and culpability, trust, revenge, redemption, grief, and hope.

see dad run emily and xander meet me halfway

Ultimately, The becomes a consideration of leadership, of the nature of civilization, and of the value of hope in desperate times. In this dystopian context, The finds a way to explore both the survivors-in-space trope and the rag-tag-group-attempts-to-create-a-civilization trope.

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With the teenagers, we get Lord of the Flies — or, perhaps more accurately, Lost without the mysticism and weirdness. With the adults back on the space-station, we get Battlestar Galactica — again without the mysticism. The gets to explore the best of both tropes and to revel in the twinned inhospitable environments of post-nuclear, post-human Earth and of space itself.

see dad run emily and xander meet me halfway

In these parallel dystopias, The is able to stage its own dialogue about leadership, hope, and the goodness of mankind. Tara Mease and Xander Mease both made their 25th runs, halfway to the 50 club. Impressively, 8 people did their 23rd or 24th parkrun on Saturday … including me.

Maria Cecil marked 10 runs.

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Despite the insane cold that started the year, there are 20 people who have done all 3 CP parkruns so far this year. Who can keep this streak going?

see dad run emily and xander meet me halfway

I suspect that Scout, accompanied by his human running partner, Ken Leonard, may have hit a milestone or two. Either way, she was pretty stoked to have so many four-legged friends this week.

see dad run emily and xander meet me halfway

We are so grateful for our volunteer crew. Diehard parkrun volunteers Hump Plotts and Lisa Wilson served as marshalls. Lisa says that being out in the cold makes your blood thick and ready for more winter weather.

It seems to be working for her and Hump, because they are out there every week. Pam Marcus, Danielle Durham, and Rumi Matsuyama were tailwalkers and photographers, joined by Norm Bernache, who stopped by after most runners had left.

Chris McGranahan was run director, and he is very thankful to Nick Huang for processing results in record time! We love the trail, and benefit from it every week. By adopting the trail were are committing to helping to take care of it, including quarterly clean-ups. Plus some signage on the trail to tell other trail users who we are.