Sam and dean winchester meet god

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sam and dean winchester meet god

Shortly after breaking out of her prison, she spared Sam and Dean's life and thanked Dean for .. A wounded Amara meets God again for the first time in eons . It's Me, Dean Winchester; It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Dean: Proof that there's a God out there that actually gives a crap about me personally? . Sam: It's just that you're not exactly the first angel we've met. Not surprisingly, Sam went more of the fanboy route while Dean got angry. He took SUPERNATURAL Recap: It's Time to Meet God. article.

But for the number of times we've seen Dean ask the same questions--and this time, to someone who might actually know the answers--I can't help but feel like Dean is seeking real answers, answers that can help him understand who God is and how His presence fits in with the world Dean knows and understands. Well, I tried to tell ya. But, I mean, this is God? I mean, for all we know, God hates these jerks.

My heart really breaks for Sam here. He's had such a glowing view of angels in his mind, likely ever since childhood might Dean have been responsible for instilling that in him? And the show takes the time to indicate that Sam lives a life that involves prayer, which is important.

But seeing angels face to face has obviously shaken Sam's views. And while Dean's words indicate that he sets himself apart from Sam--Sam is the believer, the one who's "into the whole God thing", while Dean does not actively believe, nor does he pray--Dean still tries to shape a world for Sam that allows peace and beauty. We could extrapolate that to include Dean's perhaps subconscious hope that God might indeed exist, even if His angels are jerks.

Dean, do you know how many angels have actually seen God? And I'm not one of them. Well, then how do you even know that there is a God? We have to take it on faith Which we're killed if we don't have. There's something to be said for questioning an angel directly about the existence of God, and while the conversation doesn't give Dean the answers he expects, it says a lot that Dean even engages in this questioning.

And someone upstairs still decided to give me a second chance. It just makes me feel It's interesting that by this point we see Dean actively talking about God here, and it's very character-appropriate that Dean doesn't have the words to express what he's feeling.

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He's doing what all believers do at some time or another, which is to examine the weight our actions against God's unconditional love. We all look at ourselves and find ourselves undeserving of God's love.

It makes it difficult to accept that love. And obviously Dean isn't ready to name that yet, and in fact we have no real guarantee that that's what he's actually feeling.

But having seen evidence angels that Heaven exists, and therefore God exists, Dean is slowly changing his worldview to accommodate this new information. It blends so nicely with his seeker's heart. Well, I feel stupid doing this.

sam and dean winchester meet god

But I am fresh out of options. I need some help Prayer is a sign of faith.

sam and dean winchester meet god

This is a good thing, Dean. One of the best moments in Dean's entire character arc. We would never have thought we'd see Dean actually engaging in prayer--that's Sam's domain, after all, as we learned in 4xbut the way he approaches it is exactly as might be expected.

He's still resentful that he even needs to pray, he feels pushed into this action, and is definitely uncertain about what he's even doing.

This is NOT a conversion moment for Dean; it's merely the first step toward acceptance and faith. Castiel does a beautiful job of very simply stating this very thing, giving him encouragement in this moment of true vulnerability.

Where's God in all this? God has left the building. The question has been asked too many times to be dismissed as simply a trope or a plot point; Dean is taking the information he has, and is actively putting that information to use in his own personal search to find and understand God.

Look, I'll be the first to tell you that this little crusade of yours is nuts, but I do know a little something about missing fathers. What do you mean? I mean every time I was looking for my dad when all logic said that he was dead, but I knew in my heart he was still alive.

Who cares what some ninja turtle says, Cas, what do you believe?

sam and dean winchester meet god

I believe he's out there. This is a beautiful moment of encouragement, where Dean is almost treating Cas the same way he treats Samas a protective brother. Joshua scares Zachariah into complying by using the threat of God's wrath when he returns to Heaven. Joshua later tells the brothers that God was in fact on Earth and God contacts him to talk and not the other way around.

Joshua gives them God's message for the two to back off from finding him as he knew what was transpiring but felt that the Apocalypse wasn't his problem. Joshua even listed the interventions God has done such as putting them on the plane, resurrecting Castiel and letting them enter Heaven, despite some of their actions.

At the end, the brothers are resurrected with Castiel abandoning his search for God. Chuck with Dean in the future. Chuck was also a part of Future Dean's army.

He first appears asking past Dean about supplies, and then later when future and past Dean are in the same room discussing plans. As the group heads out to fight against Lucifer, Chuck tells past Dean to hoard toilet paper, as it'll come in handy when companies stop producing it. Becky stole Chuck's phone to trick Sam and Dean into coming to a convention.

There, Chuck is a guest speaker and answers question about his novel, much to Sam and Dean's displeasure.

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Chuck is also crushing on Becky, who at the moment is crushing on Sam. Chuck also reveals at the convention that "" will start publishing again. Sam and Dean try talk Chuck out of it, and Chuck responds by telling them he makes his living by writing these stories.

sam and dean winchester meet god

Then it just so happens that the hotel is really haunted and Sam and Dean work to get rid of it; while Sam and Dean work, Chuck distracts everyone in the main hall from the fact there really are ghosts in the hotel. When the hotel manager gets annoyed, he attempts to leave and breaks the line of salt, forcing Chuck to use the mic stand to disperse the ghost.

This impresses Becky and later on in the episode she 'breaks it off' with Sam. Dean calls Chuck for the location of the final showdown of Lucifer and Michael, and despite the angels not wanting Chuck to see it, he tells Dean it'll be at noon in Stull Cemetery near Lawrence, Kansas.

At the end of the episode, Chuck finishes his story and vanishes from his chair. Beforehand, as God, Chuck resurrected Castiel once again, upgrading him to the rank of Seraphim. Castiel is left saddened by his father ignoring him. Becky also mentions Chuck breaking up with her when trying to make Sam her lover. After Castiel's death, [14] God resurrected him again though without his memories. Castiel speculated that this was a punishment for his actions rather than a reward like before.

Charlie Bradbury later reveals that all of his books are now on the Internet. Season 9 Becky Rosen was mentioned to have posted all of Chuck's unpublished works to the Internet as well as the published ones. What, you make the world at bliss and at peace; what's in it for you? I was the beginning, and I will be the end. I will be all that there is. Amara is enraged In time, Amara, at last, gained the form she had originally taken upon her release and set about tracking down God so as to settle her score.

Scouting across the globe, she attacked and slaughtered hundreds of humans in various religious sects both to learn about his universe's rules and in an effort to draw her brother out of hiding, but was visibly and violently frustrated each and every time as God continually failed to appear or intervene in any way. Eventually, her activities drew the attention of the Winchesters yet again, who were in the midst of preparing to visit Lucifer's Cage with Crowley and Rowena.

Dean traveled to her last known location, a church, and sensed her presence through their bond. Amara meets Dean After meeting up with Dean, Amara teleported Dean and herself to the countryside and engaged him in conversation.

She attempted to explain her actions by criticizing God and his universe due to his detachment from his beloved creations, the pain they endured, and his apparent need to be worshiped and loved by all. She claimed that, if she were allowed her way, there would be no pain, no sorrow, no rules, just bliss.

Her words had no effect on Dean who stubbornly accused her of seeking to become the new 'God', to which Amara replied that God was the light, and she was the dark.

sam and dean winchester meet god

She also revealed she was once all that there was, and she sought to reestablish that state. Dean attempted to stab her with a silver knife but the blade shattered upon the impact.

Completely unfazed by the attack, Amara derided Dean's efforts to resist and closed in on him as if to consume his soul, but instead kissed him passionately, declaring that their bond was unbreakable and that in the end, she and Dean would be together and become one. Before Dean could reply, a small group of angels appeared out of nowhere and attacked Amara but she butchered them with ease. The entire angelic population in Heaven then took aim at her from the heavens, combined all their power as one and prepared to open fire on Amara in a last ditch effort to destroy her with a single ferocious celestial blast.

Amara exchanged one last pained look with Dean before teleporting him away to safety as she prepared to meet the angelic attack head-on. The power of the blast caused some kind of supernatural fallout and Dean is unable to proceed closer to the impact area.

Castiel eventually meets with the angel Ambriel who was sent by heaven to verify if Amara was killed.

God & Lucifer Therapy Session (not even joking)

The whole area is clouded in Darkness and they decide to team up and search the area. Ambriel eventually found her lying unconsciously on the ground. As she comes closer and touches Amara, the Darkness woke up. Alarmed by his partner's scream Castiel watched in shock as the Darkness consumed Ambriel's grace. Amara merges with the Darkness around her and is amused as Castiel threatens to stab her with his angel blade.

Easily overpowering Castiel, she decided to spare his life since he wasn't even worth the effort to consume his essence. She sent him back to Billie to deliver the message: Rowena tried to convince the Darkness of her usefulness, adding that she could provide knowledge and help her design her world. Amara then tested her healed vessel by sending a powerful blast towards Heavenwhich caused a heavy disturbance there as well as lightning on Earth.

The Darkness

Amara sent a powerful blast into Heaven Meanwhile, Crowley teams up with the Winchesters in hopes of using the Horn of Joshua against Lucifer. Sam and Dean however, believe that the weapon used by Lucifer can destroy the Darkness.

They also prepared a trap in order to give Castiel some time to either reject Lucifer or leave his vessel. With the help of Rowena, they were able to finally summon Lucifer. Lucifer asked for the Hand of God but Dean tried to reach out to Castiel with a spell. However, Lucifer quickly regained control of the vessel, running out of time, Crowley possessed Lucifer but also failed to free Castiel. As the wardings could no longer hold Lucifer, he was about to kill Sam and Dean.

In this moment the Darkness blasted through the walls of the building.