Roxas and namine meet again fast

roxas and namine meet again fast

Wasnt nobodies suppose to go back to their original selves after coming whole again like how roxas went inside sora how did he fight sora. I know, I know it's RokuNami again But I just love them. Credits: (C) Square Enix & Disney Roxas / Namine: Stage: I Watch You Fast Asleep. He is about to move in for the finishing blow, but Naminé quickly shatters the replica's Naminé and Riku meet again later at the urging of DiZ and she reveals.

Roxas only gave a dead expression as he placed his right hand on top of her almost cleared one, lifting it up to his lips and kissing it gently. At that instant, Namine's ghostly hand became a whole solid figure again. She was a bit shock and confused, not knowing how to take the phenomenon.

She looked up at Roxas as he said, "Namine, as long you and me have these feelings for each other and remember how we remember each other; we won't disappear. I told you that before, didn't I? Roxas inched closer to her face, lifting her tender chin to face him and look into his eyes, "Don't make me think for a second that the reason I love you is because of someone else again. Her mind became blank when she felt Roxas's hungry lips claim her trembling ones.

She was vulnerable, he could feel it from her trembling soft lips, but she kissed back without hesitation. Namine moaned deeply, feeling Roxas force her down upon the blanket, lacing their fingers together and pinning her down.

His wet tongue grazed over Namine's bottom lips, commanding her to open them and let him explore the sweet inside of her mouth. Namine shook underneath him, the action causing her to open her mouth a bit.

She almost choked out a scream as that little opening was all Roxas needed to let his tongue enter her mouth's domain. The kiss was intense; causing Namine to feel dizzy from the impact it was giving her. She could feel Roxas's erection growing and hitting against her thigh. She moaned in ecstasy. She could feel the wetness of their tongues escaping the side of her lips. Namine clamped her eyes shut when she felt one of Roxas's hands that were laced with one of her own go to the other hand, making his long fingers engulf both.

With his free hand, he went under her white dress, snaking its way up to her right breast. Roxas practically had the dress ripped, considering the tightness it had on her body, but he made it there and went under her bra and started to massage her breast.

Namine wanted to scream from the pleasure he was giving her. Roxas finally let go of Namine's bruised lips from their heated dancing tongues. He trailed down butterfly kisses down her chin to her neck and started suckling on her sensitive spot.

Namine moaned out Roxas's name, making him smirk from her soft cry. He then trailed down kisses to her shoulder, to her shoulder blade and then, to collarbone, suckling each precious spot as possible.

Roxas fumbled with Namine's left breast giving it a rush yet gentle massage like the other one. Namine squirmed from the touch, wiggling underneath Roxas. It was driving her crazy and to the edge of insanity. Roxas grinned, kissing the end of Namine's neck as he felt her breast perk up more from his touches. His kisses lead him to the bottom of Namine's neck, pressing a gentle kiss upon the skin. He let go of Namine's hands automatically, making her rope her hands around his neck.

But that didn't last long, as she started to undress him, starting from his short-sleeved jacket. Seeing signs of Namine taking off his jacket, Roxas stopped teasing her breasts, leading his hands down to the end of her dress and lifting it up.

Namine froze from this, feeling her dress rise up to her face. After awhile, Namine's dress was off, revealing her with nothing more then a baby blue color bra and underwear that matched. Roxas sat up to have a good luck of his angel's body. Her slender curves were better than he imagined it to be. Namine's face turned crimson from Roxas's intense lustful gaze.

She was feeling nervous that he didn't like what he saw, but Roxas mounted on top of her again, making her hands lift in fear a little as he smiled at her, "Don't worry, you're perfect; my perfect, Namine. Roxas took this opportunity to send his hands to the back of her bra's clip.

Namine gasped in their kiss when she felt the bra being unclipped. Roxas took the bra and slid it through Namine's arms, showing her breasts out in the open. Namine heard her bra being thrown to the side as Roxas pushed her slowly back down. While that, Roxas started unzipping his undershirt, revealing his growing, but slender muscles.

Namine couldn't resist as she glided her hands over his torso and chest. Roxas groaned deeply from Namine's soft, smooth nails trialing over his hot skin; bringing forth swirls of delight inside him. Namine moaned loudly as she felt Roxas's wet tongue slide down her neck, to the center of her rounded breasts. He looked at Namine's perked breasts, grinning as his left hand teased with her right breast. He played with the tip of the nipple with his fingers, his tongue swirling around the other.

Namine grasped onto the thin quilt underneath her, making it wrinkle with her grasp as she moaned louder.

Roxas licked the perked nipple with his tongue, going back and forth in a soft pattern. His left hand rubbed the left breast with tender swiftness, having more access to them than before. Roxas finally decided to open his mouth and sucked on her breast with gentle stroke with his tongue. Namine bit her bottom lip, making it bruise a bit from the suckling movement of Roxas's mouth on her breast.

He sucked harder and faster, enjoying the taste of it. The tip of his tongue fiddled with the tip within, making it wet with his saliva.

Namine began to have sweat drape over her soft-pedaled body. Roxas bit the tip lightly; his teeth grazing it, making Namine cringe and shout.

He then switched breasts giving the other one the same treatment, while the other was wet and red from his tongue and bite marks. After awhile with playing with Namine's breast, he gave both breasts a firm squeeze, enjoying the texture of them under his large hands.

The fact that they fitted perfectly in the palm of his hands made him grin even more. Roxas looked up at Namine's flushed face, her eyes showing pure ecstasy. He climbed over her, kissing her gently and slowly to calm her down a bit. Roxas's chest was smashed together with Namine's still aroused breast, feeling each other's heart beating with haste.

Roxas kept kissing Namine, trying to keep her preoccupied as his right hand glided over her slim curves, to her underwear. He smiled between their kiss, entering his hand under her panties. Roxas's hand stopped by Namine's erect clit. His kisses led to Namine's neck, her legs wrapping themselves around her waist; her arms and hands in the meantime, laid across his smooth, but strong wielded back.

Namine cringed and grasped tightly around Roxas's neck, feeling the sudden sensation of Roxas's fingers entering inside her most sacred area. Namine screamed loudly, but only caused a muffled scream as it was covered from Roxas's shoulders.

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She gave out silent cries as Roxas entered his fingers in and out of her. Namine pinned her nails down onto Roxas's back from the pain, feeling pleasure at the same time. Roxas didn't care of the pain he was receiving from his back, he still continued thrusting his fingers in and out of her. At first, he started it out slowly, but when he heard Namine start to scream his name out in pleasure, Roxas's quickened the pace.

Namine felt herself climaxing, "Oh God, Roxas I'm…. I'm going to…" But it was too late. Namine's feminine juices exploded on top of Roxas's fingers, making her shiver from the release. Namine looked at the scratch marks on his back and gave an apologetic expression, "Roxas, I'm sorry.

roxas and namine meet again fast

He licked the juices off his fingers one by one, enjoying the taste of her, "Namine, you taste so good. Why don't I explore more of your taste? She felt Roxas's hands on the edge of her underwear strap, pulling at the strings. Roxas kissed Namine's forehead as he pulled down her last clothing piece. After he took it off, he threw her soaked panties to the side with the rest of their clothing. Roxas trailed down kisses, starting from between Namine's breasts, to her creamy stomach, to the nest of blonde curls.

Roxas took in the sweet scent of her clit from the last climax she just had; planning on giving her another one. Roxas kissed the sacred place, causing Namine to close her eyes shut from the contact. She took one of the pillows letting out a soft scream within it; but Roxas quickly grabbed it and threw it to the side, wanting to hear her sweet cries for him. Roxas then licked the sensitive spot slowly, very slowly. Namine felt her hair bangs stick to her forehead from pure sweat, biting down her lips to muffle out her screams.

Roxas licked deeper within her, picking up the tempo by licking the sides of her crater. He licked away the remaining juices from before, lifting her thighs up with his hands. Namine helped by arching herself into him, her hands finding his head and grasping his wet blonde mane.

Roxas continued to lick deeper and faster until he reached the deepest he can go. In a mad rush, Namine felt like she was going to climax again. I'm…" this one came faster then the other one. Namine's nectar rushed out of her and into Roxas's mouth. He was satisfied with the amount he was given with, taking everything into his mouth. Roxas's licked his lips of Namine's sweet tasting, slurped up the last bit that was dripping. Namine's chest roused up and down heavily. She was out of breath, but Roxas wasn't done with her yet.

Their next step was their final step to nirvana. Namine looked down to see Roxas's erection. She was scared of its size, but she wanted him. She wanted him inside her, and if only she knew he wanted to grant that to her. Roxas bit his bottom lips as if preparing himself. He looked down at Namine for reassurance. Namine lifted herself up claiming Roxas's lips with her own. She had a good taste of her syrup that was still on his lips.

Namine started unbuckling Roxas's pants, feeling that he couldn't coop up his erection any longer. He helped by taking off his shoes, throwing them away carelessly. Namine dragged his pants and boxers down, revealing his well-grown staff, pleading to be inside her at last.

Namine touched the tip of his member with her delicate fingers, causing Roxas to moan out her name.

roxas and namine meet again fast

Namine threw Roxas's pants and boxers to the side as she led him down on top of her, her arms lacing themselves around his neck. She spread her legs open for him, waiting for him to join with her. Roxas's settled himself between her legs, their bodies glued to one another. Roxas looked down at Namine, making sure she was all right, "Namine, are you sure?

roxas and namine meet again fast

I mean, this is both of our first time and…" Namine shushed him, putting her index finger to her slim lips to signal silence, "Yes, Roxas, I'll be fine. I know it will hurt, but this is something I want to experience with you… I mean…" Roxas kissed Namine to quiet her nerves, "I know what you mean.

roxas and namine meet again fast

She said she was fine with it, but he could feel the tension in her muscles. Soon Roxas prepared to enter himself inside her, placing his tip at her entrance. Namine grabbed onto Roxas, feeling the tip of his member grazing over her in anticipation. Roxas started entering slowly inside, Namine squinting from the sudden intrusion. She produced loud cry as she felt Roxas pull himself back, slamming his entire member into her, causing her hymen to rip apart.

Namine closed her eyes tightly as she started to cry warm tears from the pain. Roxas kissed her shoulders and neck, rubbing his hands against her arms to calm her down.

Namine whimpered, her tears drowning her, "Roxas, it hurts…it hurts so much. Roxas tried to slow it down, "I know Namine, I know, just hold on a little longer and then it'll be over. She was so fragile and he felt like she could shatter at any moment if he kept going. Roxas inched forward a bit more, until he was finally at the end of the peek. Roxas kissed the top of Namine's head, feeling her settle down from her cries. They took a moment to let the pain subside. Namine then nodded her head, motioning him to keep going.

Roxas nodded against her, slowly starting trust inside her. Namine started to moan, "Roxas, Roxas…. You can let go. Namine whispered again, kissing his ear, "I'll be okay, don't worry.

I want this with you Roxas. If this is the only time we'll get this moment, I want to feel you. He started to pick up the pace, thrusting in faster and harder within her.

Namine arched her back into him, putting him more inside her. Soon, Namine and Roxas were following each other's rhythm, keeping each other in sync with the other. They kept the motion in a symmetric form, wanting to feel complete. Namine moaned out louder from each thrust, repeating Roxas's name with each higher vocal than the last. Namine could hear the echoing of their moans and screams throughout the cave. She also felt the blanket under them become damp and wet from their sweat, the sound of their smacking flesh from each thrust echoing in her ears.

Roxas yelled out Namine's name in a moan, feeling he was about to release. He was at the edge of his climax, as well with his Namine, feeling her walls engulfing his member in a fierce grip.

With one last thrust; Roxas released his sperms within Namine, traveling inside her womb. Roxas collapsed on top of her, trying to get air back into him. Now, shall we do the disclaimer and get on with the show? Kingdom Hearts Secret Story: His three best friends; Hayner, Pence and Olette just literally passed right through him as if he didn't exist, and they didn't see or talked to him. Troubled, Roxas looked around as if hoping for some answers.

Mysterious enemies, mysterious voices, mysterious girl, mysterious Keyblade, time stopping at random and now I'm a ghost? What other cliche things are going to happen to me this week? Roxas thought to himself as he suddenly found himself surrounded by those white things again.

Behind him, a man in a black coat with red spiky hair appeared in a dark portal. He sighed, speaking up. I've been given these icky orders to destroy you… if you refuse to come back with me. Please, please let this work… Axel frowned a bit, scratching the back of his neck.

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But, ya know- gotta make sure and all. So… er…" He frowned in thought, crossing his arms, before a lightbulb appeared. But this stumped the poor blond boy. Oh great, now I'm screwed… " Uh… um…" Roxas stuttered but couldn't give an answer. Roxas frowned in confusion when Axel suddenly stopped before standing up straight, realizing time had stopped around him again.

Then he heard someone else's voice in his head, giving him a command. The time has come. Roxas looked at the frozen Axel one more time before running off towards the marketplace that leads to the woods. As reality unfroze around Axel, he blinked, seeing Roxas was suddenly gone, and he frowned a bit.

So the Roxas that I knew is long gone…" He chuckled mirthlessly, shaking his head slowly. Meanwhile, Roxas was being hounded by more of those weird white creatures, including some new and much more stronger and troublesome ones with these long and sharp dagger-like arms that would rapidly attack him.

Thankfully, all his experience with the Struggle Tournament kept him alive as he hurried through the woods, hoping that he'll get his answers there. As soon as Roxas arrived the gate, he saw a huge lock on it. Frowning, he tried to open it, but it was locked. Don't call me and then lock me out! To his surprise, the Keyblade shot out a beam of light, instantly unlocking it. Without waiting for those creatures to attack him, Roxas hurried into the mansion, not seeing the man in a black coat coming up behind him.

Roxas opened the door, quickly closing it behind him. Where am I supposed to go? Frowning, he decided to explore the place, maybe he'll find the one who called him there. Those creatures were still attacking him, but Roxas managed to get rid of most of them as he entered a white room, seeing pictures that looked like they were drawn by a child. Still, he could tell they were of himself and that Sora kid from his dreams… One was a picture of him in a black coat, walking away from a dark city.

I've had enough of it, no more secrets, no more hiding, no more mindlessly doing what the Organization wants, I want to get out of here and find my answers. I walked past Axel as he was leaning against the wall. Your mind's made up? I have to know. The blond sighed, sitting down in the chair across from her. Roxas glared, growling in fury, "Maybe not, but even so, I want to know, I have the right to know!

The man didn't answer him, instead that guy in the black coat suddenly appeared before them, "DiZ! We're out of time, too many Nobodies! Nobodies like us are only half a person… But you won't disappear, you'll be whole!

The girl in white tried to explain, shouting, "No! You'll-" DiZ grabbed her and tried to shut her mouth. Namine continued to struggle, hoping to tell Roxas her message before DiZ takes her away, "Roxas!

roxas and namine meet again fast

We will meet again! I may not know it's you and you may not know it's me, but we will meet again, someday soon, I promise! Not sure what else to do, Roxas picked up a crayon, almost as if he should.

Feeling a tug towards the other direction, Roxas headed for the other room. Roxas sighed, walking through the main area of the mansion and distractedly knocking aside the white creatures still chasing him. Finally, he reached the other room- the library.

There was a table in the middle of the room, and to his surprise, a big drawing was on it. He pulled out the crayon he had picked up, beginning to draw 3 symbols in the empty circles. When he was done, the table began glowing, and he quickly jumped back, barely dodging a giant hole in the ground that appeared.

Soon, he found all these monitors in the basement… For such an old mansion, it hides such advanced technology. It was almost like it could create an entire digital world… Suddenly Roxas's head began pounding in agony again, and he cried out in agony as he grabbed his head. I shook my head, now's not the time.

Nobodies are beings who lost their hearts to the Heartless… The stronger the person's will, the stronger their Nobodies are. A really strong willed person's Nobody will be human and adopting their appearance from their original selves. I was born in Twilight Town, but I was completely blank… I had no memories of my human self, everything was nothing… I was nothing more than a statue. That's when Xemnas found me. I was given… a name… "Roxas…" I said as I saw the letters of a name he put in front of me.

And I was given a black coat… "A new you! Because I could wield the Keyblade, I was to destroy as many Heartless as possible in order to collect the hearts and build Kingdom Hearts that would grant us Nobodies hearts.

I was frustrated… after a year working with the Organization, I still had no answers to who I am or why only I could wield the Keyblade! There was… another reason, a much stronger reason, but I cannot remember what that reason was and it makes me feel even angrier and sadder. I just knew I have gained another Keyblade, wielding two; Oblivion and Oathkeeper. I had two goals in mind; destroy Kingdom Hearts Xemnas created and find Sora.

Everything seems to be connected to Sora, so that means… when I find him I'll find my answers! I wasn't able to reach the castle because I was soon intercepted by the impostor, but I learned his name is Riku. Riku was wearing a blindfold yet was able to see everything clearly.

I ran up to the building he was on top of and threw Oblivion at him… I was surrounded by Neo Shadow Heartless and I needed someone's help to get rid of them. After we destroyed them all, we immediately turned on each other. I was angry, I was furious, this enemy before me… he did something, I know he did, something that made me drown in sorrow and anger, despite having no heart, it sure felt real to me and I hated it! I'm going to destroy Kingdom Hearts, then everything can go back to the way it was!

I can have ice cream again with her! Riku just gave me a calm grunt, "'Her' huh? It's a struggle just to remember her name. I'll free the hearts and find Sora, then I can get the answers I want! I managed to get Riku down and he shouted at me, "Why!?