Raj and simran first meet

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raj and simran first meet

DDLJ: Raj And Simran First Meet (English Subtitles) - their first meeting in the train station. DDLJ: Raj and Simran First Meet (English subtitles) in Train. Added 4 years ago anonymously in funny GIFs. Source: Watch the full video | Create GIF from. Raj and Simran in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge about her “dream guy” and when she'll meet him (a standard activity of life!) She's running to catch her train on the first leg of her journey when a handsome young man.

The first song establishes Simran's idealism. He is shown to be a stupid brute who wants to marry Simran only for mercenary reasons and plans to cheat on her almost immediately after marriage. Lady Killer In Love: Raj originally flirts mercilessly with any pretty girl despite not particularly caring about love or romance, but as he spends more and more time with Simran on their road trip, he eventually falls like a ton of bricks for her.

We First Fell In Love With Raj & Simran In 1995. 21 Years Later, The Magic Of DDLJ Continues

However, his main problem at the time isn't getting her to believe him about being serious, but that she's engaged to another man and since he hasn't confessed, he has no idea if she loves him back.

Raj tries this on Simran when they first meet as part of a flirting attempt. Later, when they're actually in love, Simran doesn't mind doing this on a regular basis. The song "Ho Gaya Hai Tujkho to Pyar Sajna" acts as an official one for both Raj and Simran, which is a problem due to the fact that it happened immediately after they separated with the assumption that they would never see each other again.

Raj and Simran's first meeting is full of this. Simran is late and the train is about to set off.

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She runs to catch the moving train and Raj helps her on by clasping her hand. It does not hurt that the movie ends in exactly the same manner. Raj wants a kiss while he's at her house and they're hiding behind a pillar. Their lips are less than a hair away When Raj sees Simran, she is wearing thick glasses and her hair covers half her face.

He is smitten regardless.

raj and simran first meet

Nice Guys Finish Last: Simran is extremely cold towards Raj until they both get stranded in Switzerland and he begins acting seriously and help her out during their journey. The Power of Love: Plays out in the last scene of the movie when stern Baldev finally lets his daughter follow Raj back to Britain. Go Back to your Raj. No one can love you like he does. The whole film is built on this, albeit in a more metaphorical sense.

raj and simran first meet

Simran thinks that this is the best idea. Raj, on the other hand, refuses and decides to make her family like him enough to let him take her away with their blessings. In "Mere Khwabon Mein", the first sort of song of the movie, Simran spends some time dancing around in the rain with a white mini-skirt and top in her backyard.

DDLJ: Raj and Simran First Meet (English subtitles) in Train

Raj's father is very supportive about his potential relationship with Simran. Simran's sister also really doesn't like Kuljit, but likes Raj for treating her respectfully. Later in the movie Simran's mother sees them together and decides that Raj will respect Simran and make her happy. She also encourages them to run away together. Simran and Raj's relationship at the beginning. Simran is stubborn and Raj is a Loveable Rogue who repels Simran by acting sometimes like a jerk throughout the trip.

When they actually get stranded by themselves in Europe, Raj begins to act much more considerate and Simran quits leaping down his throat for everything. They still have their moments after they recognize that they're in love, though. Most of the songs in the movie happen during Imagine Spotswhen the characters are by themselves, or at some kind of party, making the songs and dancing justified. This doesn't explain how people at the parties seem to know all the same steps, however.

Needless to say, it does.

raj and simran first meet

Simran and Raj missed their train in Europe. Simran gets caught by the Swiss immigration police because she did not have a passport since she left it in the train that she missed. Raj rescues her then. Then his car breaks down. Then the nearest motel has only one room available so Simran stubbornly sleeps in the barn. The barn has a cracked roof and it begins to snow. They have until Simran's wedding day to convince her family. The assumption is that the paperwork won't be filed until the religious wedding ceremonies have finished.

Simran, despite dreaming of a fairy tale prince to fall in love with, has never actually fallen in love before and therefore takes a rather long time to figure out that she's very much in love with Raj. Raj also has some brief moments of this when saying that there are plenty of pretty women to like, but gets over it fairly quickly. Almost all women are shown in a sympathetic light.

Not hard to fathom since the Punjab is portrayed as very patriarchal. You Have Waited Long Enough: Simran's father is enraged when he finds out that she's fallen in love with someone else, and takes her and the rest of the family to India immediately.

Raj, coming to her house, is temporarily discouraged, but finds Simran's cowbell. Ltd Advertisement Oct 20, at The ones where the lovers pine for each other in two corners of the world, before breaking all the rules set by society and finally uniting as soulmates. It's a typical set-up but works every single time.

For even if the story isn't original, it's the love between the two that makes us want to somehow unite them in the end. A man who would travel across continents to confess his love without even knowing if the woman loved him back and a woman who was ready to break conventional societal barriers to be with him instead. I was quite young when DDLJ released in theatres and like many from my generation, this was the first time I had stepped into a cinema hall. May be it was the experience of being in a movie theatre or it was the film itself, I was truly mesmerized.

I was too young to understand love but in all honesty, you never really understand love, do you? The lovers who were meant to be together and nothing could come in their way.

Their tale starts like how most Bollywood films do. She's the protected girl who has been told that she is the izzat of the family and he's a carefree bachelor, who lives in the moment. She's already engaged and a trip to Europe is her last chance to be herself, before she's tied down in holy matrimony, much against her wishes. He, on the other hand, has never been in a serious relationship and is traveling to just have a good time.

raj and simran first meet

They meet by accident and somehow get stuck together thanks to a missed train. But as we see them spending more time together, we know there's a spark.

raj and simran first meet

They are two pieces of a puzzle who complete each other. Raj's boyish charm, his sincere eyes and his passion to commit to her makes you believe that this isn't just another girl in his life. The viewers who were instantly drawn into this world that championed the thought that love triumphs all.