Phineas and isabella meet their kids

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phineas and isabella meet their kids

Isabella finds out that she is pregnant with Phineas's child. Follow them on their My name's Shijin, nice to meet you. I was an anime writer. "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the They and their friend Isabella borrow the time machine on display at the local museum to travel twenty years into the future. sister Candace's backyard, where her sons Fred and Xavier are sitting under a tree doing nothing. My First Fan fiction So Please Like And Comment Good. I liked when ferb gets zapped by the ray and now loves Isabella. Reply. Link to Comment; Report.

Isabella crying because Phineas didn't return her feelings. Isabella also jumps to Phineas's defense when he is in danger or insulted.

phineas and isabella meet their kids

She doesn't seem to care when Phineas uses her catch phrase, though she gets upset whenever someone else does. Isabella still fantasizes about Phineas even after high school.

By the time they reached high school, Isabella had started giving up hope of ever being together with Phineas, despite how obvious her crush on him was to everyone, except Phineas himself. It wasn't until after high school, when Baljeet and Buford told him directly, that Phineas became aware of Isabella's crush on him, and by then Isabella had been trying to move on for a while, despite not quite being able to get over him.

The two eventually sat down and talked through it together, where Isabella finally sheepishly admitted to Phineas himself that she did indeed have a crush on him in grade school. He in turn admitted that he had a crush on her too, ever since high school. After sadly contemplating the bad timing of their respective crushes on each other, the two finally came to a conclusion: Phineas decided that he would attend the same college as Isabella, Tri-State State, so they could begin a romantic relationship together.

Isabella happily agreed to this, and the two became an official couple with the promise that they would be reunited at the start of the semester in two weeks. Phineas' feelings for Isabella initially were somewhat unclear, but towards the end of the show's runtime, it is shown that Phineas actually harbored romantic feelings for her.

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At a young age, Phineas often seemed oblivious to Isabella's feelings. However, he often showed signs that he liked her as more than a friend, much like she does for him. He sees love from a formulaic point of view, trying to recreate it like one of his projects and not truly understanding what it means. Whenever she hints at her crush to him, he either misinterprets the comment as platonic or gets confused.

Either way he never gives Isabella what she wants: It's possible the reason why Phineas doesn't pay attention to Isabella's interest in him is because he is too busy with his Big Ideas. Phineas can be seen to believe that Isabella is very cute, to the point of having to recalibrate his "Cute Tracker" to keep it from confusing Isabella for Meap. Phineas has also shown concern for Isabella's safety and rescued her on occasion. I should really try to find out," she thought.

I'm going to go see the new Twilight movie. What team are you Marissa? Anyways, I think it'll be just the two of you today. I think Leah, Ferb and Tristan have plans as well," she said. Fancy that Isabella," Phineas said. Phineas always got really nervous around Isabella for reasons he didn't know.

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He was extremely smart despite the fact that he was only nine. Fourth grade was way too easy. Next year, he might as well be in high school. You know how Candace is when there's a new Twilight movie. Remember how freaked out she was about 'New Moon'?

Edward and Bella are soul mates-…Um maybe we should talk about something else," Alyssa said noticing the boys rolling their eyes.

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We're leaving in ten minutes. Are you sure you don't want to go Phineas? It's no trouble," Leah offered once more to her step brother. You guys go have fun. Have fun at the movie Marissa," Phineas said, "Oh you too Alyssa.

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For a nine year old, he was extremely nice and caring of others. He usually doesn't get as much annoyed as others do. They sometimes wondered how he does it. He's so smart, so nice, and so loved. Usually nine year olds like that can be real brats, but Phineas never got on anyone's nerves…well on purpose.

Candace gets annoyed by how smart he is, but Phineas doesn't even understand that he annoys her. She hates that he's smarter than her, but Marissa and Leah don't mind at all. In fact they used it to their advantage.

Phineas and Ferb were at the top of their classes.

phineas and isabella meet their kids

We just gotta wait for Alycia and Stacey, and we can go," Marissa said, and as if on cue, Alycia walked in. Stacey was right behind her. I am for sure," Alycia announced as she entered. Marissa smiled, and she said, "We're just waiting for Candace. I was just about to go see if she's ready yet. She's probably-" "Come on guys!