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Read the river from the story Once-ler and the Willow. by ghost_-_writer with reads. onceler, "Ahh! I was heading into the light but you pulled me back! You saved my life!" Once-ler yells hugging the lorax and then willow, who pushes him away. . He places his hand on her cheek and nods, meeting her halfway. The lorax said as he took a seat next to the Once-ler on the stoop of the lerkim. . Norma desperately wanted to reach out to him, remind him that he wasn't. Read An Apology. from the story Stay With Me. It was more the fact that Once- ler was so offended by me getting a job. the Lorax's voice asked. + Just as my mouth opened my foot caught on a rock halfway down the hill that I didn't see. + swarmie swans, and humming fish, only to later meet a mysterious character.

I do not own the Lorax. It was Wednesday at three and the Lorax had once again barged into the Once-ler's office. The Once-ler took one last look at the speech he was planning on giving later and then set it aside knowing that there was very little point in attempting to work while the Lorax was in the room.

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I went into the bathroom and climbed out the window. But maybe they have better luck with other people? Wordlessly, the Once-ler gestured towards the window. The Lorax's eyes widened. But I've barely said anything! I've got to say, I'm just not getting on board with your increasing lack of accessibility.

Why, I remember back when I could just walk in here and talk to you whenever I felt like it…" Not like that had changed no matter how much effort people put into trying to change it.

The Once-ler continued to point towards the window. That family of yours is a terrible influence. The Once-ler rolled his eyes. That would only make this take longer. That hurt but since it was technically true, the Once-ler chose to ignore it. The Once-ler stood and walked over to him, making sure to stand a few feet away so as not to further worry the Lorax. As far as the eye could see there was an idyllic paradise with animals frolicking happily under the multitude of trees.

Except for his own buildings, the landscape looked much the same as it always had. And how can I possible disprove that since I don't know where this alleged destruction is occurring?

Oh, right, I remember…everywhere I haven't looked! He didn't believe the Lorax, of course, how could he when all the evidence indicated otherwise? I completely understand, believe me, and I agree that if what you said was happening then it would be cause for concern. Rest assured, we won't let it get that far. The Once-ler silently pointed to the window again.

The Lorax sighed as though the Once-ler was being the unreasonable one. I need to think. Once-ler, your three o'clock is here," his secretary warned him. It was Wednesday at three again.

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The Once-ler pushed his paperwork aside, pleased that he had some advanced notice this time. Spoiler The song where the Oncler grows in fame, wealth, and power. He justifies his actions with an excuse that many businessmen use what am I doing wrong, its not illegal, no one's stopped me, so it must be okay.

As the song goes on, the Oncler gets bigger, and more threatening, as more trees die and factories pop up. In the end the Lorax is left dejected. Spoiler ends The Oncler was human in this movie, and the audience could see him clearly, but in the books his face and race were obscure this can go either way, in terms of audience favor, but I didn't mind it.

The Grandma was okay, she played too much into the lively whimsical old person archetype, and that was okay her antics could be weird, and kind of annoying sometimes thought. I thought the voice work was okay Spoiler The environmental message was a pretty good one. Clear cut that saving trees is good, and people need them. The reason the boy goes was better in the original being the only one who cared, and not because he wanted to impress a girl.

The original also had the theme of Apathy, people stopped caring, so the forest died, and the Lorax just faded away. The Oncler regrets his actions and gives the last seed to the boy he told the story to. The remake continues on after that, showing the antics of the boy and his family and girlfriend as they outwit the generic corporate villain, and plant the tree, showing that the people were just in the dark, and willing to start a new. Personally, I liked the original ending, where the Oncler just gives the seed to the boy, and tells him to plant it.

With that the Oncler just goes in doors, and the boy walks off with the seed. There was a sort of ambiguity, could the boy raise the trees again, and bring people to care again? Basically, it was up to the audience to decide whether the boy would succeed, and if we should try and save the trees.

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The movie shows that he does succeed, and that the people are just misinformed, not that they don't care which trashes the apathy theme. I did like how End of spoiler, but. The ending in the movie was heartwarming, but I prefer the original, where it was depressing, but there was still some hope.

The credits did have Dr. Seuss drawings, which was a nice touch don't stay after the credits though, there is no other scene. I personally prefer the original movie, the themes were better, and the romantic plot tumor wasn't present.

The animation is far superior, but this adaptation falls shy of the original. I personally say that a good environmental film is Princess Mononoke, and a bad one is Ferngully Tim Curry was still cool thoughneither should be a baseline comparison for any green messaged film.

This film was okay, its not the original, it's its own film. I think that this film could have been much better, but it is what it is, and any Dr.