Meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction harry

Meet the Robinsons Oneshots Chapter 1: On My Mind, a meet the robinsons fanfic | FanFiction

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction harry

"Whiz kid Cornelius Robinson has graduated from college at the age of fourteen," A redheaded girl that sat next to Franny leaned over to her. A 50 chapter story starting when Franny and Cornelius met, to their first date, to Robinson industries, to Wilbur, to Wilburs collage graduation. RobinsonCutie is a fanfiction author that has written 2 stories for Meet the I love meet the Robinsons my favorite shipping is Lewis/Wilbur or Wilbur/Cornelius. I also like Harry Potter. Franny: You are grounded until the day you die!.

He knew all along. She was sure now that she'd melt. He dropped her hand when they reached the door to Tony's, but he held it open for her. That had to count for something.

He steered her to the left to a large room that was partially blocked off from the rest of the restaurant. And at the table was seated not just Cornelius' parents, but a whole big group.

One by one, he introduced them all to her. Those two are Bud's brothers and my uncles, Joe and Fritz. That's Joe's girlfriend, Billie. Aunt Petunia is married to Uncle Fritz and those are their twins: Tallulah and Lazlo, they just turned ten. Cornelius held out her chair for her when she sat down and the whole group all talked endlessly, mostly about how proud they were of Cornelius while handing him presents to unwrap. They asked about Franny, too. She told them about her frogs and how she wasn't just stopping at getting them to sing and play instruments, but to talk, too.

My name is Frankie. Franny couldn't help but smile at that. That was fine by her. After the dinner was over, Cornelius offered to walk Franny home. They talked and walked at the same time.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction harry

She went into more detail on her frogs and Cornelius told her more about some of the inventions he was working on. He was working on a robot named Carl "It just seems to fit him," he explained. If he could get it to work, that would mean no more drilling. He didn't try to hold her hand again. As they got closer to her home, he sighed.

Franny raised an eyebrow, not quite understanding. People do tend to avoid us. Because you're all a little odd? I'm used to odd. Franny, not being able to help herself, grabbed his hand herself. The setting sun made Cornelius' hair glow bright. So if you wanted to come over sometime and meet him and help me test him out-" "I'd love that!

She felt herself turn red again and worked to control her emotions. But she pushed it down, heart crushing under the weight of his happiness It would be enough.

It had to be T - English - Romance - Chapters: They can practically be family. But which robot is truly the best. The Future Hero Trio is determined to find out. They are assembling to fight evil, defend good, protect the innocence, and make the wicked pay. But first they need to pick out names. October4] Violet's getting differenter, inside her demons are killing her, without knowing, her brother is in the same shoe As soon as they become a couple, the crossroads will cross them in every way.

Or maybe, things turned out differenter? Four seemingly different kids, who become best friends. High school is a scary place, especially when you're navaigating both puberty and the life of a superhero, but it's better with your best friends by your side.

They held a scalpel in their hands. She held Frankie tighter, causing the frog to turn blue. Franny threw Frankie onto her bed and pushed her brothers out of the room. She stamped over to Frankie, who was breathing hard and getting the color back to his face.

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Not very much at all. The next day, Franny hid behind a car and watched as Lewis left his home and walked down the street. She followed him with wide eyes, drinking in every part of him.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction harry

Every once and a while he'd turn around with a confused expression on his face, but she'd always be quick enough and found a hiding spot before he could spot her.

She followed him to school, and attended her own classes, then followed him back home and waited. When he didn't come out anymore, she trotted home happy.

meet the robinsons franny and cornelius fanfiction harry

She continued this for a few more days, her brothers taunted and teased her at home, and her parents disagreeed with what she was doing and told her to stop, but Franny ignored them all. All she cared about was Lewis. Then one day, Franny waited outside the orphanage for hours, but Lewis never came out. Suddenly, a car drove up and a man with backwards clothing stepped out along with a woman in a yellow dress.