Meet percy and juno

Divided Soul Chapter 2: Juno's Plan, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

meet percy and juno

Hera then let them get into the ranch, last but not least she let Percy of the camps so they'd meet eachother and BOOM quest would begin. The Son of Neptune is a fantasy-adventure novel written by American author Rick Having been protected by Percy during the attack, Juno announces Percy's arrival with approval, The novel was met with mostly positive reviews. Juno tells the camp that he is a son of Neptune and that Percy had been When Piper and Jason meet Hercules they mention that they are on a quest for Hera.

The principal temples dedicated to her were in Rome, one being erected on the Aventine, and the other on the Capitoline Hill. She had also a temple on the Arx, in which she was worshiped as Juno Moneta, or the warning goddess. Adjacent to this shrine was the public mint.

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On the first of March, a grand annual festival called the Matronalia was celebrated in her honor by all the married women of Rome. This religious institution was accompanied with much solemnity. In the Series Some time before the start of the series, Juno learned of the seven demigods who would be needed to battle the forces of Gaea by the Fates.

In response, she started working behind Jupiter 's back and began to prepare them for the coming battle. She appeared to a child of Mars named Frank Zhang and told his mother Emily Zhangthat his life force was tied to one of the sticks in the fire, and once it burned up, he would die.

Frank's grandmother quickly took the burned piece of wood from the fire, and Emily kept it until she went to war in Afghanistan, upon which Emily gave it to Grandma Zhang to give to Frank if she did not come back.

After Emily's death, Frank brought the stick with him to Camp Jupiter. However she was captured by Gaea with the help of the snow goddess Khioneand Gaea began to drain Juno's power to raise Porphyrion. A few days earlier, she had also transported Percy Jackson away from Camp Half-Blood and put him to sleep until the time was right.

In the Wolf House, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

Heraher Greek counterpart. During the conversation, time froze and a woman in goat fur appeared before Jason, introducing herself as his patron and claiming time was short, as her cage grows stronger.

Jason misinterpreted this as meaning she was imprisoned and shouldn't help her, but she explained that as long as she was captured, he would never get his memory back. She then vanished shortly after and Jason explained to Chiron what had happened.

While the goat skin meant nothing to Annabeth ChaseChiron explained that goats were sacred to Juno, Hera's Roman form. He then suggested that Jason should see Clovisson of Hypnosfor help with Jason's memories.

meet percy and juno

At the same time as Jason's vision, Juno also appeared to both Piper and Leo. She also sent a message to Piper, speaking through Rachel Elizabeth Daretelling her not to betray her as letting the Gigantes have their way would result in the end of the world. While visiting Clovis, Jason learned that the gods have different aspects of themselves and how the gods are both Greek and Roman.

He also informed them that only a goddess would have the power to steal memories and that if it was Hera, he hoped that she was in a Hera mood, not a Juno mood due to their differing personalities. After returning from the quest by saving Hera, Jason is visited by Juno, who promises she is watching over him as his patron and gives him a new gladius to replace his old weapon before Piper comes to bring him to the council meeting of cabin leaders.

Percy stumbled upon an old 'hippie' lady named June who in reality is Juno in disguise. June gives him a choice: Percy eventually chooses to carry her, but is almost killed by the Gorgons along the way. When Percy arrived at Camp Jupiter, the old woman, being carried to safety by Percy, reveals herself as the goddess Juno.

Juno tells the camp that he is a son of Neptune and that Percy had been slumbering for months. After Percy saved the camp and was elected praetorshe appeared again to Percy in his dream. Percy tried to attack her with water because she stole several months of his life, but she explained that she was working behind Jupiter's back and trying to keep him safe, which would have been harder if he was awake. He needed to be woken at the right time or her plan to combine the two camp's forces wouldn't have worked.

She also gave Percy some information about Annabeth, saying she would cause problems when he went to Rome, but Percy didn't believe her and once again tried to attack her, but she simply vanished from his dream. The Mark of Athena Neither Juno or Hera are seen or heard from the seven demigods due to the brewing war between the Greeks and Romans.

Nemesis states that she fled Olympus to escape the other gods wrath. She is presumably split between her two personalities as of now. My version on the Heroes of Olympus, pairing undecided for now, AU. It means a lot to me, and huzzah finals is finally over, and I plan to write a shit ton more.

A quick response to some questions though. Yes, I do plan on having Percy not regaining his memories back. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see how it goes, as I want to tamper with that premise in this story. He took out the sword inspecting it as he walked.

meet percy and juno

It was well-balanced and since it was given to him by Lupa he knew it was something he could use to fight back against monsters even if he didn't know what type of metal it was. Percy leaned against a tree spinning his gladius in his hand as he thought about what Minerva said to him. He knew the prophecy was what would decide the fate of the world as he remembered Minerva emphasizing its importance, "Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, To storm or fire the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath, And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. The half-bloods the prophecy referred to never specified whether they were Greek or Roman, which is something that worried Percy. It was the same 3 empousa that he encountered from earlier, which confused Percy greatly. I thought I lost you three back at the Wolf House?

He rushed forward towards the empousa but halted as they still had those wicked grins on their faces which confused him even further. Percy felt the hairs on the back of his neck tense up as he turned his head watching more empousa come out of the trees around him each with similar grins on their faces and of course all of them were wielding knives. Percy quickly became surrounded with 8 empousa, four in the front and four in the rear. He quickly decapitated the one closest to him, who exploded into golden dust, and ran forward slicing the legs of another empousa who rushed him, incapacitating her and he quickly sprinted forward to escape.

The empousa he sliced screamed in pain and the other empousa began throwing knives at him, aiming for his legs trying to incapacitate him. However, while they did cut the jeans he was wearing it bounced off his skin like a basketball on the ground. After creating an opening, he quickly rushed through the forest and managed to get to the edge of the freeway, where since it was dark the only things visible were the headlights of cars as they zoomed by and the reflection of the moon as it cast its gaze over the Earth.

Percy squinted his eyes and saw it, between the two tunnels where the cars were entering and leaving was a small triangular area where the freeway above it casted a shadow over the the service tunnel to where the entrance to Camp Jupiter was located. He glanced behind him and saw the empousa gaining ground on him as they were approaching Percy through the last of the trees and towards the edge of the freeway. Gripping his gladius with both hands Percy entered a defensive stance as the last 7 empousa edged closer with one lagging behind, being the one he sliced earlier.

Five of the empousa stayed back as two rushed him quickly ditching their knives and drawing short swords to engage Percy in close quarters combat. They slashed at Percy at the same time forcing him to backstep but using his quickness he sidestepped to the right and with a powerful upwards slash sliced the wrist off the empousa on his right causing her to shriek in pain as her sword flew into the air.

He made to finish off the injured empousa, but was quickly met with the empousa on his left who parried his finishing strike. Taking advantage of being on the offensive he feinted right and caught the blade that was in the air by the hilt throwing it at the surprised empousa in front of him which caused her to wilt onto the ground and dissolve into dust.

The empousa without her hand, retreated but was quickly killed due to friendly fire from the other empousa who began hurling knives at Percy who quickly backtracked into the highway.

Using his quick reflexes, he managed to cross without any of the cars hitting him and as he reached the triangle where the entrance of the camp was, he turned around and after hearing a few "twangs" from a bow saw the remaining empousa collapse into dust from a barrage of arrows.

Percy glanced at the guard and instantly knew she was female judging from her smaller frame and the curly hair sticking out of her helmet. She was dark-skinned and smiled as she held out her hand for him to shake. His large stocky frame and short black hair, contrasted with his baby looking face as he sheathed his bow onto his back. I'm Frank by the way, Frank Zhang, son of Mars. It's pretty rare to come across one of those, especially since Neptune himself is not well liked at Camp Jupiter.

When we first saw you, we thought you were one of our legionnaires because you had that gladius, but we have no current children of Neptune in the camp so we realized you must be a stray demigod. How did you find out about Camp Jupiter anyways? Hazel laughed at that, while Frank swallowed his saliva a bit thinking about being mauled by wolves.

Frank opened the door to the maintenance tunnel and after letting Hazel and Percy in closed it and took the rear. She said it is part of the great prophecy.

This caused Hazel and Frank to stop walking and to stare at Percy for a few seconds widening their eyes. Hazel nodded her head at Frank's words as if he took the words right out of her mouth. Percy recalled the Prophecy of the Seven to them and watched as their eyes widened in realization.

Frank nodded in agreement and explained how the Temple of Jupiter is one of the most sacred places in Camp Jupiter, as it has multiple inscriptions including the Prophecy of the Seven, and is where Octavian reads his auguries from the Gods, even including a massive statue of Lord Jupiter himself in it.

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Sad how she got demoted like that. Also, Owls are a bad omen here. We have a legionnaire though that hates Lady Minerva more than Minerva herself hates Rome. She's as rare a demigod as you, because she's a daughter of Minerva, probably the first in history.

meet percy and juno

But I thought Minerva herself was a virgin goddess? And her hating Minerva more than Minerva hates Rome… is that even possible?

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Clearly it isn't public information on how she was born, and she hardly talks to anybody at camp, but she's close with our Praetor, Reyna, who you will probably meet in a little while.

The trio of demigods eventually reached the end of the tunnel and while it was dark the moon's glow gave enough light to survey the camp well. It seemed as if someone carved the center of the valley for this camp to be built. The camp glowed, as it's white marble buildings were accentuated in New Rome, while statues, plazas, and other buildings were within view and the famed coliseum giving off its shadow as it loomed next to an arena.

meet percy and juno

The barracks were what was located next to the trio of demigods looking near like a fortress with watchtowers and fenced off areas, looking as if it was a medieval castle guarding the outside complemented with torches. A river was located nearest toward them down the hill, with a bridge connected over it leading to the gates of the encampment.

Hazel took the lead in front of the two boys and smiled at Percy. Cohorts are usually decided by recommendation letters, because a lot of the demigods here are either descendants from other demigods or Gods, or are sometimes just legacies like our augur Octavian. He didn't seem to be well liked by the both of them.

Suddenly a bright flash appeared in front of Hazel, which caused her to draw her spatha out halfway from its sheathe, before she let down her guard widening her eyes at the goddess who appeared in front of her. Juno appeared regal to the trio of demigods, glowing faintly in the moonlight and looking every bit the wife of Jupiter, wearing royal roman garbs with purple woven into the color scheme and a tiara on her head with her symbol of power engraved on the front, a gladius.

Frank glanced at Hazel as she nodded her head. Percy exhaled a breath he didn't know he was holding as he could feel the power emanate from the goddess standing in front of him. How foolish of me to not notice this.