Marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

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marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

Marceline casts a spell and the separate worlds of Finn and Fionna But I watched an episode the other day and now an idea has hip and cocked his head to the side, saying smugly, "I'm Marshall Lee, the Vampire King.". With Tom Kenny, Olivia Olson, Madeleine Martin, Neil Patrick Harris. A return to the gender-swapped world with Fionna and Cake and Marshall Lee the Vampire . crossing of paths between two worlds, Marceline meets Marshall Lee, her ' other half. I have a feeling I know this guy from an episode of Adventure Time -

But a cat suddenly jumped toward him, hissing loudly. The other sounded a lot like her, but it sounded…male Everyone turned and looked, to find Marceline floating next to a guy vampire with short messy black hair.

Marshall Lee

Finn and Jake stared at him in shock. Their female doubles stared at Marceline. The male Marceline proudly put a hand on his hip and cocked his head to the side, saying smugly, "I'm Marshall Lee, the Vampire King. Marshall hissed at her, "You can't be the queen if I'm king! Finn, Jake, and their female doubles all looked at the vampire duo and then at each other. Jake growled at the cat, and the cat hissed at him in response. Why didn't you listen to me? Marceline turned to the boys and she hissed, "Yeah guys, why did you ignore me when I told you it'd only be trouble?

He finally noticed she had a bunny hat on. Then the two looked at each other and their eyes shimmered. Finn and Fionna felt their cheeks burn with heat, lost in a turmoil of emotions. I shall write more. Relationships Fionna Marshall Lee and Fionna are good friends.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

You're in love with me. He also called her 'baby' in " Good Little Girl "'s song lyrics. Marshall Lee is first seen briefly in the episode "Fionna and Cake," when he notices Fionna entering Prince Gumball's party and flashes her the sign of the horns, sticking his tongue out.

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It is noted that this is one of the few times in the show where a character is shown with five fingers. Similar to Finn and Marceline's relationship, Marshall likes to mess with Fionna's head. In the second episode featuring Ice King's fan-fictions, "Bad Little Boy", he zooms into her house and steals the pastries Prince Gumball had brought for Fionna, leading her outside to investigate a noise that is probably him landing on her roof. When Fionna finds him on the roof playing his guitar, he looks up and smoothly says, "Oh.

He asks her to go to Lumpy Space Prince's Party, but she is uncertain at first of whether she should go, presumably because she has Prince Gumball over for company and would have to ditch him to go.

Marshall transforms to bat form and reaches out his hand for hers, saying he knows she will give in. She smiles reluctantly and takes his hand before being flown into the forest. There at the party, he is seen doing obnoxious things and teasing her, all the while trying to convince her that he is evil.

He even goes as far to fake a fatal injury and tell her to admit her love for him. While doing this, Fionna yells out and tells him that in his last moments he should be serious. She mentions that he likes to flirt with her and seems to think it is funny.

marceline and marshal lee meet episode 1

When he sees her emotional and crying and reveals that he was only faking, Fionna angrily punches him, then chases him while he protests and proceeds to hit him again off-screen, laughing maniacally. Cake Marshall often messes with Cake, but they seem to be on good terms. Although he pushed her into the bushes in the episode "Bad Little Boy" carelessly, calling her "kitty" rather condescendingly, she seemed to recover mostly and was seen smiling after Fionna picked her up and spoke in Cake's defense.

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She tried to break away from Marshall Lee when he kidnapped her and flew to the cemetery, which resulted in a short struggle and caused Marshall Lee to seemingly be pierced through the chest on a spear. When Marshall Lee appeared to be hurt, Cake used her body to shield him from the sun while it rose behind them.

This completely contrasts with the way Jake the Dog persistently attempted to kill Marceline, despite his being terribly afraid of her, in the episode "Henchman. Marshall proceeds to drink the pink color out of a cream puff, then toss it at Gumball's head. When the puff hits him, Gumball's response is to grimace and begin climbing down from the roof, telling Fionna he is going inside and she can come with him if she would like "more polite company. It is presumable that they have a strong dislike for one another similar to that of Marceline and Princess Bubblegum.

Though in the graphic novel, they seem to be fine with each other when creating the magical wand stick for Fionna.

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