Laboon and brook meet again in heaven

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

Rated: Fiction K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Laboon, Brook, Crocus Laboon finally had something to look forward to again, and it would simply be too cruel to Black arrows fell from heaven and carried them away. A page for describing Characters: One Piece Civilians And Non Pirates. All spoilers regarding the Super Rookies era are unmarked. Examples relating to the . "The name of the nakama whom we have sworn to meet again on that coast Franky finished telling them about Brook's promise. "Laboon?" Luffy said in surprise. . "Everyone, this is my new inventory, the 'Raise-the-zombies-up-to- Heaven.

Snapping out of his stupor, Crocus cut in before things got even more out of hand. He hopped onto the deck, ignoring the shocked exclamations of the pirates, and turned to the captain. The crooning voice of "Humming" Brook once again filled the air, and Laboon immediately stilled, listening with rapt attention.

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

I taught you tunes when you knew none, We sailed together, our voices as one… The pirates stared in fascination. How do you have one of his songs? His TDs are everywhere!

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

So they left him here, and promised to come back for him in a few years' time. He's been waiting for them to return since. Crocus turned his gaze sharply on the one who had spoken, and the man flinched away at the force of the glare.

And Brook does sound very much alive to me, if he's still singing…" "But he's a skeleton! Most people think the reason he came back to life is because of a devil fruit. They've been telling the story…" "Most people think it's just a song," the man from before piped up. It's called "See You Again". I'm crying in pain, their love will remain… Another of the pirates, who had been studying the lopsided Straw Hat jolly roger painted on Laboon's face, spoke up then. No one pays it much mind, considering we are in the Great Pirate Age after all, but there are some that think it may be something more…" Just then, the song came to an end, and anything else the man may have said was cut off by Laboon's long, keening wail.

The pirates startled, expressions growing sad at the loneliness in Laboon's song, at the grief he must have felt for his family. For surely he had understood the words of the song, and the story they told. The pirates stayed at the lighthouse for a few more hours, waiting for their log to set, and playing more of Brook's songs on the TDs they had with them.

They ended up leaving most of them behind when they left, as a gift to Laboon who seemed to have taken great comfort in hearing his friend's voice. Once the pirates' ship was out of sight, Crocus turned his eyes to the jolly roger on Laboon's nose.

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The whale had his eyes closed, listening to another of Brook's songs for the nth time, and in that moment, Crocus found himself wishing fiercely that they lived in a kinder world, the kind of world where Laboon and Brook wouldn't have had to endure the tragedy they had. But wishing would change nothing, so he turned instead to the hope that, just maybe, they lived in the kind of world where Laboon's two favourite people in the world had somehow managed to find each other. After the battle which Luffy called a drawLuffy promised Laboon that he would return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch, which moved Laboon to tears of joy.

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

As a sign of the promise of the future rematch, Luffy painted the Straw Hat Jolly Roger on Laboon's head, commenting that the insignia would wash away if Laboon hit Reverse Mountain further.

This prevented Laboon from hitting his head any further. Laboon and the Straw Hats then parted ways as the crew departed in good spirits for Grand Line. Crocus commented on how Laboon seemed to be in good spirits, which Laboon replied to with a triumphant roar, as if knowing that the Straw Hat Pirates and Brook would return.

The badly drawn jolly roger is still in perfect condition on his face, showing that he has not hit his head against the wall since his meeting with Luffy. However, the fight between Luffy and Laboon where Laboon is stabbed with Going Merry's mast was deemed to be too controversial and violent by 4Kids for American audiences, so Laboon was passed off as an iceberg that was effectively destroyed by Luffy.

In the July English issue of Shonen Jump, there is a page featuring upcoming One Piece cards; in this, he is called "Raboon", but his name remains "Laboon", in the manga itself. This missing "arc" was also significant in it was originally how Nami came to have a Log Posethough this was also written around in the English anime.

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In the original, Nami found a Log Pose left by Mr. Crocus then gave them his Log Pose. In the 4Kids version, the Log Pose here called the "Grand Compass" was inside Usopp's pocket which was found when it fell out. Usopp had a "flashback" of his father explaining what the Log Pose was the scene of Yasopp saying "I can shoot the antenna off of an ant" was used to mouth the words where he apparently told his wife that Usopp would find this useful when he became a pirate.

Nami and Sanji both then recalled information about the Log Pose and the Grand Line from their past mentors just like with Yasopp, previous scenes were reused. This situation also created a plot hole in the events concerning Brook in this version.