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This may be the ONLY way you can get me to eat zucchini. VEGAN & VEGETARIANMeatDiets Keď som na cestách a zastavujem sa v motorestoch, očami prebehnem jedálny lístok a hľadám viedenskú roštenku. .. Manžel miluje polévky, denně musí být na stole nějaká, nejlépe krémová nebo hodně hustá. Většinou. To reach or stay at a healthy weight, how much you eat is just as important as what you eat. Do you know how much food is enough for you? Do you understand. Share the Secrets of Tasty and Healthy Food. apríla maros · Uncategorized. Want eyes by neat so just must. Past draw tall up face show rent oh mr.

Mango Sticky Rice Address: Take the sky train to Saphan Taksin Station Opening hours: By going on a food tour with an expert English-speaking guide, you will get to sample a lot of food you might otherwise have missed. In between the food stops, it also explores several historic temples hidden inside this neighborhood. The owner used to work for the royal Thai family and has brought some of the recipes with her to her restaurant.

Krua Apsorn restaurant Their menu is with pictures so it is easy to order what you want and some of the waitresses speak a little English. Not many tourists know about this place, so the staff is not that used to talking to foreigners. Therefore the service might feel a bit slow. Krua Apsorn is also mentioned in the Michelin Guide for Their signature and the most famous dish is the Kai Food Boo, an omelet with crab meat.

And I totally get why as it is delicious, and has the perfect combination of juicy, fluffy texture with lots of flavors. Kai Foo Boo crab omeletKrua Apsorns signature dish We also had the green curry with chicken and fish cakes, it was all very good.

Closed on Sundays Reviews on TripAdvisor 4. So we had high expectations about this Pad Thai, and it did not disappoint! So is it the best in Bangkok? Impossible to say, but we have eaten a lot of Pad Thais over the years, and this one is seriously delicious! The delicious Superb Pad Thai at Thip Samai, noodles with shrimp oil, and fresh deep-sea prawns wrapped with egg 90 Baht with small prawns like this, or Baht with big prawns Pad Thai Song-Kreung noodles with shrimp oil, fresh deep-sea prawns, crabmeat, sliced squid, and sliced mango Baht Thip Samai also has the most amazing orange juice I have ever tasted!

It was so fresh and full of flavor! So if you go here, make sure to order the orange juice and not just another Singha which you can buy everywhere in Thailand. We have been back several times after that! It is easiest to take a taxi or tuk-tuk here, or use the app GRAB. The restaurant is owned and run by the year-old woman Jay Fai, and she actually makes all the dishes herself wearing her signature black goggles and a black beanie. She is a real character!

The restaurant has been serving crab omelets for many many years, as it was established by Jay Fais father seventy years ago. But for the amount of crab meat that you get in the omelet, it is not that expensive in my opinion as crab meat is in general expensive.

One consequence is the overwhelming amount of customers that want to eat here every day. They do have a waiting list for walk-in customers but expect to have to wait two to four hours to get a seat. It is best to be there when they open at Also after you are seated and have placed your order, you have to wait at least one hour for the food to arrive as Jay Fai makes all the dishes herself.

We actually gave up the wait and went over to the neighbor Thip Samai as we simply got too hungry…. Closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Soei (ร้านเส่ย) – One of My Ultimate Favorite Restaurants in Bangkok

Reviews on TripAdvisor 6. Tealicious This family-run Thai restaurant is a real gem in a small alley the same alley as Charoen Saeng Silom that we have written about further up in this post.

It is a rather small restaurant, but you can sit inside air con or outside. Their food is delicious and you find authentic classic Thai dishes on the menu all made from scratch. Everything was perfectly delicious!

Super friendly staff, awesome food, great location next to the Sky bar from The Hangover movie if you want to have a drink with an amazing view after your meal at Tealicious. Reviews on TripAdvisor 7. In an area mostly dominated by the larger food chains, Rot Dee Det is an institution.

But also expect some fantastically tasty Thai dishes. Their beef noodle soup is so flavorful it is almost too much!


The location of Soei has changed. Please see updated details below. The food is unbelievably flavorful. Look a little closer, and most of them are photos of sports teams. Sure he has a few sous chefs who do prep work, but he is the only one who actually cooks and assembles every dish that is ordered.

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Ying and I ordered a plate in the morning before going for lunch. They were seasoned with little more than deep fried crispy garlic and a pinch of salt, deep fried to a crisp, and then served with chili sauce. I was truly impressed. They were like fish crackers, crispy all the way through, yet nice and light and fresh, with a lovely garlicky flavor.

The shrimp were raw, but perhaps cooked just a tiny bit from the acid of the lime juice and wasabi.

Just Enough for You: About Food Portions

You first take a spoon of wasabi drenched shrimp, garnish it with a sprinkle of fried shallots served in a small bowl on the sideand finally garnish your bites of the green herb, known in Thai as krateen. It was sensational — the wasabi burned all the way through my nose and the heat lingered. I discovered that I not only got that quick burst of wasabi burn, but the heat lasted from the addition of crushed Thai chilies too.

Price — 90 THB Sour, spice, and filled with fresh ingredients It was exactly how we had suspected, a great mixture of fresh ingredients, and the dressing was filled with chilies, and sour enough to make you squint your eyes. It was ridiculously sour, teeming with chilies, and packed full of fresh kra pao holy basil leaves.

Can you see all those marvelous shrimp head oils that look like butter and mustard!? Just admire that bounty of flavorful ingredients! Next, a bounty of fresh ingredients like finely shaved lemongrass, raw garlic, tomatoes, chilies, green onions, shallots, and finally some leaves of Thai sweet basil were thrown on top.

The dressing was again, a seriously flavorful combination of lime juice, sugar, and fish sauce. A bite that made me shrivel with deliciousness After separating my shrimp from its shell, I then found it necessary to re-dip in the dressing and make sure my spoon contained all the ingredients.

A bite of the shrimp topped with lemongrass, chilies, garlic, shallots, tomatoes, and sweet basil, was almost too good to be true. Every bite, I literally could not contain my overjoy.