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India has 17 individual medals In Olympics whereas Pakistan has only 2. So, if Pakistan is giving tough competition to India in 2 sports, it is not doing great for to play this game then one day may be Pakistan will go ahead of India in sports. Not just a gameIndia and Pakistan's cricketing rivalry has always been about more As ever when these two sides meet, it was about more than a contest India-Pakistan cricket matches to be the fiercest rivalry in all of sport. There have often been shows of great warmth between teams and supporters. President Ayub Khan had organised an Indo-Pak Meet in in Lahore where "I respect Milkha Singh a lot as he is a great human being.

Беккер чувствовал, как ее глаза буквально впиваются.

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Он решил сменить тактику: - Я из специальной группы, занимающейся туристами.

Отдайте кольцо, или мне придется отвести вас в участок и… - И что? - спросила она, подняв брови в притворном ужасе.

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