Helga and arnold meet

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helga and arnold meet

This Pin was discovered by Amanda Wolfgram. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. As explained in the episode "Helga on the Couch", Helga has loved Arnold since the two had first met. This is due to her unstable family upbringing where both. Helga on the Couch is a special half-hour episode in the Hey Arnold! Dr. Bliss is also there, and tells Helga she wants to meet with her for sessions on.

Gerald could see that Arnold didn't know what he was talking about so he decided to proceed. Luckily Tommy never found out and they got back together but that was messed up. He had messed up, he knew it, but that didn't make him a jerk. In fact, he and Maria were still good friends. But then Gerald threw Arnold completely off guard with his next sentence.

helga and arnold meet

That's bold, even for you. Then it was Arnold's turn to laugh. He laughed so hard and for so long that Gerald grew more and more uncomfortable.

We were in my room doing it and she starts screaming Stinky's name. I pulled out and when she opened her eyes and saw my face, she gasped and covered her mouth. I told her to get out and she started crying. I told her I'd keep what happened a secret and to tell people whatever she wanted but that we were done.

Helga Pataki from “Hey Arnold”

You're a bold kid Arnold, a bold kid. As Arnold grabbed his backpack he thought to himself, If she's telling people that, no wonder I can't get a girlfriend. After the last bell rang Arnold walked to his locker and put his books away.

helga and arnold meet

His phone started to vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw that Gerald had sent him text: Gotta get some stuff for camp. Meet me at Slausen's in two hours. Btw Phoebes parents already picked her up so don't worry about her. Arnold put his phone back in his pocket and headed toward the parking lot. He got in his grandpa's Packard and drove to the Pier.

He figured playing some arcade games would help kill time before he had to meet up with Gerald. An hour and a half later, Arnold walked into Slausen's. She put on her pink dress and pink bow, same as every day. I really need to update my wardrobe she thought as she grabbed her backpack. She jogged downstairs, towards the kitchen.

Helga Pataki from “Hey Arnold” – Thanks, Daria

Miriam was making smoothies in the blender, big surprise, when Helga plopped on a barstool. Better than a lunchbox with shaving cream. Even after all these years, her family still hadn't changed a bit. Big Bob lounging in his recliner watching Wheel of Fortune and Miriam trying and failing to cook some kind of breakfast concoction.

She gave a small sigh as she leaped down from her seat. She didn't want to miss the bus so she started to gather her things to leave when she heard a knock on the door.

She stopped correcting her dad about her name a long time ago. He obviously was never going to get it right, so why waste her breath? Helga humphed and stomped toward the door.

It's not like you were closer or anything! She was expecting it to be Phoebe, which is why she breathed in a bit of her chewed up apple when she saw Arnold standing on her porch. After coughing a bit, she gathered herself and tried to not let her voice shake. W-What're you doing here, Football head? I was hoping I'd catch you before the bus showed up. Could we talk outside?

Helga felt her heart beat a million miles a minute. What could he want to talk about? Helga mentally smacked herself: She just wasn't ready to talk about it. She replayed the kiss they shared in San Lorenzo over and over like her favorite movie. It made her palms sweat and her eyes twinkle just from the memory of it. When they returned to Hillwood, something definitely changed between her and Arnold.

Since their return, Arnold seemed to want to spend more time with Helga. He tried holding her hand multiple times, but she snatched her hand away each and every time.

helga and arnold meet

She wanted to think that Arnold returned her feelings, but realistically she knew that he was only being affectionate out of gratitude for helping save his parents. She didn't want him to feel obligated to show her kindness now that he knew her true feelings.

helga and arnold meet

Helga rubbed her neck nervously. She couldn't exactly run away and she didn't have the heart to slam the door in his beautiful face. Plus, they rode the same bus. There was no way out. Whatever floats your boat. She made her way outside and closed the door.

She made sure to let Arnold sit down first so she could sit a good distance away from him.

Meet Helga

Arnold clearly recognized her discomfort and wondered why she was on edge. Did she know what he wanted to talk about? If she did, why would she be nervous? He noticed how she wouldn't look at him in the eye and how she rang her hands together.

She couldn't look more nervous if she was being interrogated for a murder. No backing out now Arnold thought.

Helga suddenly contemplated just running down the street towards the school, but her legs felt like Jello and she glanced quickly at Arnold, who was patiently waiting on a reply. So spit it out. She thought her heart was going to burst out of her chest.

She hated being rude to him, especially now that the dust had settled and there was no going back on her confession. Arnold knew she loved him, so why put up a front? To protect myself, Helga thought sadly.

You're a smart girl. She was staring at the sidewalk like it was the most interesting thing ever. She could already hear the rejection now: I really like you Helga, but the kiss we had in San Lorenzo wasn't. I like you, but I don't like-like you. Storms Whenever something major happens between Helga and Arnold, it always seems to happen during a storm.

helga and arnold meet

Storms are unpredictable, wild, and exciting. They also provide what is needed for life to grow and the eye of the storm is extremely calm. Thus as I see it, if Helga and Arnold were to indeed become a couple at some point, their relationship would be filled with their highs and lows, however they would balance each other out and provide the other with what they need.

In fact, the episode actually starts with a storm where Helga watches as he assists Rhonda from the bus while she ends up having to get soaked in the rain.

Crash into Each Other It always seems that when one of them is rounding a corner, the other is rounding it at the same time leading them to crash right into each other. I believe it is. Whenever Arnold and Helga are rounding a corner at the same time… …they crash into each other, as though the universe is pushing them together. Moral Dilemmas Whenever one of them has a dilemma of some sort, the other tends to step up and help the other.

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This happens more with Arnold helping Helga out rather than the other way around. Arnold does have his dilemmas too. Overall, without each other, they may have gone down very dark paths, especially Helga.

Subconscious Via daydreams, dreams, and nightmares, the psyches of Arnold and Helga are explored and reveal many interesting things. Helga often daydreams of futures with Arnold, such as their wedding, him seeing her as sophisticated, etc.

For Arnold though, the motif of the subconscious reveals some interesting things about him. The only exception to this is Hilda, the country version of Helga. He in fact falls for Hilda, and thus this episode is considered strong evidence of a future for the two. He falls for Hilda, whom he believes is the opposite of Helga. However her personality is basically what Helga's is when she's not in bully mode. Helga thus goes to great lengths to retrieve these items and keep her secret safe.

Items that she had to retrieve include her little pink book of Arnold poems with her name in it, a confessional voice message, a parrot that had memorized an Arnold poem with her name in it, and her locket with an inscription of love. Each time Arnold gets very close to learning the secret before Helga successfully retrieves the object. Sacrifice The final motif that I could think of is the multiple times that Helga and Arnold sacrifice something in order to make the other happy.

Arnold has sacrificed things too in order to make Helga happy.