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Title: What Meets the Eye Author: worldaccordingtofangirls Rating: R || Status: Complete Summary: Amnesia is just another case to solve. A video of Super Junior's Choi Siwon greeting Chinese star Han Geng at Jackie Chan's fanmeet 'Peace & Love' recently gained a lot of attention. This was the first public interaction between any member of Super Junior and Han Geng since he left the group. Siwon and Han Geng (known. Friday, May 23, exo, hangeng, heechul, kris comments. Article: 'War of Words' Kim Article: Kris's lawsuit as seen through the eyes of SM Kim Heechul Source: Newsen via Nate .. joe joe May 23, at AM .. Secondly he doesn't respect his own fans who booked tickets to be in the concert to meet him.

Heechul comments on EXO's Kris on 'War of Words' ~ Netizen Buzz

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