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gosling ryan interview and meet

Ryan Gosling Harrison Ford funny interview ITV Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling drink whiskey and crack up throughout this fantastic interview. Ryan Gosling brought me flowers when we met for this interview on a hot Sunday in July. Our earlier scheduled meeting had gone awry, and. So when an actor like Ryan Gosling chooses to build a career by . time periods in their lives together: One is when they meet and fall in love.

Now, after years of avoiding Hollywood like the soul-sucking vulture that she is, Gosling might very well be in a position to save her—or, at least, make her feel alive again. He also recently began work on the action-thriller Drive, about a stunt man who moonlights as a getaway-car driver.

gosling ryan interview and meet

But before that film is released, Gosling will do something he has never done before: This is so intimate. Thanks so much for doing this. I would actually like to begin this by saying that I want you to lie to me. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during this interview, please make up a story that has no bearing on your actual life. Are these the pictures that I took? So shall we get down to business?

Do you still think of yourself as a Canadian? I grew up in a town called Cornwall, Ontario, which is about an hour outside of Montreal. I loved growing up in Canada. Just to confirm that it was frozen? It was frozen solid, almost mid-step. I think this is going great.

I think all of Canada—and America—will love you very much after this. You started performing while you were still a kid.

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford's alcohol-fuelled interview sets a new bar for bromance

What was your first big job? My sister and I used to sing at weddings. How old were you at this point? I was 8 and my sister was Were you ever called into action to deal with any overly amorous women in the audience?

gosling ryan interview and meet

No, but I was ready. What sort of experience was that? I remember one time they put four of us in a dance routine, but I was so off. I was on the end, so they just pushed the shot in closer on the other three guys to frame me out. Now, who were some of the other go-to Mousketeers who were on the show with you at the time? Well, in my age bracket, there were seven kids, three of whom were Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake.

There was a guy there named Matt Casella, who we really owe it all to. It was interesting as a kid to go backstage to the commissary, and to see all of the people who were playing the characters with their heads off next to them while they were eating lunch.

gosling ryan interview and meet

You know, sometimes you just want to go to the Caribbean and make a movie about pirates. And the people who make those movies have the greatest time ever, and the stories they tell are fantastic. But for me, making something like The Believer is more fun, because when I leave it, it gives me a bit more perspective on myself, and that settles me.

Ryan Gosling: meet the star of 'Lars and the Real Girl'

The Slaughter Rule, a great film. I would always ask him: Or is he not into me? I auditioned for that movie, and I knew I had to work with [Dave].

I knew that working with David Morse was going to make me a better actor. And it has to be something, right? It is what it is. And if somebody has a hard time explaining to you what it is, then you might go see something else. I think so too, but what exactly is that point of transition? What is happening with all this marketing and all these options now?

gosling ryan interview and meet

You mean studio films or independent? With a couple of the films I did after The Believer, I started to see that the people making the film knew by a week or two before the film came out how much money the movie was going to make.

By test audiences, by polls, by whatever it is they do—they knew how many people were going to go see the movie. So that now, before a movie gets made in a studio system, it has to run through the marketing people. If you can get around the right people, I think you can try a lot of stuff now.

Is that because the old independent film has been divvied up into various branches or arms of the studio system?

And I feel like we do them a disservice when we [try to] reflect those who have gone through a difficult time. But it is hard to figure out how to get an idea of what others have experienced or are going through, and to make a difference and be solid with your intentions. I ran dialogue with her - like we were in our own silent movie. She would talk and I would talk. I know it sounds crazy, but Bianca became fascinating, and that's why I have taken her home and put her upstairs.

You could see the effects on everybody, not just me. A lot of people working on the crew thought that the whole thing was ridiculous, but you could see them, over the course of the movie, forging their own relationships.

At one point I would see a grip on his own with a cup of coffee next to Bianca sitting talking to her. This is home turf for the actor, and a phalanx of photographers and excited fans - mostly teenage girls - swarms around him whenever he emerges from the relative safety of an interview, premiere party or press call.

As he settles into one of? Toronto's pricier hotel suites, his 6ft frame wrapped in jeans and V-neck jumper and with a flash of ruddy stubble streaking across his chin, he seems slightly crumpled, deflated even.

He could be suffering from the previous night's excess - it is the day after the film's premiere. He speaks slowly and quietly, beginning three or four sentences before settling on an answer.

He was born in in the small town of London, Ontario, just miles away, before moving to Cornwall, a paper-mill town, when he was a toddler. His parents, Thomas and Donna, are devout Mormons. It's always written that I had this "strict Mormon upbringing", but that's not true at all.

To my parents' credit, and to my mother's specifically, they were always saying, though they were religious, "This may not be for you.

Ryan Gosling: meet the star of 'Lars and the Real Girl' - Telegraph

Then some missionaries came to the door, spoke to my parents, and it all seemed to work for them. But for some reason, I could never identify with it. He did poorly at school. He would fight with his classmates. From as early as two years old, I was sneaking out of the house, never wearing my clothes, breaking things, putting the cat in the drier and setting the house on fire.

I also remember that I kept stealing a girl neighbour out of her house. It was when we were both about two. I'd steal her away and try to take her on dates! He remains grateful for her sacrifice.

I didn't like the idea that my schedule was mapped out for me and I didn't have much choice in the matter. I'm sure every kid feels that way but I obsessed over it, and if I hadn't got out and started working, I'd be in a lot of trouble now. I'd probably be dead. Being a kid made me crazy; I was doing crazy things because I felt very claustrophobic and panicky.

In fact, when I was punished, my punishment was that I could not watch TV.