George and lynne meet the gambols


george and lynne meet the gambols

Gags and Gals (–) by Jefferson Machamer (US); The Gambols (– ) by George and Lynne (–) by Conrad Frost and Josep Gual (UK); Gertie Original series daily comic strip stories D – "Meeting the Mongols" . The Gambols were George and Gaye, a happily married, middle-aged Ah yes, I remember that "George and Lynne meet the Gambols" spoof. will meet on Tuesday night at the Methodist Episcopal church with Mrs George H lyn street all of Philadelphia William E Hamilton 25 South Eleventh and Antimachus VARIETY GAMBOLS GRACE JOHNSON AND FRANK HA6ER.

In JulyBlosser started another strip, Miniature Movies, which evolved into Chestnut Charlie, continuing until early in when Blosser concentrated exclusively on Freckles and His Friends. During the early s, they lived at Masselin Avenue before moving to the Los Angeles suburb of Arcadia. Asked about his activities away from his drawing table, Blosser responded that he "travels, swims, and lives a simple life.

Blosser had a beautiful home built to his own ideas.

Merrill Blosser

He has his own studio there and does all his work at home. He likes to raise flowers and vegetables, but he doesn't like to mow lawns, so he planted his front yard in variegated ivy instead of grass. It worked out fine. He is youthful, friendly and enthusiastic.

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He likes the outdoors, loves football games, long automobile rides and kids. I remember liking that, but perhaps that was mainly due to the fact you often got sci-fi boobies in it.

And there was Fred Bassett, but that was pretty weak looking back on it. I also seem to remember a strip involving a big nosed, hyper cartoony bloke in the Foreign Legion. One of my friends showed me a book of it when I was a kid and we read the whole thing on the school bus. It seemed quite funny, but have not heard of it since. To the above list I'd like to add a few more, and see if anyone remembers these examples and can shed a bit more light on them - I was reading The Penguin Book Of Comics recently and there were loads of British strips in there which seem to have been utterly forgotten, and with good reason it would seem for most of them.

george and lynne meet the gambols

Includes a panel that reads "Tomorrow: Mr Ruggles visits the solicitor! Judged to be rubbish and axed, apparently.

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From the single example in the book it seemed to be nothing but three panels of sub-cheesecake with a few word balloons imposing a narrative Four D. Jones adventure strip featuring a cowboy with a magic hoop which transports him to different dimensions and stuff, but he keeps losing it, leading to hilarious mishaps. Hard to tell if this was any good as the only example in the book is pretty unrepresentative Tiffany Jones Some sort of romantic strip featuring nice sixties style semi-cartoony but mostly illustrator type art - the woman who drew it was a fashion artist.

Despite the art, however, it seemed to be rather dull all told Romeo Brown goofy romance strip, by the bloke who did Modesty Blaise.

george and lynne meet the gambols

A bit twee Carol Day macabre and slightly quirky adventure strip, very well drawn - from the examples I've read it seemed to be really good Pip, Squeak And Wilfred one of the first British newspaper strips ever from the 's.

When I was that age George and Lynne offered a skewed peep into what it was like to be an adult.

george and lynne meet the gambols

And Lynne ALWAYS had her norks out with a pair of see-through panties on even though, to my disappointment, only the back was see through. Their conversation was always about some builder who'd wolf-whistled Lynne or George making some double entendre. You just knew that immediately afterwards they were going to have the best sex ever.

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How disappointed and disillusioned was I to become with adult life? Dad's Express only offered the charms of The Gambols. The Gambols were George and Gaye, a happily married, middle-aged, childless couple. Their strips usually revolved around anecdotes that George would tell Gaye after a day at work of course Gaye didn't work, what are you?

george and lynne meet the gambols