Ganga and yamuna meet at

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ganga and yamuna meet at

The three rivers Ganga, Saraswati and Yamuna symbolise Knowledge, Dispassion and Devotion, respectively. Sangam at Prayag is their meeting point. The place where 3 rives meet & mix up to form the holy River Ganga. The site of the two rives mixing can only be seen as the river Saraswathi mixes with these. Triveni Sangam is the place where river Ganga and Yamuna meet along with river Saraswati in Prayagraj. Sangam in sankrit means.

However during a military campaign a flag has immense value. It increases the energy of all the soldiers. We respect Lady Cama because she raised Indian flag, not because the flag brought the Independence.

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The flag increase the emotional power of the people of the country. Therefore changing the name to Prayagraj draws attention of the people to the spiritual power of the rivers and it is entirely justified.

ganga and yamuna meet at

The change of name is also being questioned on grounds that the Government is rewriting history; and obliterating the Mughal history. But history is continuously re-written.

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The Germans at the time of Hitler wrote a different history and Germans today write a different history. Therefore is nothing wrong in rewriting history.

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The writing of history is a continuous process where new prospective are added upon old facts. Therefore the Government is justified in changing the name so that the attention is drawn to the importance of the two rivers Ganga and Yamuna which meet at this place.

The water of Ganga is removed at Narora.

ganga and yamuna meet at

Water coming to Allahabad is of Kali River. The real question is whether the Ganga and Yamuna are actually bringing spiritual charges today. The water of the Ganga is not reaching Allahabad today. Almost all the water is removed for irrigation at Haridwar, Bijnor, and Narora barrages for irrigation. The Ganga River become almost dry after Narora. The water that is coming through Ganga to Allahabad is actually the water of the Kali River which joins after Narora.

Similarly the entire water of the Yamuna is being removed at Hathnikund. A place of religious importance and the site for historic Kumbh Mela held every 12 years, over the years it has also been the site of immersion of ashes of several national leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi in Sangama is the Sanskrit word for confluence.

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Of these three, the river Saraswati is invisible and is said to flow underground and join the other two rivers from below. The point of confluence is a sacred place for Hindus. A bath here is said to wash away all of one's sins and free one from the cycle of rebirth.

ganga and yamuna meet at

Here the muddy and pale-yellow waters of the Ganges merge with the blue waters of Yamuna. While the Ganges is only 4 feet deep, the Yamuna is 40 feet deep near the point of their nexus. The river Yamuna merges into the Ganges at this point and the Ganges continues on until it meets the sea at the Bay of Bengal.

At the confluence of these two great Indian rivers, where the invisible Saraswati conjoins them, many tirtha yatris take boats to bathe from platforms erected in the Sangam. This, together with the migratory birds give a picturesque look to the river during the Kumbha Mela, in the month of January.

It is believed that all the gods come in human form to take a dip at the sangam and expiate their sins.